Thursday, September 30, 2010

Dallas Area Catholics: A good night out with Sarah Palin

The Dallas Area Catholics blog, calling Sarah Palin "one of the most influential personalities in American politics," is urging its readers to turn out to see the governor when she visits the Metroplex in November:
Here’s the Catholic angle – Heroic Media raises money to engage in pro-life advertising, specifically targeting women who may be contemplating abortion. Billboards, magazine ads, etc. So, even if you find Sarah Palin the most dangerous woman in America, you might still want to go just to help the pro-life cause. Me, I think she’s pretty good, though she’s showed some questionable judgement at times regarding political endorsements. But, I also recognize that she is a captivating speaker and someone who holds views that align pretty well with Catholic moral doctrine, especially that regarding life issues. This isn’t my kind of gig, but I’d still consider going to see her speak and help out this pro-life media effort. Anyone that can field dress a caribou on the Alaskan tundra deserves some respect, and not the weird violence-tinged sex kitten fantasies projected on her by the left.
The full blog post is here. More event information, including links to purchase tickets and sponsorships, is here.

- JP

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