Saturday, April 30, 2011

Just like old times: PDS-afflicted moonbat sues Sarah Palin

"Merely for the purpose of harassment"
Another deranged Alaskan "environmental activist" has filed a bogus and frivolous lawsuit against Sarah Palin. This character wants at least $100,000 in "damages" and claims that while she was in office, Governor Palin undertook a campaign to "punish, embarrass, discredit and silence" him:
The lawsuit was filed in state court by Chip Thoma and first reported by

Palin's attorney, John Tiemessen, called the complaint frivolous and said it was filed "merely for the purpose of harassment."

"The governor's actions and statements regarding this matter are a matter of public record and governed by the long standing doctrine of executive immunity from tort claims," he said in an email late Friday. "Like all of the other harassing complaints against the governor, we anticipate that Mr. Thoma's will be quickly and summarily dismissed."

The matter dates to 2009, after Palin returned to Juneau and the governor's office from her failed vice presidential bid.
What seems to have sent Thoma around the bend was tour bus traffic on the streets in the vicinity of the governor's mansion in Juneau. If he sounds suspiciously like the same grinch who went after Gov. Palin's youngest daughter Piper for her unforgivable sin of setting up an evil capitalist lemonade stand two years ago, that's because he is.

Although the Palins and Piper's Gaia-defiling entrepreneurism are long gone from Alaska's capitol city, Thoma apparently just couldn't get over it, and now he's joined a long line of other moonbats who have sued Sarah. Though most of those cases were dismissed and the rest decided in Gov. Palin's favor, Thoma is undeterred. In true Cloward-Piven fashion, he's determined to throw a monkey wrench into the gears of Alaska's judicial system and cost the state's taxpayers some of their hard-earned money.

At one time there were more than twenty such frivolous lawsuits pending in Alaska, tying up precious human and financial resources to the point where more serious problems facing the state had to be put on the back burners. Yet many ignorant fools still don't understand why Gov. Palin resigned her office. Go figure...

- JP

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  1. Sarah brought more revenue to Juneau after the Vice-Presidential run, and Chip has a chip on his shoulder because of that and wants revenue from Sarah now, because of that.
    I visited Juneau only about 3 months before Sarah was chosen as John McCain's VP pick, and I took the time to drive by the Governor's Mansion. Juneau is a hilly city with the forest and the city hugging each other. In fact, the forest is literally across the street from the mansion. The roads can be loopy and windy, but the are accessible for busses. Chip Thoma, as far as I am concerned, is a big whiner, and as I used the pun earlier, has a chip on his shoulder.