Monday, April 25, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 261

"Lithium" Edition

Elena Ives at Thinklets:
“Come on all you Palin-hating lefties, don't you ever give up? You guys declared Defcon 50 after Palin's speech at the Republican National Convention, and you've been dropping Daisy Cutters on her ever since. You need to face the fact that you can't make her quit, and you're starting to look unhinged in he process... You go into a frenzy when Palin's daughter pushes back a lock of her hair. You seize upon made-up ‘satire’ pieces like a drowning person seizes a life-preserver and present them, unvetted, as truth. You go ballistic when she writes notes to herself on her palm. You melt down when she correctly refers to the year of the Boston Tea Party or washes her hands in a Haitian cholera colony. To put it bluntly, you're making asses out of yourselves.”
William A. Jacobson at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
“Wonkette didn't start it. And hasn't even been the most high profile voice (although perhaps the most crude). It has been there since the moment Sarah Palin was nominated for V.P., in the ‘high-end’ liberal websites not just the bowels of the internet... Nothing has changed. Because they haven't changed.”
Falcon7204 at Dan's Space:
“This world is more than a little upside-down. If you get your information from a source other than the evening news or the newspaper, you see evidence that the inmates not only run the asylum, but they’re spreading their disease to the rest of the world... Apparently, there are those on the lunatic left who believe that Trig is actually Bristol Palin’s son, a theory that has been thoroughly debunked eight ways from Sunday – but that doesn’t stop the left, because facts don’t get in the way of a good story... Attacking a defenseless child because you’re suffering from Palin Derangement Syndrome? That’s ‘comedy?’ No, that’s reprehensible, it’s disgusting, it’s sub-human, and it’s another example of how the left is truly unhinged.”
Ron James:
“Now I can’t wait for NBC’s David Gregory to badger Obama, Harry Reid, and/or Nancy Pelosi to renounce Democratic ‘extremists’ and Palin-obsessives who push ‘Trig-trutherism’ like Gregory badgered John Boehner over ‘birtherism.’ I won’t hold my breath.”
Midwest Conservative Journal:
“Andrew Sullivan hits bottom, keeps digging, strikes bedrock and dynamites his way through to molten lava... ‘I deeply admire and respect Palin for doing what she has done in giving this child a home and a life.’ No you don’t, freakshow. Cuz if you did, you wouldn’t have used the phrase ‘this child.’ You would have said ‘her child.’ Trig’s not some kind of exotic pet that the Palins decided to buy, Sully. And women in this country didn’t used to have to prove that their children were their own to the satisfaction of hostile British gay ‘conservatives.’ Cut back on the ganja, Sully.”
Pejman Yousefzadeh at A Chequer-Board of Nights and Days:
“Those familiar with Sullivan know well enough that he is not the type to let a stupid conspiracy theory go so long as the stupid conspiracy theory in question is meant to make a Republican look bad. And lo and behold, he doesn’t.”
Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters:
“It appears Sullivan has recently changed his opinion on free speech, for almost exactly a year ago, he was on ‘The Chris Matthews Show’ claiming Palin, Rush Limbaugh, and Glenn Beck were guilty of sedition for expressing views in opposition to President Obama... A year before that, Sullivan blamed Fox News for the shooting deaths of three Pittsburgh police officers... Now, twelve and 24 months later, he's worried about ‘the chilling effect’ an advertising boycott of Wonkette ‘will have on an already cowed and defensive MSM when covering the truly tough stuff about Palin’... This so-called former conservative should be deeply ashamed of himself.”
Roger Ebert, longtime Palin critic, via Twitter:
“Yes, Sarah Palin is Trig's mother. Case closed:”
Frank J. at IMAO:
“Something we also have to recognize is how much Trig scares the left... One of the few things known about her early on was that she brought a Down Syndrome child to term, and you could see the panic in the left. This wasn’t just someone whose rhetoric clashed with them on abortion; this was someone whose action was a condemnation of the policy they support that results in 90% of children like Trig being aborted. A lie the left like to tell themselves is that all conservatives are hypocrites and would make the same craven choices in the same situation, but they couldn’t tell themselves that with Palin... And it’s not so much that they fear other people being convinced on abortion as they fear themselves being moved. Who wants to come to terms with how horrible the policy is they’ve enthusiastically supported? That’s why they like the term ‘choice’ instead of saying ‘abortion’; they never want to stare it directly in the face for fear of what they’d see.”
Jerry Fuhrman at From On High:
“What Kind Of Person Makes Fun of a Down's Syndrome Baby? A ‘progressive,’ naturally. If there is a hell...”
Tommy Christopher at Mediaite:
“In the wake of last week’s Wonkette/Trig Palin controversy, people keep sending me updates, related stories, and new slights against the special needs population, the latest of these being a Los Angeles Times editorial that calls Sarah Palin a ‘special-needs case.’ ... First, to the LAT piece, by Meghan Daum. Here’s the offending section: ‘Even (Rebecca) Traister, an unabashed liberal and feminist who writes for the left-leaning online magazine Salon, is evidence of the way thoughtful writers treat Palin as a special-needs case.’ This is the kind of offhanded reference to people with special needs that crops up from time to time, even in polite company. Daum probably thinks she’s insulting Sarah Palin here, but what she’s really doing is using special needs people as insults themselves.”
Rudy Carrera:
“There was a time when if someone made fun of another’s child, they would have their face kicked in. That time may be returning very soon if a measure of self-control isn’t achieved by wretches like this.”
Marjorie Haun at Technorati:
“First the partisan blogger, Wonkette, made extremely offensive, and stupid remarks about Trig. Next, the not-funny comic, CK Louis makes an obscene, gut-churning rant about Trig and his beleaguered mom, Sarah Palin... There seems to be an agreed-upon rule among these hacks that it is okay to disparage a child and his disability simply because his mother is a controversial political figure. It is the selective political correctness that colors all modern political debate. If you are conservative, or the innocent child of a conservative, you have a target on your back and it is open season on every personal and sensitive aspect of your life. You can't shoot back, and you certainly can't use politically incorrect tactics to make fun of Liberals, because they will howl, gnash their teeth, and ensure that you are labeled a racist, sexist, homophobic, abusive, uneducated, inbred, Nazi, hater. The truth is that most public figures on the ‘left’ are so insecure in themselves and their political beliefs that they recoil at the slightest intonation that they might be plain wrong.”
Patterico at Patterico's Pontifications:
“Hey Layne — did you figure out how many children you have yet? Cretin.”
Rachelle Friberg at Conservative Girl With a Voice:
“One of the reasons I admire Sarah Palin so much is because she chose life for her sweet baby boy. In giving sweet Trig life, Sarah demonstrated her belief in life and her belief that every life has a purpose. I will never forget when my family sent little Trig an embroidered jacket shortly after the 2008 campaign. A couple weeks after sending Trig the gift, I got a note from Sarah thanking my family and I for the gift, telling us how much it meant to them and Trig. This is the kind of woman Sarah Palin is. She is the kind of woman who puts her family and God above all else. Trig is the pride and joy of both her and Todd's lives. This little boy deserves the same respect that any other child receives. It is time that people realize that individuals with special needs are humans too! To those who enjoy making fun of a child with special needs I say ‘Shame on you!’ And to precious Trig and his family, I say ‘Thank you’ for showing me and the rest of the world just how amazing unconditional love can be.”
- JP

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