Monday, September 27, 2010

Spike Maynard on his ensorsement by Gov. Palin

Don Surber writes that even though Spike used to be a Democrat (we're in good company), he "was conservative when conservative was not cool." In a press release issued by his campaign, Maynard commented on Sarah Palin's recent endorsement of his candidacy:
Spike Maynard said, “We are excited and grateful to have the support of Sarah Palin in our campaign against Rahall. His support of Obamacare and his commitment to the Obama and Pelsoi team are two of the top reasons we started this campaign to begin with.”

Maynard continued, “Our campaign continues to gain momentum because the voters in West Virginia’s Third Congressional District do not want to be represented by anyone on the Obama / Rahall / Pelosi team.”

Spike Maynard is the Republican running in the 3rd Congressional District of West Virginia. Maynard is a former West Virginia State Supreme Court Justice and trial judge from Mingo County. Maynard is an Air Force veteran, where he served in reconnaissance during the Cuban Missile Crisis. Following his honorable discharge, Maynard was the Managing Director of the Tug Valley Chamber of Commerce and practiced law. In 1976, Maynard was elected as a Prosecuting Attorney for Mingo County. He was appointed by Governor Rockefeller to the Thirtieth Judicial Circuit and was twice elected to that circuit. His legal experience saw him elected to the Supreme Court of Appeals, where he served as Chief Justice in 2000, 2004 and 2008.
Maynard's campaign website is

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