Monday, September 20, 2010

Rasmussen Reports: 52% of Voters Say Their Views Closer to Palin’s Than Obama’s

52 percent of Likely Voters say that their views are closer to Sarah Palin’s than they are to President Obama’s, according to a new Rasmussen Reports survey conducted September 18 and 19, 2010:
Just 40% say their views are closer to the president’s than to those of the former Alaska governor and Republican vice presidential candidate.

Among the Political Class, however, 68% say their views are more like Obama’s, while 63% of Mainstream voters describe their views as more like Palin’s.

Eighty-four percent (84%) of Republicans and 59% of voters not affiliated with either major party say their views are more like Palin’s. Eighty-one percent (81%) of Democrats say they think more like the president.


Voters are fairly evenly divided in their views of Palin. Forty-eight percent (48%) view her favorably, while 49% hold an unfavorable opinion of her. This includes 21% with a Very Favorable view and 31% with a Very Unfavorable one. This marks little change from last November when Palin was on a national tour to promote her book, “Going Rogue.”

However, 76% of Republicans and 52% of unaffiliated voters now hold a favorable opinion of Palin.

Fifty-nine percent (59%) of GOP voters said in November 2009 that Palin shares the values of most Republican voters throughout the nation. At the same time, 74% of Republicans said their party’s representatives in Congress have lost touch with GOP voters nationwide over the past several years.
The survey's sample was composed of 1,000 Likely U.S. Voters, and the margin of sampling error is plus or minus 3 percentage points at the 95% confidence level.

h/t: Don Surber

Update: Ed Morrissey takes a look at the internals:
"...on values, Palin clearly comes up aces against Obama. She beats Obama among both men (55/37) and women (48/43). She has majorities in every age demographic, even an 18-point majority among Obama’s core constituency of college-age voters (18-29YO, 52/34). Fourteen percent of Democrats choose Palin, and she wins handily among independents by more than 2-1, 59/27. She only loses in two income categories, both by pluralities: under $20K (40/42), and $60-75K (41/49)."

"How’s that Hopey Changey thing working out for Barack Obama? Apparently, rather poorly. As long as Palin’s on the stump — and she has been constantly in the public eye — she appears to trump Obama handily."
- JP

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