Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Bernie Quigley: The Sarah Palin Manifesto

Shades of Lech Walesa
Bernie Quigley, in a post at The Hill's Pundits Blog, writes that Gov. Palin's address to the Wisconsin Tea Party in Madison Saturday was more than just a speech:
When Sarah Palin went to speak at the Republican convention two years back, a hurricane came in and shut it down. But I suppose it was just a coincidence that hundreds of tornadoes swept across the South when she gave her Wisconsin speech last week.


Palin used the phrase “GOP establishment” in her April 15 speech in Wisconsin, and incidentally, she has also redesigned her website, SarahPAC.com, to look more presidential. What with all the excitement with The Donald and tornadoes where they have never gone before, it might have gone unnoticed. The MSM, which she has promised not to goad again, breathes a sigh of relief that the storm has passed and Donald Trump is more fun to play with anyway because he lives in New York and is no real threat. But her speech was more than a speech: It was a manifesto.


The words “courage” and “solidarity” occurred throughout and the speech, which in my impression seemed cleverly modeled on one by Lech Walesa given in the rise of the Polish anti-communist Solidarity movement in 1980, which took even leftist New York City by storm.

The MSM thinks now she will not run for president. What part of “going rogue” don’t they understand?

- JP

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