Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Mort Sahl praises Sarah Palin

"She’s not the enemy but they divert you with their disdain of Palin."
If Will Rogers was the founding father of twentieth century political humor, Mort Sahl has to be its godfather. Gerald Nachman's recent profile of Sahl for American Spectator is well worth the read. His mind is still sharp as a dagger, even as he nears his 84th birthday. Sarah Palin supporters will appreciate the legendary humorist's take on the governor:
Sahl dashes to the defense of Sarah Palin, the liberals' favorite chew toy. "She doesn't bother me. To this [liberal] crowd, she's the lady that comes over and does the laundry. They think she's not entitled. But she's not the enemy. Who's sending us to war? It's the third term of George Bush."

Sahl prefers Sarah Palin to Tina Fey. "One is a dame and the other is ambitious. I think Sarah Palin is a girl" — his highest compliment for a woman; "I like women who are girls first." He adds, "This whole thing with Palin, among comedians, is class discrimination. ‘How dare she raise her voice?’ It’s not what Palin says. It’s that she doesn’t qualify — they qualify. It shows the desperation of liberals to single her out. She’s not the enemy but they divert you with their disdain of Palin." He snorts, "The female liberationists won but they didn’t get anything they wanted."
h/t: Bob Belvedere

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  1. Yep, JP, Mort's fabulous! Here's a "tweet" from his website: "Obama said he went to Libya because of his conscience. Did anyone ever wrestle with his conscience and lose?"