Thursday, September 23, 2010

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 121

"Not your typical politician" Edition...

Sherry Tomfeld at Associated Content:
"From Palin's first speech you knew that this was NOT your typical politician. Palin was outspoken and to the point. She wasn't apologetic about herself, her family or her political ideas. And even though McCain and Palin lost, Palin had started a movement that was bigger than anyone realized. Not only did the 'tea party' start, Palin gave birth to a new message. Women are strong, no matter what walk of life they come from. Any woman can make a difference. Any woman can change the course of the history around her. Yes, there was a Sarah Palin influence."
Jimmy Carter on 'Larry King Live':
"I think she's extremely eloquent... And she has tremendous influence, as she demonstrated for instance just recently in Delaware, where she went in and endorsed an unknown woman who then prevailed in the Republican primary."
R.L.G. at the Economist:
"There are many reasons Ms Palin might not win, including some of those that downed Hillary Clinton and Howard Dean; the frontrunner has a special kind of vulnerability as everyone takes aim at the same time. But she has to be considered the frontrunner as of today. Those who think she isn't have to say who they think is... Mr Douthat makes clear that he thinks Mitt Romney has the clearest path to the nomination. No wonder he is banking on a changing mood; it will have to change a very great deal before the man who pioneered Obamacare will be the Republican nominee."
Dan Farber at CBS News' Political Hotsheet:
"The [SarahPAC] video leaves no doubt as to who is the leader of the Tea Party and the person trying to remake the Republican party as well."
Shane Vander Hart at Caffeinated Thoughts:
"Now Mr. Perkins is obviously entitled to his opinion, but... to call her a 'cheerleader'? When is the last time he has called a male political figure a 'cheerleader.'? She is the former Governor of Alaska with policy and executive experience, and she can rally the base.... It seems to me that he’s irritated she didn’t make an appearance [at the Values Voter Summit] so he decided to make a snotty comment."
Bernie Quigley at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
"Sarah Palin has won the Right Nation 2010 straw poll for potential candidates for president in 2012... The poll [shows] the preferences of grassroots leaders from throughout the heartland..."
Curt Levey at
"The conventional wisdom has been that, while Sarah Palin will be a leading contender for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination if she wants it, her chances in the general election would be less rosy because she is reportedly viewed unfavorably by most independents. That’s persuasive logic if you don’t think about it too much. But today’s Rasmussen poll makes me realize that the relevant question for electability is not how independents view the GOP nominee. Instead, it’s how independents view the GOP nominee relative to the Democratic nominee, Barack Obama. On that score, Palin’s general election chances looks good."
F.William Houraney:
"Frank Capra, Jimmy Stewart and Gary Cooper have to [be] smiling up there as they see this hometown girl rise to be Governor and then take the country by storm, rallying the John Does of America to get off their couches and fight to get their country back."
Ed Hornick at CNN:
"In the 2010 election cycle, five female Republican candidates are running in competitive Senate seats. And a slew of Republican women are running in congressional and gubernatorial races that have made national headlines. So why the increase this year? Republican strategist Leslie Sanchez says former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin is a catalyst. 'She opened the door and showed that women could pass the money test,' Sanchez said."
Aaron Guerrero at The Daily Caller:
"Simply put, it’s been an incredible week for Sarah Palin."
Steve McCann at the American Thinker Blog:
"Sarah Palin and now Christine O'Donnell are the latest to be paraded out for the amusement of the American aristocracy. Once in the ring, any accusation true or false, any out-of-context statement from birth to the present, any slander, any snide comment on their physical appearance or clothing and any civility toward them or their family is fair game. The process, once begun, takes on a life of its own, and the mob mentality akin the Reign of Terror in France surfaces among those that hold themselves above such human frailty. The objective is to inflict a thousand cuts and watch the lives and careers of those designated for the games... be destroyed, never to again appear on the national stage, and to send a clear message that entrance into the governing class is to be only on the terms of those who meet certain criteria. However... timing is everything, and the masses, having seen and more notably experienced the debacle the current ruling class has created, [are] no longer willing to allow this spectacle to take place."
Jerry Fuhrman at From On High:
"Even with... all the unseemly Democrat/media bashing, Sarah Palin's political views are resonating with the American people... 63% of Mainstream voters describe their views as more like Palin’s [than Obama's]. 63%, folks, gets you elected in a landslide. A fact that no one can refudiate."
Rush Limbaugh:
"I'm so sick and tired of hearing how stupid Palin is. I'm so sick and tired of hearing how inexperienced and stupid Christine O'Donnell is and people like her. I'm just sick of it. Look at what a so-called objective media has done to Sarah Palin and her family. Look at who they've hired and paid to join them in totally trying to destroy the woman's life and her family and her reputation, and now they're doing it to Christine O'Donnell. And I don't know about you, but I for one am sick of it. It is irrelevant. They're telling us who they genuinely fear. If anybody's reputation or life needs to be destroyed by virtue of their own crimes, quote, unquote, it is the American left. Sarah Palin's done nothing to destroy this country. She only wants to build it up. The American left is seeking to change and alter this country forever. They need to be stopped, in the political sense, don't misunderstand me."
Beth Leary Hegedus at The Times Herald:
"I was in the room at the RNC in Minneapolis when then-Gov. Palin gave her famous [acceptance] speech. It was an electric moment. Many Americans have opened their arms and embraced her. And much to Palin’s credit, she has taken the lumps the mainstream media has given her, but has not backed down in her beliefs, faith or passion in what she wants for America."
Patrick J. Adams at Patrick's World USA:
"If you want to know what Sarah Palin is doing, just study Reagan's playbook. She is following it like it was a cook book or the directions for building a house. Everything she has done so far parallels what Reagan did between 1976 and 1980 (Reagan did not have the internet and social media - so this is one area that may help her reach that 'there you go again' moment long before there is two weeks left until election day). Other than that, it's pretty [much] boiler plate. Palin may be an outside the box thinker, but she knows how to read the directions."
- JP

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  1. Thanks for quote, Josh! Keep on doing what you're doing. We're all having an impact. Sarah is on fire now and we can get her home in two years!