Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quote of the Day (September 30, 2010)

Tom Tillison at Orlando Political Press:
"What is it with Grayson and his juvenile antics? When you read his comments, it’s inconceivable to think that this man is a U.S. Congressman! With record unemployment, record debt and record budget deficits, all of which Alan Grayson contributed to with his voting record, he seems to be yuk-ing it up. At your expense. And, now rumors are circulating that Sarah Palin will be making a campaign swing through Central Florida on October 23rd. Reminds me of the movie ‘Tombstone’, where Kurt Russell, playing Wyatt Earp, says to Ike Clanton, who is being allowed to escape unharmed so he can take a message back to the other bad guys, ‘You tell ‘em I’m coming! You tell ‘em I’m coming, and I’m bringing Hell with me!’"
- JP

Sarah Palin Miami Mailer (Updated)

Here's the mailer for the October 6 Liberty & Freedom Foundation event featuring Gov. Palin:

Palin Miami Mailer

h/t: The Shark Tank

Update: This event has been postponed.

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Liberals encouraging violence against Gov. Palin and her family after restraining order

Commenters are encouraging violence against Sarah Palin, her husband and children on two liberal websites. At one leftist sewer site, a commenter suggests to the man with a shotgun who threatened Gov. Palin and was slapped with a restraining order this week to use an AR-15 instead, "If you're going after the breeding pair and the whole litter."

M. Joseph Sheppard comments on these leftist maggots at Recovering Liberal.

- JP

Sarah Palin: 'Maybe it's time we had term limits in Congress'

Gov. Palin was a guest on Sean Hannity radio program Thursday. They discussed topics including conservatives under attack, getting on the "Fire Pelosi" bus for events in California and Florida, the race for the U.S. Senate in Alaska, holding the GOP leadership accountable, getting out the vote for the midterm election, congressional term limits and campaigning for her endorsed candidates in as many states as she can.

Captured by Palin TV:

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Dallas Area Catholics: A good night out with Sarah Palin

The Dallas Area Catholics blog, calling Sarah Palin "one of the most influential personalities in American politics," is urging its readers to turn out to see the governor when she visits the Metroplex in November:
Here’s the Catholic angle – Heroic Media raises money to engage in pro-life advertising, specifically targeting women who may be contemplating abortion. Billboards, magazine ads, etc. So, even if you find Sarah Palin the most dangerous woman in America, you might still want to go just to help the pro-life cause. Me, I think she’s pretty good, though she’s showed some questionable judgement at times regarding political endorsements. But, I also recognize that she is a captivating speaker and someone who holds views that align pretty well with Catholic moral doctrine, especially that regarding life issues. This isn’t my kind of gig, but I’d still consider going to see her speak and help out this pro-life media effort. Anyone that can field dress a caribou on the Alaskan tundra deserves some respect, and not the weird violence-tinged sex kitten fantasies projected on her by the left.
The full blog post is here. More event information, including links to purchase tickets and sponsorships, is here.

- JP

Thune: Sarah Palin changes 2012 equation

From Politico, we learn that Sen. John Thune said today that whether or not Sarah Palin decides to run for president will “change the equation” for all other potential GOP contenders, including himself:
“She is someone who has a tremendous following out there, particularly in some of the early states,” the South Dakota Republican said in an interview with CNN that will air later Thursday.

“This is not a campaign where you start out and you run nationally right away,” Thune said. “It's all sequence, and you have to get through certain states. She has a big following.”
Thune told CNN that he will decide early next year whether he will seek his party nomination, but he added that the possibility of a Palin run will be an important factor in his decision:
“I think that if she were to get into the race, it would clearly change the equation for a lot of people,” he said.
Ah, the power of Palin... Keep 'em guessing, Sarah!

- JP

'We approve this fake message...'

* gives Palin-hatin' lunatic Rep. Alan Grayson a taste of his own ad-distorting medicine:

h/t: Ed Morrissey

- JP

Gallup: Sarah Palin and Mitt Romney top GOP presidential preference poll

Gov. Palin and Mitt Romney are essentially tied at the top of the field of likely candidates for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination, according to the latest Gallup poll. The former Massachusetts governor garners 19 percent support from those Republicans who were surveyed, and the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate gets 16 percent. The 3-point difference is withing the poll's 4 percent margin of error, leaving the two in a statistical tie.

Other potential Republican presidential candidates receiving more than 5% support in the poll are Mike Huckabee (12 percent), Newt Gingrich (9 percent), and Ron Paul (7 percent). Tim Pawlenty and Haley Barbour each get 3 percent, while Rick Santorum, John Thune and Mitch Daniels receive 2 points apiece.

More from Gallup here.

h/t: Andrew Malcolm

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Gov. Palin to Florida: 'Take pride in Daniel Webster'

After taking a passing shot at Rep. Alan Grayson via Twitter Wednesday, Sarah Palin put the "troubled" Democrat right in the crosshairs Thursday with two more Twitter messages:
"Florida deserves the best! No need 2 settle 4 such an odd,troubled character 2 represent your beautiful state. Take pride in Daniel Webster"

"Grayson's twisted campaign ad adds to 'media distrust' problem;he blatantly lies in vile rant,but greedy media run it anyway w/no fact check"
This is as close to a formal endorsement of Webster as she could possibly come, in our opinion. Will she make it "official" with a Webster endorsement via Facebook, or is the support the governor expressed for Webster via Twitter "official enough?" Stay tuned...

More from Politico's Alex Isenstadt, who characterizes Gov. Palin's tweets in support of Webster an "endorsement."

- JP

CNN: Sarah Palin to team up with Michael Steele at RNC rallies

CNN's Political Ticker, citing "multiple Republican sources," reports that Gov. Palin and RNC Chairman Michael Steele will join forces next month to hold two fundraising rallies:
The former Alaska governor and 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee will team up with the RNC chairman at an event in Anaheim, California, on October 16 and in Orlando, Florida, on October 23.

According to a copy of the invitation acquired by CNN, contributions for the events range from $25 per person to attend one of the rallies to $30,400 per couple for a private meeting and reception with Palin and party leaders.

The Republicans' plans were first reported by Politico.

In August, in what was considered a surprising move at the time, Palin attached her name to a letter and survey that was mailed to RNC donors soliciting contributions for the committee's Victory 2010 program, a nationwide get-out-the-vote effort.
Gov. Palin, who has the cultivated her reputation as a political outsider, appears to be making an effort to mend fences with the GOP establishment now that the primary season is ever and as she considers a possible 2012 presidential bid.

Since the end of the 2008 campaign, the governor's relationship with the GOP establishment inside the Beltway has been a cool one. According to CNN, she angered some Washington GOP insiders in March of 2009 by not participating in a joint fundraiser for the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC) and the National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC). But she actually did attend the event, although she was not one of the speakers. A year later, she asked the RNC to remove her name from an invitation to a party fundraising event in New Orleans that listed her as one of several invited guests because the committee didn't bother to ask her before using her name to promote the event.

In addition, she has supported a number of anti-establishment Tea Party candidates for the House, the Senate and governor against the party's preferred candidates in GOP primaries, and several of them won their races. Now that the Washington GOP is getting behind those candidates with campaign contributions and other forms of support, Gov. Palin appears to be more willing to work with Republican insiders. In her speech to the Iowa Republican Party’s Ronald Reagan Dinner September 17, she told a record crowd in Des Moines, "In just 46 days Republicans will put their ideas and their experience on the line to let the voters decide. It is time to unite."

Politico's Ben Smith comments:
Steele is under fire from the GOP Establishment, as always, this time for his travels outside the battlegrounds, and sometimes outside the 50 states. Palin's willingness to show up for him -- and not, say, for the "shadow RNC" led by Karl Rove and other GOP figures -- enhances his stature, and perhaps his bid for a second term of his own.

