Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rush Limbaugh: Where is the GOP Churchill?

"The left hates Sarah Palin because she reminds them of why they hate themselves."
Here's an excerpt from a segment of Rush's Tuesday program:
Now, you talk about, "Where is our big conservative leader?" You see what happens to them in Sarah Palin. Now, there are any number of explanations for what has happened to Sarah Palin. Remember the story we had yesterday from Politico in which I said I don't think I have ever seen a more purposeful, willful effort to destroy, impugn, degrade, everything else, a person's character, reputation, and life, as though it was a game. It happens every day in the leftist media, but that story yesterday and the eagerness with which the left is looking toward the destruction of Palin. Now, imagine, folks, none of this stuff happens in a vacuum and I'm not offering excuses for anybody. I'm just trying to explain. People ask questions, I'm trying to explain. Suppose you are a Republican candidate, and you see that? Let me ask any of you, how would you like to have that kind of press coverage of your life? The constant investigation, the lies, paparazzi constantly following, reporters buying the house next door to where you live.

As much as anything, this takedown of Sarah Palin is a warning to anybody else who's thinking about trying it. We can get you, too. Don't think they don't think that. Now you might understand why they speak through the PC machine or try to keep a close vest as to what their real intentions are. I'm guessing here, folks, I don't have answers here with ontological certitude, but you ask yourself these questions, and I know that there is paranoia on the Republican side about being seen as friends of Big Oil. People on our side think the media is setting a trap every time they ask about Big Oil. That's why our guys will say, "Big Oil needs to be paying their fair share." It's just the path of least resistance. It's easier. Sarah Palin, "Drill, baby, drill." Look at what they've done to those three words, drill, baby, drill. They have built an entire policy around destroying that whole concept, even though it's the epitome of common sense and logic. Drill, baby, drill.

The left is a formidable bunch and there aren't a whole lot of people who want to take them on in politics. There just aren't a whole lot of people who want to take them on. It's a scary thing for a lot of people. Meanwhile, here's Obama shaking down BP. Remember that $20 billion slush fund he got from BP, and he hadn't spent it? It was ostensibly to make people whole who had lost all in the BP spill. But no, they only spent $3.8 billion of it. Interesting, isn't it? And, meanwhile, it's the GOP that's in the back pocket of Big Oil. Big Oil is donating all this money to Obama. Obama shakes a finger at 'em, BP says, "How much you want? How much you want?" and they write a check for $20 billion. There's genuine fear of these people. Ask Scooter Libby. Ask Robert Bork. Ask Clarence Thomas. Look at what happens. Again, I'm just throwing out possible answers. You're gonna call here and you're gonna ask me things. I'm gonna do my best to answer the question.

The left hates Sarah Palin because she reminds them of why they hate themselves. You have to understand who you're dealing with on the left, the self-loathing and the self-hatred on the left. We're not dealing with happy people.

- JP

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