Friday, April 29, 2011

Gov. Palin on 'Special Report' today

Hour One will preempt Glenn Beck
Brett Baier talks with Sarah Palin about the 2012 presidential race on a special 2-hour edition of "Special Report" this afternoon starting at 4pm Central Time:

- JP

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  1. Just watched it - God, I love that woman! She's the only sane one in the room! She's right, cutting out the existing oil industry subsidies will only hurt the "little guys", the ones who we should be encouraging to reach out and find new opportunities. I fully expect "crony capitalism" is involved, else why would Obama be for it? That's the only "capitalism" he seems to favor - cause it isn't free market based. And, yes, it IS too early to be getting into campaign mode, but that doesn't phase Obama - he's never been out of campaign mode.