Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Has HuffPo banned Trig Troofers?

"The whole theory should have, by all rights, collapsed"
Ben Smith says leftsite Huffington Post is at least giving the appearance of banning Trig Truthers. Though HuffPo has since scrubbed the stuff from its website, it had no qualms about posting such filthy fare in the past. Perhaps AOL is trying to make the place more respectable or -- more likely -- they're afraid of an advertiser exodus similar to the one now taking place at Wonkette.

At any rate, here are excerpts from Smith's blog post:
Palin critic Geoffrey Dunn, who has contributed a long line of attacks on the former Alaska governor to the site, published his version of the "Trig Truther" theory to Business Insider today, after Huffington Post turned the blog post down.

"We did pass on a submission by Geoffrey Dunn about Trig, as it ran counter to our policy against conspiracy theories," Huffington Post spokesman Mario Ruiz confirmed in an email.

There's a solid bipartisan tradition of such purges, which includes in the online era the DailyKos ban on 9/11 Truthers and RedState's Birther ban. But the Trig theorizing had mostly avoided that fate, partly because it never developed the sort of mass following of the others, partly because there's so much vitriol for Palin on the left and partly because its most visible proponent, Andrew Sullivan, is a unique media property with a large audience of his own, valuable enough to the Daily Beast that they'll shrug off the Trig theories as an eccentricity as long as his readers abide it.

The theories of Trig's nativity seem -- to my nonexpert eye -- to share one thing in particular with the conspiracies about Obama's birth: They began in one form, then changed to evade inconvenience (sic) facts.


In any event, if Palin decides to run for president, she'll if anything benefit politically from attacks on her motherhood. Indeed, Palin's allies online are spending today denouncing -- and drawing attention to -- a blog's attack on her son. And of course popular disgust with such attacks won't stop them...

- JP

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