He and Palin may not have all that much in common, but they've backed one another in the past, and they're both genuine outsiders at this point, with the same enemies inside the party.
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Day By Day (September 30, 2010)

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Quote of the Day (September 29, 2010)

David Freddoso at the Washington Examiner:
"Someone needs to tell Matt Taibbi that Medicare isn’t a voluntary program... Oh, some great gotcha journalism here in Rolling Stone. Ambush conservative senior citizens at a Sarah Palin speech and call them welfare queens because they’re on Medicare... Taibbi’s sophomoric wit might have been enough to confound an elderly couple in Kentucky, but I doubt it. Assuming that he accurately related the content of his conversation with the Wheelocks, they were probably shocked by the fact that this big city guy was such an idiot."
- JP

Bristol Palin: Audience and DWTS cast knew Gov. Palin was NOT booed

Bristol Palin was Greta Van Susteren's guest Wednesday night. She discussed being on 'Dancing With the Stars', 'Nachogate', her involvement in the Right to Life movement and her plans after DWTS:

- JP

Phoenix Business Journal: Gov. Palin going after Arizona Dems

The Phoenix Business Journal observes that three of Sarah Palin's targeted "Take Back the 20" Congressional seats are currently held by Arizona Democrats:
Palin is urging her supporters to get behind David Schweikert, Paul Gosar and Jesse Kelly in their bids against U.S. Reps. Harry Mitchell of Tempe, Ann Kirkpatrick of Flagstaff and Gabrielle Giffords of Tucson.

Palin has targeted 20 races nationwide where she wants to help Republican challengers.

The three Arizona races could be indicators of how well Republicans are doing nationally in a year when Democrats and President Barack Obama could face voters’ wrath over the economy and housing. Real Clear Politics lists the trio of Arizona contests as toss-ups in November.
The Journal notes that the DCCC, in response, is asking Democrats to contribute to candidates in the districts targeted by the governor.

Good. Keep 'em on defense, and make 'em spend their money there.

- JP

Newsmax's Ruddy may be behind rumored Palin Palm Beach dinner appearance

We wondered back in June, when Sarah Palin was introduced to Newsmax founder and CEO Christopher Ruddy at the Belmont Stakes, whether there was any truth to the report that Gov. Palin was overheard telling Ruddy that she planned to visit West Palm Beach a couple of weeks before the November midterm elections. Since that area of Florida includes the 22nd Congressional District, it seemed to us a perfect opportunity for Mama Grizzly to campaign for the candidate she endorsed in that race, retired Army Lt. Col. Allen West. The colonel is in a tight race with incumbent Democrat Ron Klein. Both campaigns have cited internal polls which each claims shows its candidate in the lead by 8 points.

A few days ago, the Crowley Political Report declared that Gov. Palin will attend a dinner at The Breakers in Palm Beach next month (unconfirmed as yet), supposedly timed to compliment her Oct. 6 Miami appearance for The Liberty and Freedom Foundation. The Breakers Bash, according to Crowley, is "bound to be a hot and very exclusive ticket." Sure sounds like a fundraiser to us, one which would raise some serious cash for Col. West for his campaign's home stretch. Also, a Southeast Florida rally with Col West and Gov. Palin on the same stage could really help to shake up the district 22 race, a contest which appears to need some shaking up. If this is the plan, it could have a very positive impact for West.

One other seed which may have been planted at the Palin-Ruddy meeting at Belmont has blossomed into the special Newsmax Webcast interview of the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate scheduled for October 12.

- JP

Great new Sean Duffy ad: 'Get America Rolling Again! '

Sean Duffy, the Congressional candidate endorsed by Gov. Palin in Wisconsin's 7th Congressional District, has a great new campaign ad:

h/t: Ed Morrissey

- JP

Sen. Orrin Hatch: 'Sarah Palin has helped us all'

At The Hill's Blog Briefing Room, Elise Viebeck reports that Sen. Orrin Hatch — who may be trying to get on the Tea Party's good side — praised the first woman to be his party's vice presidential candidate Wednesday, saying that as a result of her many endorsements, the GOP is "coming through" despite its internal battles.
"There's a lot of antagonism right now between both [Senate] Democrats and Republicans," he said in an interview on the Fox Business Network. "And sometimes between Democrats and Democrats, and occasionally we have a little fight in the Republican party as well."

"But Sarah Palin has helped us all. She's endorsed a lot of people and we're coming through," he continued, prompting host Don Imus to raise an eyebrow.

The victories of Palin-backed Senate candidates like Joe Miller (R-Alaska) and Christine O'Donnell (R-Del.) in GOP primaries have contributed to a growing feud in the Republican party between its establishment players and those, like Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who support Tea Party outsiders.

Hatch himself maybe be vulnerable to a challenge from the right because of his vote for the Troubled Asset Relief Program (TARP) and his support for the construction of a controversial mosque near Ground Zero in Manhattan.

Six of Gov. Palin's candidates have won and two have lost in Republican primaries for the U.S. Senate this year, and only 11 of her endorsees have lost in 32 completed races.

- JP

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 124

"Crazy Like FOX" Edition...

Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail:
"Besides the big bucks that Fox News pays them to be in-house commentators, Fox News also offers protection to presidential candidates Sarah Palin, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee. As Fox News contributors, they do not have to go on ABCCNNNBCCBS... From Politico: 'C-SPAN Political Editor Steve Scully said that when C-SPAN tried to have Palin on for an interview, he was told he had to first get Fox’s permission — which the network, citing her contract, ultimately denied. Producers at NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and MSNBC all report similar experiences...' Well, I can see why they would do this. ABCCNNNBCCBS have not been kind to conservatives over the years, as ABCCNNNBCCBS fawn over liberals. The Fox News contract gives Palin and the rest cover. Gee, I really would like to go on your show, Dracula, but Roger Ailes won’t let me."
Rhonda McBride at KTUU-TV:
"Both [Joe] Miller and [Sean] Parnell are where they are today, in part, because of Palin."
Jillian Bandes at
"Twenty House Dems from districts that McCain carried in 2008 voted for the health care bill, and Sarah Palin has a target on every single one. The targets were released on the six month anniversary of Obamacare, and include a lot of familiar names such as John Boccieri (OH), Chris Carney (PA) Gabrielle Giffords (AZ) and Ann Kirpatrick (AZ). The site invites donations, social networking, and the unbeatable Sarah love that has led to a 26:11 win/loss record of candidates in GOP primaries... This site should go a long way towards knocking off the politicians who put their party affiliation ahead of their constituent's demands."
Brian at Freedom's Lighthouse:
"Considering the constant hammering Palin has taken in the media for two years, she is really not in a bad position against Obama."
Jay Tea at Wizbang:
"President Obama is incredibly thin-skinned... He takes opposition personally, and often calls out his opponents by name. This has an unfortunate effect for him: by personalizing the fight, he portrays his opponents as his equals. He doesn't seem to grasp that, as president, he has no peers. So when he calls out Boehner or Palin specifically, he's placing them on the same level as he is. (We also saw this in 2008, when Obama's supporters -- and no small number of his opponents -- compared Obama and Palin directly. Very few recognized that they were comparing one side's presidential nominee with the other side's vice-presidential nominee.)"
Patrick Gavin at Politico:
"Of course, there's a subtle statement being made here by Archie Comics: Sarah Palin is the apparent GOP leader. Why else choose her to counter Obama?"
Tom Murse at
"Some media outlets did, in fact, take a hatchet to the remark... On Twitter, Palin wrote to her followers: 'CQ Politics - c'mon guys, get it right. No one told Christine to only speak to FOX news. C'mon now, print truth. Thanks very much.' She followed up later: 'The Hill: get it right, please; I did NOT tell O'Donnell to only speak to Fox News. Where do u all get this stuff? Pls report truth. Thanks' Palin is right. She didn't use that particular four-letter word. If only."
Sophia Solis at New University:
"Whether people love or hate her, there is no denying that all the bad publicity in the world cannot stop Palin’s rising influence."
Da Techguy:
"Obama is shown in poll with only 40% or so believing he deserves re-election. Joe points out in perspective, saying that his polls were comparable with Clinton 2004 & Reagan 1982, can’t make this the last word… then in the same poll Obama is shown beating Sarah Palin in a 2012 match up, and the Same Joe Scarborough touts this as more proof that she can sell books but can’t be elected, and Mika breathes a sigh of relief. My take: How is one poll a snapshot of time and the other set in stone? Joe’s point about the president is right but it applies equally to Sarah Palin. How was Reagan polling in 1978 for example?"
Caroline Stanley at Flavorwire:
"The premiere of [SNL] Season 36... took things to an entirely new level of awful... Name a funny opening skit from recent years that didn’t involve Tina Fey lampooning Sarah Palin. You can’t."
John Sexton at Big Journalism:
"The Palin event in Florida and the Obama event in New York took place less than a month apart. Palin’s disappointing ticket sales (she sold out the smaller room) received regional news saturation and national press attention, but Obama’s failure to fill an almost identically sized hall didn’t get so much as a single independent press mention anywhere besides Gail Sheehy’s article at the Daily Beast. What possible explanation can the media offer for the difference in the treatment of Palin and Obama, besides the obvious one?"
Josep C. Vergés at La República Catalana:
"Is this the fight for hope and change…You betcha! ... Obama’s elitist Kriptonite has weakened the Democratic party while Palin’s straight talk to middle America is winning."
Vice President Joe Biden:
"Take [Sarah Palin and Christine O'Donnell] both very seriously... Treat them with respect... What we should be doing, the Democrats, is focusing on what they are offering and those who agree with them and what they are against and compare it to what we are for and what we’re against... Well this is a wake-up call for Democrats, we have to show up and make our case and focus on the differences, not the personalities."
Mark Halperin at TIME's The Page:
"Palin is right on the central fact that Rouse has maintained his Alaska citizenship, which comes with the state's annual dividend."
Roger E. Skoff at Stop The ACLU:
"Regardless of what anybody on either side of the aisle may think of them otherwise, no one can deny that, in at least one amazing way, Mike Huckabee and Sarah Palin are two of the most unique and remarkable politicians of our time. When somebody asks them a question, they actually answer it! They don’t answer some other question that they might like better, or that might make them look or sound better, or give them a better opportunity to work in or repeat more of their talking points; they don’t, like our President, give an answer that’s so long and so abstruse that either no one can understand it or, by the time it’s finished, no one can remember what the question was. They just answer the question, and they do it in the way and in the spirit in which it was asked and in a manner that people can believe to express their real thoughts and feelings."
- JP

Serial Palin-basher Rep. Alan Grayson steps in it in Florida

It was just a matter of time before moonbat Alan Grayson cooked his own goose. The volatile Florida Congressman, who spent a little time in a mental institution in the 1980s, has fallen behind in his race against Republican Daniel Webster in FL-08 and now appears likely to lose his seat in the U.S. House.

Hot Air's Ed Morrissey points out that this poll was taken mostly before the impact of Grayson's incredibly boneheaded and loathsome "Taliban Dan" campaign ad could be measured, so look for him to fall even further from grace. Even Contessa Brewer found the ad to be invidious. Face it, when you're an extreme leftist Dem and you lose MSDNC, you're in some seriously deep guano.

Grayson is the source of some of the most abominable smears ever made against Sarah Palin. Why did he go all hysterical on the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate? She had the temerity to campaign against him in his district, which is par for the course in politics. But what was downright pathological was the viciousness with which Grayson attacked Gov. Palin. His response to her Reaganesque use of humor was unmeasured and over the top.

Back in March, Ian Lazaran predicted that Grayson's mouth, which was already located below the belt, would bite the crazy Congressman on the backside as the date of the midterm election drew near:
"In any event, the real response to Grayson will come this November."
Indeed it will.

Meanwhile, Sarah Palin, who has been known to forgive but never forget, commented via Twitter:
FL's Daniel Webster - keep moving forward w/positive,strong,sharp message of truth! (As opposed to opponent who disgraced himself w/that ad)
Florida's 8th, though not one of SarahPAC's "Take Back the 20" Congressional Districts, still has to rank high on the governor's To Do list. Watch your six, Congressman. She's reloading.

- JP

A few grains of salt to take with that WSJ/NBC Poll

We're talking about the poll that the lamestream media is hyping today as supposedly showing Democrats getting more excited about the midterm elections. You know, the one which allegedly shows that Bill Clinton is the most popular politician in the country and purports that Sarah Palin has lower approval ratings than Harry Reid? Yes, that one. Well, the devil is in the internals, as we always like to say when we're talking about polls. So here are a few grains of salt that need to be taken with this poll:
FACTUALS: Now I am going to ask you a few questions for statistical purposes only.

QP1a Now, many people we've talked with tonight were unable to vote in primary elections this year, how about you, did you vote in a 2010 primary election in your state? (IF "YES," THEN ASK:) And, did you vote in the
Democratic or Republican Party Primary?+
Yes, voted in a Republican Party Primary ............... 28
Yes, voted in a Democratic Party Primary................ 33
Yes, voted in an Open Primary (VOL) .................. 4
No, did not vote in any primaries ............................. 34
Not sure .............................................................. 1
+ Results shown reflect responses among registered voters.

F1b/c. A lot of people are unable to get out and vote for many reasons. Did you happen to vote in last November’s election for president? (IF "YES," ASK:) For whom did you vote -- Barack Obama, John McCain, or someone else?
Yes, Voted 82
Voted for Barack Obama................ 41
Voted for John McCain................... 31
Voted for someone else ................. 5
Not sure ........................................ 5
No, Did Not Vote ............................ 18
Not sure ...................................... -


QF4 Generally speaking, do you think of yourself as (ROTATE:) a Democrat, a Republican, an independent, or something else? (IF "DEMOCRAT" OR "REPUBLICAN," ASK:) Would you call yourself a strong (Democrat/Republican) or not a very strong (Democrat/Republican)? (IF "NOT SURE," CODE AS "NOT VERY STRONG DEMOCRAT/REPUBLICAN.") (IF "INDEPENDENT," ASK:) Do you think of yourself as closer to the Republican Party, closer to the Democratic Party, or do you think of yourself as strictly independent? (IF "NOT SURE," CODE AS "STRICTLY INDEPENDENT.")
Strong Democrat ........................... 20
Not very strong Democrat .............. 15
Independent/lean Democrat........... 8
Strictly Independent ....................... 13
Independent/lean Republican......... 11
Not very strong Republican............ 12
Strong Republican......................... 14
Other (VOL) .................................. 5
Not sure ...................................... 2


QF9 Do you have any children in pre-school, kindergarten to fifth grade, middle school, or high school currently living in your household? (IF YES, SPECIFY)(ACCEPT ALL THAT APPLY)
Total Yes, PreK-12th Grade 32
Yes, Pre-school...................................................... 10
Yes, K-5th grade ..................................................... 13
Yes, Middle School................................................. 9
Yes, High school .................................................... 10
Yes, have kids at home out of high school (VOL) .. 3
No, no kids ........................................................... 61
Not sure ............................................................... 4
Okay, let's get this straight... The sample surveyed for this poll was not limited to likely voters or even registered voters. The poll oversampled Democrat primary voters over Republican primary voters by 5 points and strong Democrats over strong Republicans by 6 points. It sampled Obama voters over McCain voters by 10 points (even though Obama's actual margin of victory over McCain was 7 points in the 2008 election). And a whopping 61 percent of the people surveyed don't have any children? Where was this poll conducted, in a singles apartment building in Manhattan?

