Thursday, September 30, 2010

Gov. Palin to Florida: 'Take pride in Daniel Webster'

After taking a passing shot at Rep. Alan Grayson via Twitter Wednesday, Sarah Palin put the "troubled" Democrat right in the crosshairs Thursday with two more Twitter messages:
"Florida deserves the best! No need 2 settle 4 such an odd,troubled character 2 represent your beautiful state. Take pride in Daniel Webster"

"Grayson's twisted campaign ad adds to 'media distrust' problem;he blatantly lies in vile rant,but greedy media run it anyway w/no fact check"
This is as close to a formal endorsement of Webster as she could possibly come, in our opinion. Will she make it "official" with a Webster endorsement via Facebook, or is the support the governor expressed for Webster via Twitter "official enough?" Stay tuned...

More from Politico's Alex Isenstadt, who characterizes Gov. Palin's tweets in support of Webster an "endorsement."

- JP

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