Saturday, April 23, 2011

Stacy McCain: The perfect storm which spawns Trig troofer twisters

An overwhelming impulse among Dems to destroy Sarah by any means necessary
Several of the many who have commented on the Trig conspiracy madness which descended to the bottom of the septic tank that is the leftosphere have asked how it could have come to pass. Or, as Nat Brown at NRO's Media Blog phrased the question:
One has to ask; just how did we get to a point where making fun of a small child for having a mental disability is acceptable simply because of his mother’s politics?
Stacy McCain has a theory of how it all developed:
  1. Palin’s surprise choice – Almost nobody expected Sarah Palin to be chosen as John McCain’s running mate. I remember that the DNC had a page devoted to oppo-research on all of the likely GOP VP picks, and Palin’s name wasn’t on that list. So, in the immediate aftermath of her selection, there was a very small supply of information to meet an overwhelming demand.
  2. The Alaska sources — The choice of Palin suddenly elevated this tiny handful of Palin’s Alaska enemies, led by Shannyn Moore, to the status of authoritative sources. This was their 15 minutes of fame, and they were eager to capitalize on it.
  3. The “Save Obama” panic — Prior to the announcement of Palin as John McCain’s running-mate, Democrats had been confident that Barack Obama was cruising to victory. Within a week of the Palin pick, however, the Republican ticket surged ahead in polls and — by the time I covered a McCain-Palin rally in Ohio September 9 – it was obvious that Palin had struck a spark with the GOP grassroots. So there was an overwhelming impulse among Democrats to destroy Sarah Palin by any means necessary.
This combination of factors created a ”perfect storm” environment in which such bogus narratives as Trig-Trutherism could flourish. There was a media updraft by which the most worthless pissant bloggers, like Jesse “Gryphen” Griffin, could be catapulted to national importance. A credulous willingness on the part of liberals to believe anything that made Sarah Palin look bad — a near-infinite appetite for anti-Palin “news” — was the essential element of this updraft.

Or, in a more simplistic way of looking at things, it could just simply be that, with a precious few exceptions, those on the left have, as our USMC friends say, "no code."

- JP

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