Wednesday, April 27, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 263

"Tabloid" Edition

“In the summer of 1978 I traveled to Europe. My first stop was London... I was surprised at some things I found there... But the most surprising thing to me at the time were the newspapers. It seemed that no serious newspapers remained; they were all tabloids... That type of news coverage has become commonplace in the mainstream media here, too... Journalistic standards were always far from perfect. Nevertheless, in my youth they used to be better. For example, the use of the anonymous source was rare rather than commonplace, unlike today. Gossip was published on the gossip page, and it mainly concerned Hollywood celebrities rather than rumors about politicians. In the treatment of Sarah Palin, the press has reached a new high (or low, depending on how you look at it) in the elevation of gossip and malicious rumor-mongering couched as news, or at least newsworthy speculation. I have decided to call the phenomenon ‘Palinhate.’ The sheer scope and breadth and the relentless nature of the assault has no precedent in public life, as far as I can tell, and that includes anything launched against President Bush or his predecessor...”
Rick Moore at
“What a pathetic bunch of bottom dwellers... Geez, how unhappy do you have to be in your own life to try and destroy someone else's success? These people are so jealous of her success they've lost all sense of reality.”
John Ziegler at The Daily Caller:
“The bottom-line lesson of all of this is that it is nearly impossible, especially for a conservative, to get the full truth of a controversial subject into the mainstream. There are simply too many hurdles. Had ‘True Hollywood Story’ lived up to their name and told the real truth of Sarah Palin (which the producer who interviewed me clearly knew), they would have risked antagonizing the Hollywood community. Once the initial narrative on a subject is set (usually by liberals), it acts like a gravitational pull from which all future stories will be forced to fight.”
Peter Ingemi at Datechguy's Blog:
“I didn’t see the Politico piece... But I’ll tell you this. Politico doesn’t write this unless that think Palin is running.”
Smitty at The Other McCain:
“What dreck. Politico begins an article with two lines of slander, and then walk it back... Well, as long as you put lies in someone else’s mouth, it’s OK... Maybe some ambivalent people in the center will be turned off by the series of anti-Palin books. However, they will sell poorly, I predict. Their chief effect will be to rile up the Palinistas and improve her support. Because, sooner or later, everything the Left undertakes achieves the opposite of its intended effect.”
John Nolte via Twitter:
“MSM 101 re Palin: Never allow her policies, ideas or arguments into the narrative. Too attractive. So ignore, or AMPLIFY perceived slips.”
Mark A. Cohen at From the Left to the Right:
“Did you ever notice how the mainstream media (MSM), that tireless team of left wing news reporting outlets, always tries to corner Republicans, make them look bad, and tries to get them to agree there's some kind of problem within the Republican Party? No? Then perhaps you've heard them try to insinuate that the GOP is crumbling to pieces... The MSM loves weak Republican candidates like Sen. John McCain. Watch, as they will appear to support one in 2012, and they will try to promote him (or her) as the GOP front-runner. This is a strategy we've seen before, one in which they push a good-guy moderate in hopes he'll lose to the Democrat. Obviously, it was successful for them in 2008. The MSM, on the other hand, will attack strong Republican candidates like Sarah Palin.”
Dr. Clark Jensen:
“If Sarah Palin was crucified by the liberal media for her lack of experience even though she served as the governor of Alaska, what do you think the press would do to Trump if he was the Republican nominee?”
Bookworm at Bookworm Room:
“In about one second, any doofus can summon up myriad posts Sullivan did about Palin and Trig, or can find conservative comments castigating him for his lunatic monomania... The same holds true for Sullivan’s hysterical screeds about Tucson. But someone who wrote an entire article about Sullivan for the glossy Harvard Magazine was not only unable to find evidence of his quixotic little obsessions in the first place, but also was either unable to do so (or couldn’t be bothered to do so) in the second instance, when someone brought those facts to his attention. You’d think that a Harvard grad... could do better than that.”
Thomas Sowell at
“What electrified so many Republicans about Sarah Palin in the 2008 election campaign was that she was such a contrast to the usual mealy-mouth talk that was more common among other Republican candidates, including Senator John McCain. Whether you agreed or disagreed with her position on the issues, you didn't have to wave your hand in front of her eyes to see if she was awake.”
Karen Townsend at Pondering Penguin:
“Here's the thing about social media, Twitter in particular. Why is Twitter proving to be such a powerful tool for online activism, especially for conservatives? It is powerful because once conservatives come together with a mission - like a buycott - there is no predicting the speed and effectiveness until it all plays out. As long as the dinosaur network media and the liberal cable networks continue to skew their agendas towards liberal politics then we aren't going anywhere. We are aware that if it doesn't fit their agenda, they ignore the story. Every time a story is ignored it is easy to turn it around and ask, what would have happened if a conservative did that? So, what would have happened if a conservative cruelly and viciously mocked a liberal's handicapped child? We all know. There is no blurring of the lines. The liberals can relax about that. Conservatives do not condone personal attacks on the children of politicians. It is wrong from either side of the aisle and decent people everywhere know that. We are all Mama Grizzlies now.”
“Dana Loesch, Alexis Garcia and Tony Katz discuss Wonkette's recent attack on Sarah Palin's special needs child. Palin is not alone. S.E. Cupp was attacked by Keith Olbermann too. Are conservative women held to a different standard?”
Paul Mitchell at
“It’s easy to see that the left hates Sarah Palin with the hot, hot fire of a thousand suns. And the real reason for this hatred is Trig. They hate Trig with every fiber of their being. They hate him with a passion beyond description. Murder would not satisfy their hatred of Trig, because they hate most of all the fact that this baby was ever born. If Sarah Palin had aborted Trig, she would be a hero to the left. But she kept him, she loves him, Down Syndrome and all. And they hate that.”
Ace at Ace of Spades HQ:
“Levi Johnston To Affix Name To Book To Be Written By Author To Be Unnamed Later...”
Jim Treacher at The DC Trawler:
“Levi Johnston still putting off getting a job... ‘According to Us Weekly, the revealing book will be titled Deer in the Headlights: My Life in Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs and will hit bookstores this fall, published by Touchstone Publishing.’ ‘Crosshairs,’ get it? Because of the thing. Putting his name on the cover of a book is the inevitable next step in Levi Johnston’s dazzling career. He’s going to do for literature what he did for pistachios... Well, at least this will give Ken Layne and Wonkette something to laugh at besides disabled toddlers. Go get ‘im, smart fellers!”
- JP

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