"Curiouser and curiouser," said Alice...

- JP

Rush Limbaugh Show: Ernie in Harlem defends Sarah Palin

Captured by Palin TV:

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h/t: Andrew Malcolm

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Day By Day (September 29, 2010)

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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Quote of the Day (September 28, 2010)

Kelly Ann Carroll:
"I’m glad DWTS went to the video tape and cleared up what many in the press thought was the booing of Sarah Palin. If they had just watched past those 25 seconds of the show they would have realized that the booing was clearly for what the audience thought was low scores for Jennifer Grey. And when Sarah was interviewed the crowd cheered for her."
- JP

DWTS pulls the rug our from under lying boo bird media

Dancing With The Stars shot down another anti-Palin liberal lie which has been spread by nutroots far left bloggers, a number of gossip websites and even many lamestream media sources. Yes, we're shocked, shocked! that the LSM would actually do such a dastardly deed... DWTS even provided video proof Tuesday that the boos heard Monday night by the program's viewers were intended for the show's judges, not for Gov. Palin. Palin TV captured the video sequence which exposes the lame leftist lies for what they are:

Don't hold your breath waiting for the Haterade-drinking leftist bloggers to post retractions, corrections or apologies. Heck, don't even look for 'em to stop telling their lies. It's not the Alinsky way.

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More from ABC News here.

- JP

Gov. Palin tells Greta how the Tea Party movement intimidates both the GOP and Dems

More video from Sarah Palin's Monday night guest spot with Greta was aired on Tuesday's show.

Part 3: Who's More Rattled By the Tea Party?

- JP

Frontiersman: Restraining order issued against Palin, Cole stalker

From the Mat-Su Valley Frontiersman:
An Anchorage judge issued restraining orders yesterday against Shawn R. Christy on behalf of Wasilla residents Kristan Cole and former Gov. Sarah Palin, according to court documents.

Cole said she became concerned about Christy’s letters and e-mails 15 or 16 months ago, but it ended up in court yesterday after the man called her to say he was in Alaska.

“When someone sends you proof that they’ve purchased weapons. Proof that they know where you live. And said that they are looking into purchasing a one-way plane ticket to Alaska and then calls from a cell phone with a 907 number, it’s over the line and we need protecting.”

Wasilla Police Department also helped the two families put together a safety plan, she said.


- JP

Seize the Day, Inc. says Gov. Palin will speak at its Atlanta seminar

Seize the Day, Inc., a company which conducts motivational seminars, announced Tuesday that Sarah Palin will be a featured speaker at a Seize the Day event November 9, 2010, in Atlanta:
Seize the Day, Inc., spokesman Doug Williamson said, "We are very pleased to announce that Sarah Palin has joined our speaker line-up for the Atlanta Seize the Day event. To say that Sarah is an important figure in today's political environment and a sought-after speaker would be an understatement. We look forward to Sara's upcoming presentation in Atlanta, which will give her a prime opportunity to share her extraordinary experiences and vision for confronting today’s issues."


Governor Palin will join an extraordinary lineup of celebrity speakers, including: former First Lady Laura Bush, NFL legend and sportscaster Terry Bradshaw, cable news icon Bill O'Reilly, actor, writer and commentator Ben Stein, top sales trainer Tom Hopkins, leadership development expert John Maxwell, investing author and guru Phil Town, and motivational master Les Brown.

All speakers will appear live on stage and in person during the Atlanta event. Participants will experience a high-energy arena-style event with pyrotechnics, music, networking opportunities, organized team spirit, prizes and live entertainment throughout the day. Doors to Philips Arena open at 6:45 a.m. The event runs from 8:00 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Seize the Day seminars are business and motivational seminars staged at venues throughout major cities in the United States. These one-day events are designed to educate, inspire and motivate people from all walks of life and all types of business backgrounds. Seize the Day seminars feature famous achievers from a wide variety of backgrounds, including sales and negotiation, marketing, team building, goal achievement, leadership development, productivity enhancement, personal empowerment, wealth building, business innovation, customer service, time management and more. Speakers share their personal stories and success strategies live from the stage on the day of the event.
Participants can purchase tickets online at the Seize the Day website or at 1-800-796-8180. Use promo code PR78. Tickets are just $4.95 per person or $19.95 for an entire office.

- JP

Rush comments on his admiration for Gov. Palin

Monday night on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh made a rare guest appearance on Greats Van Susteren's 'On the Record.' The interview concluded with Greta asking Rush which politician he admires most...
"Which politician do I currently admire the most? Is that the question? You're asking me a question that if I answer this, I'm going to make a lot of enemies. It's really hard to say. I really look at Sarah Palin, however, and I look at everything they've thrown at her. I look at the attempts they have made to destroy her, a decent, good patriotic woman who's not done anything to anyone."

"In fact she has lived the life that the feminists told us women should do. She's had it all. She's a family woman. She started out in the PTA, got involved in her kid's lives, took it further and wanted to go into politics at a higher level, try to fix things. She's done it all, and she has not withered under the efforts to literally destroy her. You have to admire that. You have to admire people who don't quit and don't give up, especially doing it with a smile on her face. She's defied them all along the way. Even Republicans said when she retired with the governorship, 'Well, that's the end of her career. She's never going to amount to anything.'"

"Look at her. Her daughter's on 'Dancing With the Stars,' crossed over into the so-called 'mainstream.' Entertainment Tonight's up in Wasilla. Entertainment Tonight! I mean, that's the Hollywood Left. They're up there being entertained with exclusives from Sarah Palin. It's got just be rubbing the Democrats raw. This is not what's supposed to happen. This woman's supposed to be a standing joke, and they can't make a joke out of her because she's a pretty serious woman who loves being an American, loves life. And you have to admire how she's stood up under this withering attack.."
Video courtesy of Palin TV:

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- JP

NewsBusters: Sly Scarborough Shot At Olbermann Over Sarah?

NewsBuster Mark Finkelstein catches MSDNC 'Morning Joe' co-host Joe Scarborough taking a thinly-veiled shot at Bathtub Boy:
Gee, I wonder which "cable news show" Joe had in mind...

In a seeming shot at Keith Olbermann, Joe Scarborough has predicted that "certain cable news shows" will stir up a "fake controversy" tonight over whether Sarah Palin was booed on Dancing With The Stars [she wasn't].

Here's the background: Bristol Palin performed on DWTS last night, and Sarah was there in the front row to support her. Jennifer Grey [of Dirty Dancing fame] also competed last night. Her backers in the audience began to boo when her scores, which they judged to be too low, were announced. That happened just before the show cut to an interview with Sarah Palin. Some have tried to suggest that the audience was booing Palin. But the crowd in fact cheered when Sarah appeared, and as Willie Geist said "my staff and I have studied the tape. They were not booing [Palin]."

That served as preamble to Joe's prediction...

There's no love lost between Vichy Republican Scarborough and Manic Democrat Olbermann. It must make for the occasional awkward encounter in the halls at DNC Headquarters NBC.

