Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mitt's Man Jeff Perry Gratuitously Disses Sarah Palin

We ran across a curious article in the Boston Herald about how Congressional candidate Jeff Perry in Massachusetts said in a television interview that Sarah Palin is an "entertainer," and he doesn’t want the 2008 GOP vice presidential candidate to campaign for him because of "the baggage she would bring."

So we wondered why the gratuitous dissing of Gov. Palin? We're not aware that her camp was beating down Jeff Perry's door to force a Palin endorsement on him, so how is this news? Gov. Palin refrained from endorsing the much higher-profile Scott Brown earlier this year, so there's no reason to expect that she would want to endorse Perry. Curious indeed.

But then we noticed this photo next to the article, and it all became clear:

Jeff Perry is a Mitt Romney man. And, like many of Romney's allies, he doesn't miss an opportunity to try to boost the Mittster by dissing on the woman who is seen as the most powerful potential threat to Mitt Romney's presidential ambitions, namely Sarah Palin. It's a tradition for Mittwits to attack their man Mitt's rivals, as Romney supporters found all sorts of creative ways to slam Fred Thompson during the 2008 GOP presidential primary contest. Some things never change.

Or, perhaps this is just a sign of the Mittwits' desperation after Romney bombed at the Values Voter Summit.

- JP

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