Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Ad Age: Companies Pull Ads From Wonkette After Palin Post

"People of all stripes have declared the post beyond tasteless"
On April 18, the despicable leftist sewer blog Wonkette ignited a firestorm by publishing a post titled "Greatest Living American: A Children's Treasury of Trig Crap On His Birthday" mocking Trig, Gov. Palin's youngest son who was born with Down Syndrome. The response from the left to this "celebration" of Trig's birthday was to pile on in the comments section with sewage even more disgusting and disturbing than the original article. But conservatives reacted in a far more serious manner, reports Ken Wheaton at Ad Age:
But then, according to Slate's David Weigel, conservative bloggers stumbled across it and the outcry started. It quickly spread across political lines as people of all stripes (or claiming to be) declared the post beyond tasteless and started demanding that advertisers pull ads.

So far, the Twitter presences for both Papa John's and Huggies have decried the post. According to the Papa John's tweet, the company will make sure its ads won't run on Wonkette in the future. Huggies went so far as to tweet, "All -- We do not support the @Wonkette story & have taken action 2 pull r ads, effective immediately. TY 4 bringing this issue to r att'n!"
The human filth at Wonkette, who did not respond to an Ad Age email requesting comment, predictably melted down on Twitter by calling Papa John's "homophobic" and urging fellow filth to boycott Papa John's. We're not sure what objecting to the despicable treatment of an innocent special needs child has to do with homosexuality, alien is logic to the "progressive mind." But we digress...

We don't know about you, but a tasty pizza from Papa John's sounds like just the ticket for supper tonight. As for Huggies, we doubt very many of the sewer surfers who hang out at places like Wonkette have young 'uns in diapers. Good Lord, we hope not, for the sake of their offspring at least. But if you have kids in diapers, please stock up on Huggies. It's important to reward companies who do the right thing.

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Vanguard Financial joins the convoy here. (h/t Karen)

More on this developing story at Free Republic

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  1. I emailed with praise where it is due...

    Date: 4/20/2011 5:55:37 PM
    Subject: Thank you for submitting your compliments with Papa Johns


    Thanks for the great feedback! Your compliments have been forwarded on to
    the appropriate people for review and I am sure they will enjoy them as
    much as we did.
    Thanks again and have a great day!


    Consumer Services Team Papa Johns Pizza

  2. A broken heart as I watch HUMANITY lose its way…
    I wrote Sweet Angel Boy after seeing a picture of Trig sleeping at one of governor Palin’s book signings of Going Rouge…the words came from my heart about this beautiful child a Gift from God…last night I followed a link to a site (I not going to give the name of the site the good people that care are on twitter taking care of it … GOD BLESS EACH OF THEM)…as I was reading the vile words …I also realized I was reading the poem or whatever you call it that I had written they had stolen my words from a post on TeamSarah…they were taking my words and making fun of them…(you can make fun of me all you want)…they were using then to degrade THIS BEAUTIFUL Gift for God …how shameful the words were so vile and despicable… all I could do was sit and cry…for this Sweet Angel Boy…how contemptible they were…oh and how proud they were of their word…

    Oh, and they just did not use my words(that was just a small part of it)…they made up their own…such words… oh I heard them before but never used to attack a 3 year old child…and yeas the child’s mother… my pray is the mother did not read any the appalling words that were used…

    May God Bless this Sweet Angel Boy…may he grow up and show us how to live a life where we LOVE one another and we seek to be better in how we relate to others…

    But last night as I read the vilest of words … I saw the Loss of Humanity in so many…

    God Bless all that have stood for this CHILD…and the mother, father and family of this most beautiful child….

    I am not going to repost Sweet Angel Boy you can read it on…
    TeamSarah or in the comment section of the 18th Open Thread on C4P