Monday, April 18, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 255

Special "We Need Sarah Palin Now" Edition

"There was only one consolation that resulted from McCain's pathetically flawed effort, and that was Sarah Palin. I knew I liked her, and loved her message of conservatism with a dash of frontier Christian libertarianism... Then, this weekend, she knocked our socks off with a brilliant Tax Day TEA Party speech on the frontlines of Madison, Wisconsin. She made one thing clear. Sarah Palin is no compromise candidate. I challenge anyone to watch the video of her speaking this weekend and not admit that this woman is Presidential material. Certainly, she's heads and shoulders above Obama, and anyone we've seen so far on the GOP side... I think it's long past time that we finally overrule the GOP's inside-the-beltway elites and nominate a real conservative to the White House and see what happens. The last time we nominated an 'unelectably conservative' candidate was 1980, and that worked out pretty well... Governor Palin, your country really needs you. Run, Sarah, Run."
Steve at Motor City Times:
"I can picture all the 2012 potential and declared candidates and their advisors (including Obama) sharing more than a few nervous glances at each other after watching Sarah Palin’s terrific ’stump’ speech."
Freedom Fighter at Joshuapundit:
"Ground Zero for the fight against the Leftist Agenda has to be Madison, Wisconsin... Governor Sarah Palin turned up to join the fight today in memorable fashion with one heckuva speech. There were 8,000 to 10,000 Tea Party supporters who came to hear her in spite of the cold, the wet, and a hostile, expletive-hurling rent-a-mob armed with bullhorns, signs and noisemakers who lurked on the outskirts of the crowd. Fifteen minutes was all it took her to get to the heart of the matter and take the fight directly to Obama and to those establishment Republicans who've forgotten why they were elected. In a sense, it's exactly what she did in Alaska on a larger scale. taking on the GOP establishment in her own state and winning big when no one gave her a chance to. It was a perfect stump speech, and it convinced me that the time of indecision is over and she's going to make a run for the White House."
William Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
"Fight Like A Girl... In one sentence, Palin did more to advance the cause of women in politics than all the Women's Studies Ph.D's in all the universities in this country combined."
Terresa Monroe-Hamilton at
"In the absence of crutches and props, most notably a teleprompter, Sarah Palin took the stage... And indeed, she did hit her message right out of the park and across the nation, leaving the Marxist Left eating her dust and cursing her presence as she ascends to the 2012 political stage. As I listened to her passionate, succinct and moving speech, I couldn’t help but feel that we were witnessing history. Not just for the Tea Party movement, but for America... Here is a woman with a spine of steel, who is not afraid to call the President of the United States a liar when the title fits. Palin took the fight to the left and stood in their fetid presence and fought like a girl. Like an 'American girl' who has had enough and won’t roll over and watch her country slide into slavery and Marxism... This woman is brilliant and knows how to play the game of politics without losing her soul. The left is terrified of her and rightly so. Palin is a force unto herself and is a true conservative in my viewpoint... We are coming for the politicians in 2012 and we intend to clean house of progressives on the left and the right. Game on!"
"Palin in Madison: Cuda Shoots. She scores!"
Lee Stranahan at Patterico's Pontifications:
"Why Do Liberals Applaud Awful Behavior? This is how far liberalism has sunk in Wisconsin. I’m someone who doesn’t agree with Sarah Palin on most issues – but this isn’t debate. It’s not answering her arguments. He’s not explaining a difference in policy. It’s yelling. It’s making noise. It’s not discourse. It’s what drunk frat boys do... This is a group that is partially organized by groups with direct connections to the President surrounding and shouting down a political rally. I don’t recall that under Bush or Clinton or Bush or Reagan."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"TrumkaObama Thugs Scream, Curse, Beat Drums, Blow Whistles & Make Obscene Gestures During Palin’s Wisconsin Speech... "
AJStrata at The Strata-Sphere:
"This week, and especially this weekend, has been a watershed moment in politics. The left’s unhinged reactions to losing support have created a disturbance in the political waters which is unmistakable. The morons on the left who have called for civility in political discourse apparently were talking to their mirrors, as events in Madison, Wisconsin showed by the reactions of insecure, thick headed union males to an American mother from the middle class of Main Street... If videos of these Neanderthals gets out, kiss the left goodbye. The fact the left is so afraid of Palin and her message is not a sign of solidarity on their part. It exposes a deep insecurity and fear... When a mob of drooling morons attacks a mother and her children, the American people NEVER side with the morons. Get a clue left. You may be feeding your inner, whiny 2 year old – but you are also losing the battle for the American voter."
RB at The Right Sphere:
"Politico’s Resident Palin Basher Tries To Shape The Narrative... Andy Barr is Politico’s 'go to' guy when it comes to trying to create - yes, create – news about Republicans who might be in the running for the GOP presidential nomination in 2012. This means, of course, that Sarah Palin is a regular target for the young 'journalist.'"
Tea Party at Perrysburg:
"Having admired Sarah Palin without being committed to her candidacy, I have to say this woman, in spite of all the degradation from the press, rocks... What other politician, Democrat or Republican, has stood up to such abuse, heaped day after day, including outrageous sexual slurs? Instead of fainting or wilting, she has taken her time to articulate clear responses to the abusers without spouting off. She articulates so well the American message. While there are others who are also rising stars (Rubio, West, Christie), none have so regularly and in response to only her own internal political clock responded to current topics as Sarah Palin. She appears at very difficult venues, like the lousy Wisconsin union blast yesterday? Geez. Walking into the lions' den takes guts. Dressed to the nines while surrounded by heavy winter coats, she blasted both the Democrats and the Republicans. Who else is doing that so regularly and effectively? Fight on, Sarah Palin, warrior of the people. Fight on."
Gene Redlin at Northern Gleaner:
"She's Baaaack... I'm NOT going to take the Palin Stickers off the back of my Pickup... The brownshirts were out in force, but Palin Prevailed."
FlyoverCountry at Musings of a Mad Conservative:
"Sunday At The Movies... The main feature is Sarah Palin announcing her candidacy for the office of the Presidency. Red meat for conservatives to be sure. Say what you want about Mrs. Palin, but she knows how to speak to the conservatives of this country. 99% of the negative things said about her are just flat out fabrications. One of the reasons she is so vehemently vilified by the left is that they are just plain afraid of her charisma, and ability to clearly state her positions. Personally, I like Sarah."
Jeff Graham at Mayor Graham's View:
"Just when I thought she was unlikely to jump into 2012 politics, Sarah Palin shows up in Madison, WI and gives a fiery campaign-style speech at Tax Day rally..."
Patrick S. Adams at Patrick's World USA :
"When you see the AP do a hit piece on Palin's Madison, WI speech, you know she hit the mark... What you saw yesterday in Madison was a woman that will fight like hell to secure our nation and get it back on track. If Republicans miss this opportunity to nominate our next great one, we will lose the fire, spirit and determination that we saw yesterday. Does anyone really think that there's someone who can do better than that? If they do, then they need to show us that person... Sarah Palin has always had the mojo. Don't let the media tell you otherwise."
- JP

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