Monday, April 25, 2011

Jerry Wilson: Sarah Palin vs. Rainy Days and Mondays

"We’ve learned firsthand she is a wonderful person."
The musings of our Blogs 4 Palin colleague Jerry Wilson, which heretofore have been available exclusively at Goldfish and Clowns, are reaching a wider readership, as he's now also a contributor to POWIP (Piece of Work in Progress). We've long been impressed by Jerry's quality writing, and we especially like his second POWIP Post, "Sarah Palin vs. Rainy Days and Mondays," from which we present a few excerpts:
Something most all Palin detractors, and not a few people who are ambivalent about her, rail against is what they perceive as a cultish adoration of her by her devotees, one where not even a whiff of criticism is tolerated. I can’t and won’t deny this element exists. However, it does not define all who hold her in high esteem. In fact, it is a very small portion of her supporters. The vast majority of us support Palin because, as Peter’s post states, she is right on the major issues confronting our nation.

That said, there is a fortunate group among us who have an additional reason for belonging to the Palin posse.

We’ve learned firsthand she is a wonderful person.

As long as there’s hope she will in the very near future be our President, there is hope indeed.

Those who demonize Gov. Palin by attacking her character and/or her family, have either never met her or through their interaction with her, have demonstrated to the lady that it is their character flaws which are beyond redemption.

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- JP

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