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Day By Day (September 28, 2010)

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Quote of the Day (September 27, 2010)

Rush Limbaugh:
"I know it sounds so simple it can't be true, but the simplest way to understand why liberals do everything is that everything is a lie, and when anything comes along and threatens to expose the lie, those people have to be destroyed. What's Sarah Palin ever done to anybody? What has Christine O'Donnell ever done to anybody? Nothing. Who have they hurt? Whose businesses have they destroyed, unlike Obama? Whose kids have they condemned to death via abortion? None. What actions have they taken that have created harm for people around them? Nothing. So what is it that warrants this almost unspeakable assault on these women? It's very simple: They're feared. They are just afraid of them, and on a whole bunch of levels. I mean, Sarah Palin is really at the top of the list here..."
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Video: Sarah Palin 'On the Record' with Greta, 9/27/10

Part 1: ObamaCare and Taking Back the 20:


Part 2: The GOP & the Tea party movement, endorsements, Bristol on DWTS:

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Video: Bristol & Mark on DWTS Week 2, with extras

Courtesy of Palin TV:

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Lori Ziganto & Jenn Q. Public: Dehumanizing Sarah and other conservative women

Lori Ziganto and Jenn Q Public have teamed up again at Hot Air's Green Room, this time with "10 Hateful Anti-Woman Acts By Leftist 'Feminists'." We've excerpted #10, "The Hypocritical Dehumanization of Conservative Women":
The Left salivates over opportunities to dehumanize conservative women. It’s easy (and completely gross) to imagine Keith Olbermann sloshing around in his beloved bathtub each night, eyes glued to Michelle Malkin’s image as he relives the time he called her “a big mashed-up bag of meat with lipstick on it.”

But while “feminists” often excuse Bathtub Boy’s misogyny and find numerous justifications to continue watching his nightly hate fest, they don’t publicly embrace him as one of the sisterhood. But they might as well if they’re going to embrace his hateful misogyny.

In her important column on the stages of “conservative female abuse,” Michelle Malkin lists dehumanization as the fourth and final stage:
Conservative women aren’t real women according to the liberal feminist establishment’s definition. Remember when Gloria Steinem called Texas Republican Sen. Kay Bailey Hutchison a “female impersonator?” Or when curdled NOW leader Patricia Ireland instructed Democrats to vote only for “authentic” female political candidates? Or when Al Gore’s fashion consultant Naomi Wolf described the foreign-policy analysis of Jeane Kirkpatrick as being “uninflected by the experiences of the female body?”
Sarah Palin has been the target of many of these attacks. Wendy Doniger wrote in the Washington Post that Palin’s “greatest hypocrisy is in her pretense that she is a woman.” And Cintra Wilson began a Salon piece by saying that “Sarah Palin may be a lady, but she ain’t no woman.”

As explained when Keith Olbermann used his “mashed up bag of meat with lipstick” attack on Michelle Malkin:

Attacks like these are designed to dehumanize the target by casting her out of her very gender, rendering her less than woman, indistinguishable from a “bag of meat” were it not for the facade of womanhood she paints on with her lipstick each morning. Makeup is deemed the only thing that sets her apart from an inanimate sack of undifferentiated flesh.
It’s one thing when the Left attempts to exclude conservative women from feminism — that’s a ridiculous political tactic, hateful but not misogynist per se — but it’s another when leftists try to exclude us from our gender. No matter how hard Femisogynists wish otherwise, conservative Christians, gun totin’ hockey moms, and smartass conservative blogger chicks still qualify as women.
Read the other 9 Hateful Anti-Woman Acts By Leftist "Feminists" here.

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More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 123

"Sarah Palin can see November from her house" Edition...

Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail:
"Liberalism has deteriorated into a juvenile mocking of critics. Rather than argue, liberals ridicule. And it backfires every time. They tried to run Sarah Palin off with Tina Fey’s 'Mean Girls' version of Chevy Chase’s falling down Jerry Ford. That worked? The Rasmussen Poll asked: 'Who’s Views Are Closer to Your Own?' 52% said Sarah Palin. 40% said Barack Obama. He would have been elected president without Tina Fey. But you can make the argument that Sarah Palin might not be where she is without Tina Fey. The constant mockery made Sarah Palin very appealing to many of us who are sick of elitist sneers. If they are so bright, why can’t they balance a budget?"
Beth Shaw at Blue Star Chronicles:
"Saturday Night Live... went straight for a political hit on Delaware Senate candidate Christine O’Donnell. I guess after their success in getting people to think that Sarah Palin said things that were said by Tina Fey on the show, they figured they’d try their hand at attempting to bring down another female Conservative candidate."
James Taranto at
"'Sarah Palin Drops the H-Bomb: 'Barack Hussein Obama' read the shocking headline on Talking Points Memo [TPM]... But guess what? It turns out Obama's middle name really is Hussein! How do we know? It says so on his birth certificate -- an image of which we found in a TPM post from June 2008! Turns out it's TPM that's telling wingnut lies by implying the president's birth certificate isn't real. What a shame to see a once- respectable news site sink into the racist birther swamps."
Shannon Work at So It Goes In Texas:
"Sarah Palin caught some heat... on liberal blog Talking Points Memo for dropping the 'H-bomb,' Barack Hussein Obama. Oh, pa-leeze, they will attack her on anything. Weak, very weak."
Mondo Frazier at Ddeath By 1000 Papercuts:
"There were no questions asked [about Obama] during the disgraceful Mainstream Media coverage of the 2008 election because the Media was too busy digging through dumpsters in Wasilla, Alaska, for dirt on the Republican VP nominee... Palin alludes to a 'double standard.' It’s not. It’s blatant content management and it no longer is very effective because it’s been so transparent for so long, Americans give the same respect to the New York Times‘ political opinions as they did the Weekly World News. Thank heavens the Mainstream Media is dying. May it be slow, protracted and painful. Just like the damage they’ve inflicted on objective journalism during the last 50 years."
Tymetraveler at Tymetraveler's Take:
"After viewing many interviews and speeches by the former governor from Alaska, I am convinced of one thing: she is a person of character."
Merv Benson at Prairie Pundit:
"Those who underestimate Palin, miss how she connects with voters... That is something I have noticed from the beginning of her time on the national stage. While critics and pundits have tried to belittle her and denigrate her, the positions she takes on most issues are those more Americans take. She found a way around the media that hated her and now that same media is finally giving her some respect. I don't know if she will be a candidate in 2012. I don't think she has made that decision yet. But she will definitely be a player in deciding who the GOP nominee will be."
Christopher Barron, Board Chairman of GOProud, at The Daily Caller:
"27% of self-identified gay and lesbian voters chose John McCain and Sarah Palin in 2008. That’s a figure that translates to roughly 1.7 million gay votes for McCain/Palin. If gay conservatives are unicorns, our herd is huge."
Clifton B at Another Black Conservative:
"Sarah Palin’s keynote speech at the Reagan Dinner in Iowa has set off a new round of speculation of whether or not Sarah Palin will run in 2012. Good grief, is it not terribly obvious by now that Sarah Palin will run in 2012? Just look at [the] new Sarah PAC ad... Think about this, if Palin runs for the GOP nomination, what Republican running to the left of her would stand a snow ball chance in hell of getting the nomination? Palin... adheres to one of the purest brands of conservatism the nation has seen since Reagan."
Jimmie Bise at Sundries Shack:
"The Republican Party had never shown interest in or aptitude for organizing mass protests... The party itself was [too] busy fighting over Sarah Palin and the incompetent campaign of its last nominee."
Lloyd Marcus at American Thinker:
"The Left sold their feminist movement to America as being about giving women options and freedom to choose their path. If this truly was their mission, Sarah Palin would be their rock star -- a strong, confident woman who is extremely successful in- and outside the home. But rather than celebrate Palin's achievements, feminists despise her. Why? Because it ain't about freedom, nor options. The Left's version of the feminist movement is about bitterness towards men, hatred of America, and promoting a socialist agenda. I don't know who the Left despises more -- successful, uppity black escapees from the liberal plantation or conservative women."
E. Splater, remorseful Obama voter, at Splate24′s Blog:
"Not that I’m fond of Sarah Palin, but, the people, who are criticizing Sarah for a few crib notes in the palm of her hand, have known for two years that our President reads every thought off of a teleprompter word for word. Let’s not even forget, the mistakes and mistypings he also reads."
William Teach at Pirate's Cove:
"It is understandable that Democrats do not want to discuss their legislative record and accomplishments. People have read the bills after they were passed, and found them to be terrible. Instead, they’ll go after Republican candidates personally, they’ll lie their elitist butts off, and they’ll throw out racial slurs. The women will feel the wrath of Democrat misogyny, as we have seen time and time again against Conservative women such as Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. Christine O’Donnell has now become part of that party... Attack ads and smears have long been rooted in Politics 101, yet, Democrats have made personal smears and attacks into an art form, not to mention their primary type of ads. They do not want to discuss their policy. Heck, many of them do not even want to mention that they’re Democrats."
Chris Gacek at the FRC Blog:
"Aside from the Tea Party phenomena itself – the most important political development this election cycle involves Sarah Palin... Sarah Palin is changing the Republican Party and making it decidedly more pro-life... Palin isn’t just politicking, she is institution-building."
Frank Napolitano at Illinois Review:
"The impact and domino effect of who is elected to local offices can be very significant... In 1992 residents of Wasilla, AK elected Sarah Palin to serve on their City Council. She then went on to serve as Wasilla’s Mayor. In 2006 Sarah Palin was elected as Alaska’s Governor, where she cut budgets and vetoed wasteful spending bills. She was the Republican nominee for Vice President in 2008 and now is an outspoken supporter of the Tea Party, good common sense and conservative values across the country."
- JP

