Tuesday, April 19, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 256

"Good Vibrations" Edition

Jim Funkhouser at Tea Party Tribune:
"The big question in my mind was always this: Can she win? Her speech in Wisconsin answered that question for me. Sarah Barracuda’s reemergence finds her in full campaign mode and she is startlingly better than ever before. I know how Chris Matthews feels now. Could Pawlenty, Gingrich, or Romney have generated the energy and sense of urgency that Palin so effortlessly brought forth? The mind struggles to animate them with such authenticity... Sarah’s courage is her defining attribute. She has endured a withering assault and is stronger than ever because she has faced it without blinking. The Primary Season may hold surprises, but Palin has already been battle-tested like no other politician in history... De Tocqueville knew it was true about America, and I know it’s true about Palin. Sarah is great because Sarah is good. We’ve tried everything else, let’s try honest government again… this time in heels."
Andrew Breitbart via Twitter:
"I put @ in same category as Allen West. I would vote for both in a nanosecond."
Merv Benson at Prairie Pundit:
"I think Trump has a difficult path. He is only starting to get the kind of opposition in the media that Palin has been getting for years... He also needs to address the main issues of the day such as the budget and energy policy... He seems to be obsessed with Iraq and OPEC, but the real battle on energy is one being fought in this country on whether we will be allowed to develop our own resources. That is an issue where Palin is miles ahead of him."
Ann Kane at American Thinker Blog:
"What better place than Madison, Wisconsin for Palin to use fightin' words to make her move toward 2012?"
Samuel Gonzalez at The Last Tradition:
"Sarah Palin Goes Where The Battle Is -- i.e. She’s a real leader -- There are many on the Left and the Right that don’t like Sarah Palin and that’s an excellent indicator of her value. I lived long enough to see that same exact thing happen to another true conservative-Ronald Reagan. He was hated on both sides too. How did that work out in the end?"
Amber at Growing Up Hatch:
"Sarah Palin spoke Friday night and she really is a great woman... Her life isn't easy, but she continues to stand her ground for Christ."
Christopher Schoppa at WaPo's Political Bookworm blog:
"A new book this week, though not new to this particular bestseller list, is Sarah Palin’s 2010 'America By Heart' — the fact that it’s selling well again (at least this past week) seems to defy the notion, popping up in scores of articles lately, that her influence is waning and she’s less of a force than she once was."
DanRiehl via Twitter:
"Palin says Dem pln = death panels, media goes crazy. Wasserman Schultz says GOP plan = death traps, no big deal. "
Jen Kuznicki:
"Palin is right. The nation sent the GOP to DC in big numbers to FIGHT! And if they can’t figure out how, watch how the girls do it. Sarah Palin laid it down in Madison, Wisconsin in a speech that was called 'blistering' and 'withering' and demonstrated what the American people want the leadership of the GOP to do. It is not just what she said, but where she said it. The union battle in Wisconsin is the hot spot for revolutionary change. The 2011 budget battle has been spun as a 'historic' deal by the GOP House Leadership, but the numbers don’t add up. The Speaker has his own talking points, and I’m sure Palin’s speech doesn’t sit too well with him, but what he thinks is not important. Like Reagan, Palin goes over the heads of the politicians, and makes a case to the American people."
George Allen, former U.S. Senator and 67th governor of Virginia:
"Sarah Palin is a force, and I consider her a friend."
bc3b at Be John Galt:
"Mama Grizzly Is Back; Politico Isn’t Happy... If there is one thing Sarah Palin is, it is a disciple of Ronald Reagan – no pastels for her. How many times has Palin been written off by the left, the Lamestream media – yes I know I am repeating myself - and the Bush Wing of the GOP (Karl Rove, Dana Perino and company)? These groups have been working to kill her off for 2-1/2 years now and she keeps coming back with a solid base of supporters that is even more enthusiastic, more determined to support her. Many in the GOP thought Palin was finished when Michele Bachmann gained greater prominence and Donald Trump came on the scene only to watch Sarah Palin regain promence with a single speech and by unveiling her new SaraPac.com website. Whether Sarah Palin ever becomes President or not, we are watching one of the most astute politicians in American history..."
Jedediah Bila via Twitter:
"NYC lefty: 'I wasn't afraid of Sarah Palin till yesterday, but now I'm worried.' // Well done, Governor!"
John Ellis at Business Insider:
"Sarah Palin has a new website. It's the website one would create if one were moving closer towards a formal announcement of candidacy for the 2012 GOP presidential nomination. And it went live a day after she gave a rousing speech in Madison, Wisconsin, attacking President Obama and the Republican Congressional leadership for the FY 2011 budget deal."
Jim Rutenberg at the NY Times blog, The Caucus:
"But her speech in Madison and this latest Web activity seem to have reversed pundits’ suspicions that she was dropping her presidential ambitions..."
Jennifer at Cubachi:
"Governor Sarah Palin’s SarahPAC website received a makeover that gives it a great professional touch... I think the site’s new look is not only an affirmation of Palin’s forward thinking in using social media, but I think this is part of her 'Game on' strategy, if you will, where she coined that phrase in her much celebrated speech at the Wisconsin Tea Party. I believe this is more evidence that she is preparing for a run in 2012. Game on!"
- JP

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