Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tony Lee: Ten Ways They Try to Dissuade Gov. Palin From Running

She's probably laughing at those who think they can deter her
Wednesday Tony Lee listed ten signs that Sarah Palin is running for President. In today's second installment of his series, Lee chronicles the top 10 ways the GOP establishment and the Democrat/Media Complex try to dissuade Gov. Palin from running. We've excerpted the first three:
1. Be a kingmaker (or queenmaker)

As noted by the likes of Grover Norquist and many other pundits and establishment Republicans, Palin, their reasoning goes, would best serve the party as a kingmaker. What they are essentially saying (try to follow the logic) is that Palin's endorsement should be the gold standard but her candidacy would not be appreciated. Even more ironic is that should Palin run, it diminishes the kingmaking capabilities of the traditional and spoiled cast of characters who are used to getting their brass rings kissed every four years.

2. Make money and be a celebrity

Andrew Breitbart recently told GQ Magazine that Palin would give up the chance to be the next Oprah should she run for President. This line of "persuasion" has also been thrown out by many, which essentially says Palin should lose millions if she threw her hat into the 2012 ring.

But if Palin were the type of candidate who would run solely to increase her earning power, it would actually be her incentive to run for the presidency in 2012.


5. You're not serious

Despite substantive speeches on energy, thorough Facebook postings on relevant current events and public policy, and a well-received foreign policy speech in India, the meme persists that Palin is not serious. In many instances, like when the media creates a controversy and then asks a candidate about the controvery they created, which happens often in politics (ask Howard Dean), the media deems Palin to not be serious and covers her thusly while ignoring the more "serious" things she says in interviews and speeches.

Further, during CPAC, when Egypt was dominating the news, not one of the candidates the mainstream media likes to dub as "serious" had the nimbleness or flexibility to say anything about Egypt save John Bolton.

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