Spike Maynard on his ensorsement by Gov. Palin

Don Surber writes that even though Spike used to be a Democrat (we're in good company), he "was conservative when conservative was not cool." In a press release issued by his campaign, Maynard commented on Sarah Palin's recent endorsement of his candidacy:
Spike Maynard said, “We are excited and grateful to have the support of Sarah Palin in our campaign against Rahall. His support of Obamacare and his commitment to the Obama and Pelsoi team are two of the top reasons we started this campaign to begin with.”

Maynard continued, “Our campaign continues to gain momentum because the voters in West Virginia’s Third Congressional District do not want to be represented by anyone on the Obama / Rahall / Pelosi team.”

Spike Maynard is the Republican running in the 3rd Congressional District of West Virginia. Maynard is a former West Virginia State Supreme Court Justice and trial judge from Mingo County. Maynard is an Air Force veteran, where he served in reconnaissance during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Following his honorable discharge, Maynard was the Managing Director of the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and practiced law. In 1976, Maynard was elected as a Prosecuting Attorney for Mingo County. He was appointed by Governor Rockefeller to the Thirtieth Judicial Circuit and was twice elected to that circuit. His legal experience saw him elected to the Supreme Court of Appeals, where he served as Chief Justice in 2000, 2004 and 2008.
Maynard's campaign website is

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New poll suggests a Castle write-in effort would hurt Coons more than O'Donnell

It is quite possible that a write-in campaign, such as Congressman Mike Castle is currently considering, could hurt Democrat Chris Coons more than Republican Christine O’Donnell in the Delaware campaign for U.S. Senate, according to new polling results published today:
A new Rasmussen Reports telephone survey of Likely Delaware voters finds Coons with 49% support, while O’Donnell earns 40% of the vote. Castle, a longtime congressman who lost to O’Donnell in the state’s GOP Primary, picks up five percent (5%). Another five percent (5%) remain undecided. To see survey questions, click here.

Polling for write-in campaigns is always challenging, so results should be interpreted with caution. For this survey, Rasmussen Reports asked respondents about a choice between Coons and O’Donnell without mentioning Castle. That is the choice voters will see when they enter the voting booth. However, when response options were offered to survey respondents, Castle’s name was mentioned.
Oh, yes, a Murkowski-style write in campaign by Castle cuts the far left liberal Democrat's lead over O'Donnell down to single digits. Run, Mike, run!

Related: A Jeffrey Lord must-read at The American Spectator.

- JP

Irish Times: Rain clouds linger as Tea Party brews up a storm

Richard Aldous, a professor of British History and Literature, argues in The Irish Times that the real test of the Tea party movement "will be whether Palin and Co can show the ability for systematic thinking needed for government":
There is already an impending sense of the ideological struggle to come once November is over.

Then all eyes will turn to the real prize: the presidential election of 2012. Tea Party activists may not like Barack Obama, but they admire the way he won the last election, not least the “netroots” of political activists who helped him defeat an “establishment” machine candidate. Already they are planning a similar campaign to make sure that one of their own secures the Republican nomination.

The unknown element in that battle is the quality of Tea Party ideas. Thus far they have skilfully cultivated a simple message and deployed charismatic leaders such as Sarah Palin and Marco Rubio to articulate it with authentic conviction. Yet to emerge is a serious sense of the systematic thinking about government that would put those aspirations into practice. In the end this will be the real test of whether the Tea Party movement represents a seismic event in conservatism or is just a noisy distraction.

For a movement that puts plain speaking, values and common sense at a premium, this may seem unnecessarily cerebral. But Tea Party activists need only look to the example of two iconic figures of the right to recognise how significant this is.

Reagan too had the charisma and ability to articulate his beliefs with moral conviction and a popular touch. But underpinning the Reagan era was a neo-liberal intellectual ferment that tipped the social democratic consensus upside down, shifting public debate and preparing the way for a Republican victory in 1980. Characteristic of this activity was the work of the Heritage Foundation, which produced the 3,000-page Mandate for Leadership that became the comprehensive blueprint for the administration.

The second example is Margaret Thatcher, who is revered by, among others, Palin. Thatcher may not have been an intellectual or an original political thinker in the purest sense.

Yet she was a consumer of ideas, devouring the books and papers put in front of her by Alfred Sherman at the Centre for Policy Studies. Her great ability was to give those ideas clarity. If Palin is following the Thatcher model, she will currently be reading everything she can lay her hands on.

Thatcher came to power in a “peasant’s revolt” against the leadership of her own party. She was often patronised and derided by conservative grandees and liberal journalists alike. Yet few if any of them won an argument head-to-head with her, as she took them on in a war of attrition, idea by idea, backed up with her uniquely individual style of moral conviction.

That ability to articulate a new way of thinking made her a star in the United States. On her first visit to Washington as prime minister in 1979, she electrified Congress not just with her conviction but with her incisiveness and intellectual rigour. Afterwards Republican politicians flocked around her. Later one sent her note: “Will you accept the nomination of the Republican party for president?” it asked.

The Republicans could not have Thatcher, but they did get Reagan instead. The Tea Party can only hope they have a leader of similar stature waiting in the wings.

For that reason perhaps the most pertinent question of the day has become, “Which books are you reading at the moment, Sarah?”
How typical of a college professor to ask that question! We don't know what books Gov. Palin is currently reading, but we do know that she has digested George Orwell's Animal Farm, a number of works written by C.S. Lewis and Mark Levin's Liberty and Tyranny -- the Conservative Manifesto of our time -- just to name a few.

The Heritage Foundation is still around, Professor Aldous, as is the Cato Institute, The Mises Institute and the American Enterprise Institute. Sarah Palin cites these think tanks, as she does such academicians as Thomas Sowell (Hoover Institution at Stanford), Oliver Hart (Harvard), Luigi Zingales (University of Chicago), Michael Economides (University of Houston), Thomas James DiLorenzo (Loyola University) and Arthur Laffer (Mercer University), among others, in the policy statements she has posted on Facebook. A number of the Facebook postings have also been published as op-eds in National Review, the Washington Post and the Wall Street Journal.

She also has a public record as chief executive of the state of Alaska which clearly shows her approach to governing, which has been to cut taxes, reduce budgets and manage resources in a responsible manner, while maximizing the benefits from those resources for the citizens of Alaska who own them, according to that state's constitution. Put your research assistants to work, professor, and your questions about Sarah Palin's reading material and philosophy of governing should be answered.

