Sunday, April 17, 2011

Barbara Curtis, PaIinTracker: Into the Breach!

"With yesterday’s speech... I’m ready to become a believer again"
Pajamas Media PalinTracker Barbara Curtis was inspired by Gov. Palin’s Tea Party speech in Wisconsin Saturday:
Seeing Palin take the fight to Obama recharged my batteries, gave me hope, made me ready for more. This is not the time to give up or slow down, despite the backpedaling of House leadership when it came time to stand up to an oppressive and duplicitous president. How hard it was for those of us in the ranks to see our opportunity to stand firm against Obamanomics evaporate because Boehner and Co. decided the Regime Machine would say bad things about them on the playground in the newspapers.

It’s a sad sight to behold: cringing men, afraid to stand up for what’s right. So what if their jobs are at stake? So what if people don’t like them? (There’s a phobia her cringing colleagues could take a lesson from Palin on.)

It’s as if after winning the battle, the troops saw their older leaders wave the white flag. We need someone, as Jan Brewer said, to man up.

We should rally around a woman who has proven herself able to rise above the insults, slander, and bullying, a woman who has stayed consistently on message and whose values are the same as ours. A woman who has the courage and charisma to rally the troops to go through the fire with her.

I never thought until I saw her speech yesterday that she could win.


But with yesterday’s speech, and with the lack of male leadership in the Republican Party, I’m ready to become a believer again.

- JP

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