Tuesday, September 21, 2010

More on Gov. Palin's October Miami appearance (Updated)

An email from Victor Cocchia, executive director of the Liberty and Freedom Foundation, provides additional information and a clarification about the October 6 fundraising event in South Florida featuring Gov. Sarah Palin:
As opposed to the information that was sent out by some unassociated party, it is actually The Liberty and Freedom Foundation (LFF), a non-profit foundation dedicated to educating the electorate about conservative values and principles, that will be bringing Governor Sarah Palin to Miami on Wednesday, October 6th, from 10:30 am till Noon.

The 2008 GOP Vice Presidential candidate will be speaking at the Waterfront Theater, located in the American Airlines Arena, in a lunch time Forum, organized by the Liberty & Freedom Foundation. There Gov. Palin will discuss a number of topics that are important to the people of South Florida, especially in these tough times. Following the Forum there will be a Reception and Luncheon held by the Foundation.

In an effort to make the event available to as many people as possible the Liberty & Freedom Foundation has made the event open to the public, and tickets will be available through Ticketmaster, the American Airlines Arena box office, or people can contact the Foundation for further information at miamiforum@liberty-freedom.org.
For the record, SflaConservative has posted a correction on its website here. For tickets, click here.

Update: This event has been postponed.

- JP

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  1. The Waterfront Theatre has a capacity of 1,000–5,800, depending on configuration. Let's hope for 5,800.