- JP

Red Meat Conservative: Not all polls are conducted equally (KY Senate)

Daniel at Read Meat Conservative explains how Survey USA's Kentucky Senate poll that rather conveniently was released this weekend illustrates how bogus party ID weightings can be used to distort a survey. After showing Palin-endorsed Rand Paul with a 15 point lead over Democrat Jack Conway only three weeks ago, now Survey USA purports to show Conway within two percentage points. Here's how S-USA fudged the numbers:
The poll taken earlier this month had a party ID breakdown of 47 D 10 I 42 R. That is actually slightly less favorable to the GOP than the disastrous 2008 turnout of 47 D 15 I 38 R (in which McCain still won). Remember that there is no doubt that there will be more Republicans turning out to vote in Kentucky this year. The only question is how much more? However, nobody disputes that the turnout figures will be much more favorable than those of the past two elections cycles.

This brings me to the most recent Survey USA poll that shows Paul leading Conway by a paltry 49-47 margin. The party ID weightings of the survey were as follows: 51 D 12 I 38 R! Does anyone really believe that a majority of the voter turnout in a staunch conservative state, in a staunch conservative year, in a state where Obama's approval ratings are in the toilet, will be Democrats? Is it really possible for voter turnout models in 2010 to be worse for the GOP than 2008?
Daniel cites Public Policy Polling (PPP) as another textbook example of how manipulating a survey's party ID weightings can make the poll results show anything an unscrupulous pollster wants them to show. Earlier in the election cycle, PPP polling showed Sen. Burr Richard (R-NC) virtually tied with his opponent, Democratic Elaine Marshall. This is because, Daniel argues, PPP was employing a similar turnout model to the one used by Survey USA in its latest survey. Since changing its methodology to employ a a more realistic turnout model, most PPP polls are showing the true advantage Republican candidates have over Democrats in an election cycle where voters are fed up with six years of a Congress under the control of radical leftist Dems.

The most recent survey by the more reliable Rasmussen Reports shows "Burr enjoying his best showing to date, with 54% support to Marshall's 38%." Likewise, Rasmussen's poll in the Kentucky Senate race conducted earlier this month showed Rand Paul with "his highest level of support since winning his party’s primary in May" -- leading Conway handily 54% to 39%.

As Daniel says, "The devil is always in the details." That's usually where you'll find a Democrat with a heavy thumb on the scales.

- JP

Day By Day (September 27, 2010)

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Sunday, September 26, 2010

Quote of the Day (September 26, 2010)

Rusty Weiss at NewsBusters:
"Terrell Owens and Chad Ochocinco of the Cincinnati Bengals have been debuting their new show in short clips on the Versus network... the Versus website is promoting a video clip in which the NFL stars are asked, 'Would you rather see Sarah Palin in the White House or in Playboy?'... Bear in mind that this isn't just boorish conversation amongst a locker room full of 'the guys', it's a television interview asking if a prominent female politician is Playboy material. Fortunately, the Bengals will be taking part in an upcoming league-wide training program on proper conduct in the workplace. Of course, the Bengals and 'proper conduct' have never really been synonymous."
- JP

Tipton: Gov. Palin 'a great inspiration' and 'a tremendous asset' to his campaign

Two Congressional candidates in Colorado endorsed by Gov. Palin in SarahPAC's Take Back the 20" effort are Scott Tipton (CO-3) and Cory Gardner (CO-4). The Gardner and Tipton campaigns responded to NRO's new BATTLE ‘10 blog about receiving the endorsements:
Gardner expressed gratitude saying, “I’m pleased to get the endorsement since the McCain/Palin ticket won the district in 2008.” Tipton’s told BATTLE ‘10, “I am honored to have Governor Palin’s endorsement of my candidacy. She’s a great inspiration to a lot of common sense conservatives in Colorado’s Third Congressional District. She’ll be a tremendous asset to this grassroots effort to send a small businessman to Washington.”
- JP

Perry continues to lead in Texas race for governor

The race for governor in Texas has not changed significantly since the GOP's 2008 vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin campaigned in Cypress for incumbent Rick Perry in February, according to a new poll conducted for the Houston Chronicle and four other state newspapers. Former Houston mayor Bill White, a Democrat, has been unable to gain any traction against Republican Perry largely because voters remain dissatisfied with President Obama and believe that Perry has helped save the Texas economy, according to political analysts:
Perry leads with 46 percent support to 39 percent for White, with Libertarian candidate Kathie Glass trailing at 4 percent among likely voters; 11 percent were undecided.

Green Party candidate Deb Shafto had less than 1 percent support.

"It's not an insurmountable lead," said pollster Micheline Blum, but "he certainly looks like he's headed for another term. … Perry has probably both the votes and the enthusiasm behind him."

Despite White and his allies spending millions of dollars on television ads attacking Perry this summer, Blum said the race has remained essentially unchanged since February.

Blum said voters seem to have made up their minds early, and she sees little volatility in the race. Blum said the voters who are undecided probably will not cast a ballot Nov. 2.

The enthusiasm of Republican voters is dramatic. Among registered voters who answered the survey, Republicans held an advantage of 9 percentage points — roughly typical of the vote in recent elections.

Among those who said they are likely to vote, the Republican advantage jumped to 18 percentage points over Democrats.


Perry and White are in almost a dead heat in Houston and San Antonio. Perry is drubbing White in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, with a lead of more than 30 percentage points in those cities. White holds a 7-point lead in Austin.

The two are even in urban areas, but Perry has an almost 11-percentage-point lead in non-urban areas.


Perry holds a 3-percentage-point lead over White among men and a 10-point advantage among women. Blum said that may reflect women viewing Perry as the candidate most likely to bring about economic security.
The telephone survey was conducted Sept. 15-22 using a random sample of both registered and likely voters, by Blum & Weprin for the Houston Chronicle, the San Antonio Express-News, the Austin American-Statesman and The Dallas Morning News.

- JP

Jan Whitt on 'Going Rogue: An American Life'

Jan Whitt, a professor of Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Colorado, has written an essay which examines "the historical context, the literary impact, and the social implications" of Sarah Palin's 2009 memoir Going Rogue: An American Life and "addresses the place of autobiography, memoir, and personal essays in the political arena." It's a fairly substantial treatise, published in Sunday's edition of American Thinker. Here are some excerpts:
Although several of the candidates in the 2008 presidential race published memoirs-including Hillary Clinton, John McCain, and Barack Obama-one of the most provocative narratives was published after the election and seems to provide evidence that its author might again run for political office. Going Rogue reached the top of the nonfiction bestsellers list and sold more copies than even Palin's supporters could have predicted. After an initial print run of 1.5 million copies, HarperCollins announced a second printing of 1 million more. In November 2009, sales of Palin's memoir surpassed I, Alex Cross by James Patterson; Under the Dome by Stephen King; and The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown. Although Nielsen BookScan said Going Rogue sold 469,000 during its first week (not the 700,000 that HarperCollins claims), company spokespeople explained that Nielsen BookScan did not include sales at mass market retailers such as Sam's Club and Walmart. "If the 700,000 figure is accurate," Jefferson Barbour writes, "that places Palin's memoir ahead of Living History, the 2003 memoir by Secretary of State Hillary Clinton" ("Sarah Palin's ‘Going Rogue' Hits Number One" n.p.)

Some immediately dismissed the book's success because Palin employed a ghost writer (how much of the memoir was really hers?); others because retailers such as Target and Amazon sold the book at bargain rates; and still others because conservative groups bought advance copies of the book. However, few acknowledge what her fan base understands: Going Rogue provided Christians, conservatives, heterosexual parents, political aficionados, middle-class women, rural Americans, and others an opportunity to see their own lives in print and to celebrate someone who represents them with courage and without apology.

