Friday, April 15, 2011

Gov. Palin urges women to live lives of faith, joy and purpose

“Thank God His outstretched hand is there.”
Sarah Palin shared her faith testimony with thousands of Oklahoma women Friday, urging them to find their purpose in Christ, despite the critics and haters. Carla Hinton, religion editor for The Oklahoman, reports:
Palin made her remarks at the Women of Joy Christian women's conference held at State Fair Park in Oklahoma City. The event, sponsored by Phil Waldrep Ministries based in Trinity, Ala., drew more than 9,000 women to the Jim Norick State Fair Arena.


[Gov. Mary] Fallin received a standing ovation as she gave a short welcome to conference participants and expressed her excitement about Palin's coming presentation.

“You talk about a woman who knows how to plant her feet firmly in the Word of God and to keep standing no matter what happens,” Fallin said of Palin.

Palin, in turn, expressed her appreciation for Fallin, a fellow Republican, by congratulating her on her election as Oklahoma governor.

“She's a mama grizzly looking out for future generations,” Palin said.

Palin spoke for about 40 minutes, her speech often laced with humor that drew laughter from the crowd.

She took the stage to cheers and a standing ovation from the audience and left it with the same rousing appreciation from conference attendees.

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  1. 9,000+ people giving Palin cheers and a standing ovation, IMPOSSIBLE!! The LSM has told us that after polling the entire universe, they couldn't find a single person who even likes her.