Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Andrew Malcolm: Is the new Sarah Palin video a campaign step?

Andrew Malcolm wrote this morning about the new SarahPAC video, "Tea Party":
"Watch it. See if you think it's from someone who is not running for, oh, say, the nomination for an important office from a major political party. Or laying the foundation to play a major role in that decision by assembling a following of numerous like-minded, loyal folks.

Did you notice anything missing in this video, as we did? (Answer down below.*)

As we wrote here on The Ticket Tuesday, a majority of Americans now say their views match Palin's. Or vice versa."
*Or, in this case, the answer is down below and after the jump.

As for the question Andrew poses in his title, although we can't speak for Gov. Palin, we would be inclined to answer, "You betcha!"

- JP

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