Sunday, April 24, 2011

The LSM finally notices Wonkette's attack on Trig (for 2 minutes)

"Beyond the bounds of reasonable"
After a week of silence from the legacy media on the subject, one program on a single lamestream media outlet finally paid a little attention to Wonkette's Trig meltdown. It was the subject of a two-minute roundtable on CNN's weekly media analysis program "Reliable Sources." Host Howard Kurtz, Washington Post columnists Jennifer Rubin and Clarence Page, and Michael Wolff of Adweek were on the panel:

Mediaite's Tommy Christopher criticized the discussion as "disappointingly superficial," opined that Kurtz "perhaps" gave Wonkette too much credit for its "apology," and opined that overall, "the effect was a failure to convey the true character of the Wonkette post."

A transcript of the program is here.

- JP

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