Saturday, April 16, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 253

Special "Game On" Edition

ehvogel at Generational Dysfunction:
"Sarah Palin delivered a rousing speech to the Madison Tea Party today... This was the most direct attack on Obama that I have seen Sarah Palin deliver since her acceptance speech at the GOP Convention... As she wound down her speech, she implored the Madison Tea Party to consider itself as the beginning of the 2012 Presidential campaign. She invoked a well-accepted battle cry of 'Game On' and compared it to the spirit of the Green Bay Packers' Super Bowl victory to rally those in attendance. All in all, Sarah Palin said everything that a Presidential candidate should say, short of saying it as an announced Presidential candidate. I feel that there is a major campaign in her near future and she is only sharpening her axe as she prepares for it."
Erick Erickson via Twitter:
"God bless @. At least one Republican isn't afraid to fight."
Sissy Willis at sisu:
"Sorry, Iowa and New Hampshire. Sarah Palin just redrew the electoral map in a rousing challenge to President Obama's creeping statist agenda in front of the State House in Madison, Wisconsin this afternoon... The conventional wisdom had it that the President himself had opened campaign season with his tin-eared, confrontational debt-reduction speech Wednesday, but disintermediating the powers that be via her own eclectic mix of media old and new, 'shooting to where it's going, not to where it's been,' Palin once again caught traditionalists off guard."
bc3b at Be John Galt:
"Sarah Palin was in rare form this afternoon as she entered the lions’ den in Madison to address a Tea Party Rally."
John Ellis at Business Insider:
"Sarah Palin got her groove back today with a withering attack on the House Republicans for caving completely in budget negotiations with the White House and Democrats in the Senate... Ms. Palin's views on the FY 2011 budget deal are widely shared by conservatives all across the country. Her speech today was her best in a very long time."
10ksnooker at The Stoned Crab:
"One of her best speeches."
Daria at The Conservative Diva:
"True-to-form and on-point as always, Palin took it to both Obama and the feckless. gutless GOP Establishment. This woman is the embodiment of courage, conviction, principle and integrity — qualities sorely lacking in most of the rest of the so-called Republican presidential contenders. Can anyone imagine a pro-life statist like Huckabee delivering a speech like this? Or Mr. 'I stand by my failed statewide experiment in socialized medicine' Romney? How about the 'let’s call a truce on social issues' Mitch Daniels, who couldn’t even hold firm on fiscal conservatism? And for reasons already noted, I am having trouble visualizing celebrity blowhard Donald Trump, equal opportunity donor to RINOs like Charlie Crist and progressive Democrats like Harry Reid... I can’t wait to watch her eviscerate her opponents in the debates, starting with the weak-willed GOP retreads and ending with the Socialist-in-Chief."
Maggie at Weasel Zippers:
"The woman shined. She shredded Obama big time... Game on!"
Roderic Deane:
"Sarah Palin's coming-out speech... Sarah Palin delivered a blistering speech to the Madison Tea Party today... She took on Obama, the 'Republican establishment', the unions, and everyone else that is standing in the way of returning this great country to its Constitutional roots... Although she didn't announce anything related to a Presidential run, this speech was as close to a campaign speech as any I've seen. She puts Donald Trump to shame by taking on Obama's policies directly and didn't resort to any 'birther' comments that Trump seems so infatuated with. If Sarah announces a run for the Presidency, I'm all in."
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"Sarah Palin can deliver one hell of a speech. No wonder they hate her."
Joe Brooks at
"CBS News‘s infamous crowd-size prediction experts are at work again! In an article that was published moments after Sarah Palin’s remarks, CBS News claimed more Pro-Union supporters showed up at Saturday’s Tea Party Rally in Madison Wisconsin. According to photographic evidence from local media outlet WISC the exact opposite is true. The Tea Party largely outnumbered the counter-rally on the opposite side of the Wisconsin Capitol building."
Jedediah Bila via Twitter:
"For the "@ can't win in 2012" folks:Today was a sample of why she can. And there's a lot more where that came from. "
teledude at Iowans4Palin:
"I am still in a state of euphoric amazement, having just watched Sarah Palin give one of the greatest speeches she's ever given at the Tea Party Rally in Madison Wisconsin. This woman is so inspirational, and she is fearless! ... She was on her game like I've never seen her. Just an amazing performance and example of what real leadership looks like. When she said at the end, 'The race for 2012 begins right here, right now,' and then declared, 'Game on,' I came out of my chair. And to think some people still think she isn't running!"
The blogprof:
"Sarah Palin Wows Wisconsin Tea Partiers With Blistering Speech... The left is terrified of Palin."
John Nolte at Big Government:
"If Sarah Palin’s not running for president, what a terrible waste that would be of the single best stump speech I’ve heard since, well, Palin’s ’08 convention speech, which just happened to be the single most electrifying political moment of my adult life... Surrounded by an obnoxiously hostile, astro-turfed, pro-union crowd that tried and failed to drown out her message with obnoxiously hostile noise, the former Alaskan Governor took the fight directly to the growing pile of Obama’s failures in the most effective way we’ve heard yet from a potential GOP challenger... On this day, Tea Party tax-day, Sarah Palin walked into the heart of this nation’s battle, stared down a gallery of Leftist union goons with poise and grace, and articulated our message as well as anyone ever could. Let’s hope this is just the beginning."
- JP

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