Monday, September 20, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 119

"Breaking the Mold" Edition...

Kathie Obradovich at the Des Moines Register:
"Congressman Steve King [R-IA] says he thinks the traditional caucus campaign of 'shaking every hand in Iowa' is the right one. But, he said, Palin might be able to break that mold. 'She would be the one that could do it, because she has that popularity.'"
Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"There is still a lot of debate on whether or not Governor Sarah Palin will run, and [her] speech at the Republican Party of Iowa’s Reagan Dinner didn’t really help clarify. She did go after Obama pretty fast and hard, and gave a lot of red meat to the base. She didn’t say her intentions, but she didn’t close the door to 2012 either. It sounded like a rally speech for 2010, but it had a campaign feel as well… Many of the party leadership are calling for a truce on abortion like Indiana Governor Mitch Daniels or believing it won’t make a difference this election year like Alabama Governor Haley Barbour. Some of the up and coming Republicans in the House aren’t particularly concerned about abortion either. Governor Sarah Palin dissents..."
William Teach at Pirate's Cove:
"Is she running? We still don’t know, but, she blew the crowd away in Iowa Friday night..."
Walter Shapiro at Politics Daily:
"If there has been any rule governing politics for the last two years, it is never underestimate Sarah Palin. I saw that principle in action when I spoke with one of my Palin skeptics, Ron Siedelmann, immediately after the speech. Siedelmann, who had supported Mike Huckabee in the 2008 caucuses, was a man transformed. 'Sarah Palin would make a pretty good president,' he said with conviction in his voice that grew with every sentence. 'To me, she seemed like she's really down to earth. It's the first time that I ever sat down and listened to her. I think she'd make a damn good president.'"
Merv Benson at Prairie Pundit:
"She is still a very effective speaker. For Democrats that is scary."
Gary P. Jackson at A Time For Choosing:
"This is a fabulous speech. Sarah hits all the bases. She hits on the economy, national security, foreign policy, and energy development. She also gets in some good shots at the corrupt lamestream media and the left in general... In our opinion, she just keeps getting better and better. She has the message that really resonates with America, and the experience and ability to back the talk up. If she runs for President, the nomination and the White House will be hers."
Steve Woodhouse at Knoxville, Iowa's Journal Express:
"Former Alaska Governor and Vice Presidential Candidate Sarah Palin drew over 1,400 Iowa Republicans to the party's annual Reagan Dinner in Des Moines Friday night. This is the largest crowd the event has seen."
Ed Ross at The Daily Caller:
"Assuming Sarah Palin intends to seek the presidency in 2012, substantial evidence indicates that she would be a formidable candidate, that she could win the nomination and even the election... Palin’s transition from... presidential running mate to prospective presidential candidate has been nothing short of phenomenal. Despite the left and the left-leaning media’s ridicule and derisiveness, she has adapted quickly and effectively on the national scene and become a political force with exceptional clout. Conservative Republican candidates from Delaware to California seek her endorsement. Objective commentators on the right and the left increasingly write and talk about her as a serious contender... With a large base of support among people in the Tea Party movement, Palin has a potential constituency that no one should underestimate."
Justin Gardner at Donklephant:
"We’ll have to see how all of the Tea Party candidates fare, but if they do well I’d bet $1,000 that she’s running."
William Kristol on Fox News Sunday:
"I think it won’t be the usual situation of nominating the next in line or the most senior person, the Bob Dole or the John McCain. So I think right now Palin is the frontrunner. We can say it’s a geological era away. It’s 17 months till Iowa. It’s not that long, you know? And she’s more — she probably has a slightly better chance than anyone else. She’s not an odds-on favorite, but she goes off with lower odds, better odds, than anyone else. If I had to do win, place and show at this point, I would say Sarah Palin, Mitch Daniels and Paul Ryan."
Gabriel Mephibosheth at Culture News:
"It's no wonder why Sarah Palin stirs hatred among those who hate God, but why do so many liberals hate her? What they hate most is that the more they hate her, the more able she becomes."
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
"Remember when American comedians went after the powerful in an effort to bring them down to earth with the sharp satire of accountability? Today, they appear to only protect the powerful. Well, unless the powerful aren’t liberal enough. As things stand now you have the likes of David Letterman and Louis C.K. savaging Sarah Palin’s family, SNL terrified to rip Obama with any real zeal, cartoonists proclaiming President Teleprompter too cool to mock, and Will Ferrell films flaking for corrupt public unions, all in an effort to protect the corrupted leftist elitists currently holding power. It’s like we now live in an alternate universe you might call … North Korea."
Mark Halperin at TIME Magazine:
"Don't underestimate Sarah Palin... Palin is very much alive and, despite what you think, extraordinarily strong."
Arriba at Right Pundits:
"Tony Perkins, the head of the Family Research Council, [explaining the FRC straw poll results], 'Maybe it is that she is more of a cheerleader and one who rallies conservatives together as opposed maybe to being their top choice for president.' Well said, Tony. Dismiss one of the few politicians who pays attention to the issues that your members actually care about. And do it in such an antebellum fashion, referring to a woman who is dominating the Republican Party this year as a cheerleader. Who could possibly take offense at that?"
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"If Sarah Palin is instrumental in picking up a Senate seat for Republicans in deep blue Delaware, any notion that she lacks national reach and popularity would be instantly dispelled... Obama would have to call out the National Guard to deal with all the talking heads that would explode."
- JP

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