Often ridiculed by others, individuals in some of these groups identify with Palin when she and members of her family are attacked for their religious beliefs, for their emphasis on family, and for their accents and regional phrases. This empathy is but one reason for their belief in her and the stories she tells in Going Rogue. Scott Payne of the Washington Examiner warns:
Each time liberals like Robert Gibbs take a moment to mock the know nothingness of Sarah Palin, they reinforce a stereotype about what it means to be liberal to precisely the voters they have the hardest time reaching: the ones in the middle of the country . . . With each barb they hurl her way, liberals participate in a self-fulfilling prophecy that only serves to reinforce feelings of alienation amongst more rural voters with whom Palin continues to have an overwhelming degree of support. And the more those stereotypes are reinforced in the current national climate-a climate that puts most Americans on the other side of the Obama administration on things like the Arizona immigration law, provides the President with his lowest approval rating amongst independents to date, and economic confidence continuing to sink-the more Palin and her camp come out on the winning side of the national debate. ("Democrats and Sarah Palin" n.p.)
When Going Rogue hit number one, Barbour wrote, "Sarah Palin has been the butt of many jokes since making her debut on the national stage late in 2008, but someone out there must like her" ("Sarah Palin's ‘Going Rogue' Hits Number One"). Evidence that Barbour's calculated understatement is correct may be partially indicated by the record number of Republican and conservative women (they are not always one and the same) now seeking public office. Palin's example and her support for candidates she considers worthy say a great deal about the pink elephant in the room.

Read Professor Whitt's full discourse on Gov. Palin's first book here.

- JP

Day By Day (September 26, 2010)

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Quote of the Day (September 25, 2010)

Eric Golub at Texas GOP Vote:
"Anybody who has ever been a threat to Barack Obama has been ripped to shreds. John McCain is no longer a threat. The media criticism of him has disappeared. Sarah Palin has the Obama White House terrified. She is a religious Christian and a conservative woman. The left has to destroy her."
- JP

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 122

"Who Do You Trust?" Edition...

Russell Wilcox at From Sea To Shining Sea:
"When Sarah Palin appeared on the national scene we were told that her son was really her grandson; we were told that she caused her son’s Down Syndrome; we were told that her son was the product of her husband’s incestuous relationship with her daughter, etc., etc., etc. What is important with both Sarah Palin and Christine O’Donnell is that we can trust both of them to stand up for traditional values, smaller government and lower taxes. We all know what O’Donnell’s opponent, Coons, stands for. We have witnessed those policies in action for the last year and a half."
Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits:
"Oh yeah, she’s running."
Aaron Goldstein at Intellectual Conservative's IC Blog:
"Democrats would be wise to listen to Bill Clinton... Clinton said that Sarah Palin should not be underestimated. He also described her as 'compelling', 'persuasive' and 'resilient.' Given that Clinton is the only Democrat to win two terms in office since FDR, one would think Democrats would give pause. Yet I imagine few Democratic activists will heed Clinton's words of wisdom. Palin strikes such a raw nerve with them that they cannot think straight. Their objections to her very being cloud any ability to see her strengths. This deficiency might very well propel Sarah Palin straight into the White House."
Daniel Foster at NRO's The Corner:
"Sarah Palin has... posted what amounts to a really good — and rhetorically effective — primer on the reality of Obamacare."
TomT at Orlando Political Press:
"The truth of the matter is that Sarah Palin is the only one on the national stage right now that will go to DC and reform that cesspool we fondly know as the federal government. She will not be beholden to the power structure inside the Beltway, nor the special interests and their endless flow of cash. We can be sure Palin will put what’s best for the people of this country first, just as we saw her do in Alaska. For that reason alone, should she decide to run, she can count on not only running against the radical far left, which includes most media outlets in this country and the entertainment industry, she can also count on spirited opposition from the right as well – probably the best indication that she’s the right woman for the job."
Nice Deb:
"Ooh-wee!, listen to the ‘Cuda call out Bam on all his lies"
Dr. Gina Loudon at Big Journalism:
"Robert Schmul on AOL Politics... claims that Sarah Palin is a lot like Barack Obama... But I see major differences. Obama is a socialist, Sarah Palin is a capitalist. That is basic and definitive, and makes any comparison rhetorical... Obama is the most pro-abortion president in history. Abortion is an act that places self-interest first. Sarah Palin gave birth, at a most inconvenient time, to a beautiful little boy who has Down Syndrome. That is an act of selflessness, compassion, and love. Obama holds a European socialist view that America should apologize to the world for being a super power for so long. Sarah thinks America is still Reagan’s 'shining city on the hill' and should continue to lead the world into a bright future for all who understand the precious concept of freedom and individual liberty... Using Robert Schmul’s approach, one could find 'commonalities' between Hitler and Mother Teresa, but the reality is there is no comparison when it comes to their hearts, their goals, and their legacy — the things that really count."
Jennifer Caballero at Cubachi:
"Sarah Palin is not about to let this election slide from conservative hands. She is leading the charge in promoting great candidates to promote our principles in the House and Senate."
Reid Wilson at National Journal's Hotline On Call:
"Tea Party Express has a better track record on endorsements than any group in D.C. this cycle, and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) and former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) have done their parts to encourage election of the most conservative candidates possible. Palin has endorsed, and campaigned for, an eclectic mix of establishment and counter-establishment contenders... DeMint and Palin are the closest thing the intentionally leaderless Tea Party movement has to national spokespeople. They are also the most obvious outlets for Republicans seeking to move beyond the Bush years, on which most activists look back with a mixture of disgust and depression. Palin's fresh face and DeMint's insistence on true conservatism are departures from an era that Republicans -- personified by the Tea Party movement -- regret."
Dorothy Vining at Musings at 85:
"I first blogged about Sarah Palin when she was introduced as the Republican candidate for vice-president. I was especially impressed when she said she had a 'servant’s heart.' Today... It seems she hasn’t changed much. More mature, better seasoned, wiser – still with a servant’s heart."
Mark McKinnon, Vichy Republican, at leftist website The Daily Beast:
"Sarah Palin is running for president. Book it. She cracked the door open in Iowa Friday night, and once that door is open, it doesn't shut... And given the results of recent elections, it's not difficult to see a clear pathway to the nomination for Palin. As the clear social conservative and the only woman in the field of possibly more than 10 candidates, she could easily win Iowa and South Carolina. And when you win those two states in the Republican primaries, you're likely to win the whole red enchilada... One thing will work in Palin's favor: She will be hugely underestimated. She will be an improved candidate and better on policy."
Ann Coulter via Dittos Rush!:
"[Sarah Palin] has more influence than a president does."
bc3b at Be John Galt:
"Mitt Romney would love to be this country’s 45th President. But, while he is playing very cautiously, Sarah Palin is on the attack. She keeps circling the Monopoly board, passing go and getting her $200, is constructing hotels on all her properties and building up a slew of IOUs from Republicans across the country. By the time Mitt decides which [way] the wind is blowing, it may be too late."
Melissa Clouthier at Liberty Pundits:
"I’ll admit, I wondered if drawing attention to David Letterman’s nonsense was wise... But no. Bring the fight into the open and destroy the destroyers... Turns out, Sarah Palin was right."
Will Cooper:
"Poor Mr. Obama has lost his status of being Mr. Cool. This week he was in New York City for a fund-raiser. The auditorium seated 650 people. Tickets were $100 each. A few hours before the president spoke the number of tickets sold totaled less than half of the room. His people quickly reduced the ticket price to $50 and still were not able to fill the room. Can you imagine Sarah Palin drawing a crowd that small? Her book signings were crammed with 2,000 to 3,000 people showing up."
- JP