Thursday, April 14, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 251

"Magnet and Steel" Edition

Henry D'Andrea at Politicons:
"I will go to hell and back for Sarah Palin, literally. Why? Because this woman loves America as much as I do. She wakes up everyday, works hard, and does her best to do what is right for America and her family. She is truly an eloquent, inspirational person that conveys the greatness of America and displays dutiful American exceptionalism. Though extraneous, the Liberal mainstream media despises Palin because she isn’t afraid to speak out and express her concerns with the direction this country is taking. She has the efficacy, the influence, and a spine that’s built of steel."
Jedediah Bila via Twitter:
"MSM, I love all your '@ is irrelevant' bull. And yet you guys can't stop talking about her, ha? Irrelevant my a__"
Jonathan Bernstein at WaPo's left wing blog The Plum Line:
"The truth is that Palin remains the only real first-tier presidential candidate the Republicans have — the only candidate who has been on a national ticket. Should she decide to run an active campaign, she would likely recover a good bit of the ground she has lost, just by repositioning herself as a real politician and abandoning her current incarnation as a reality TV star. It’s still not too late for her to give a series of serious policy speeches; not too late for her to put together a real campaign staff; not too late for her to crisscross Iowa and New Hampshire; and not too late, certainly, for her to raise tons of money for a campaign."
Dan Riehl at Riehl World View:
"The GOP has been reluctant to go after Obama as hard as he does them all the way back to 2008. Short of Sarah Palin being elected as a Representative from Alaska tomorrow and then elected Speaker the day after that, I'm hard pressed to see a way for things to change given current leadership."
Ron Devito at US for Palin:
"Alaska Governor Sean Parnell – who was supposed to keep Gov. Palin’s agenda intact – is bent on scuttling one of her signature accomplishments Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share (ACES)... 'Really, how much [money] is enough?' Gov. Parnell bizarrely asked about money going into Alaska’s state surplus from taxes on oil and gas revenues. Under the Alaska State Constitution, the people of the state own its energy resources. ACES is as simple as it is brilliant."
Lori Calabrese at
"As much as the media want to portray Palin as flip-flopping on the [birther] issue, the former governor has continually supported the right of voters to seek information if they so choose."
Marooned in Marin:
"It seems Chris 'I have a thrill up my leg' Matthews must be running out of guests, because he resorted to getting former Senator Alan Simpson out of retirement, wiping the drool off his face, and using him in his war against conservatives... If the Republican Party is anti-woman, then why are its two best leaders -- who have the most backbone of anyone in the party -- women? Where was Alan Simpson when Sarah Palin was being attacked by that di** Bill Maher with crude sexist slurs? Getting his bedpan changed?"
Roxana Tiron at Bloomberg News:
"McCain Says Palin Would Be ‘Very Competitive’ 2012 Candidate..."
M. Joseph Sheppard at A Point of View:
"The recheck has given Judge Prosser a seemingly insurmountable advantage and he should be considered victorious-along with Governor Walker and Sarah Palin. Palin, alone amongst the high profile 2012 possible candidates, had the guts to endorse Judge Prosser, once again putting her principles above any personal election considerations-and she has added yet another endorsement victory to her substantial total... It is a trial run by proxy of Obama versus Palin 2012 in a traditionally liberal state which, if Palin wins, would have serious implications for the Republican nomination process."
Jared McAndersen at The Looking Spoon:
"For all their hatred of Palin, 'progressives' sure do turn into momma grizzlies when Republicans attack our trillion dollar deficit."
Jim Hoft at Big Journalism:
"Just so you know… The 'I hate when I wake up and Sarah Palin is still alive' page is still up and running on Facebook... The page is the creation of some far left kid in Denver... And, unfortunately the death threats on the Palin page are getting more violent as the months go by. Oddly, the media is silent about this example of New Tone."
Peter Ingemi at DaTechGuy's Blog:
"As I’ve said before, the best Romney strategy is to divide the conservative vote. Meanwhile he has painted himself as the anti-Palin."
Chris Of Rights:
"So, I was wrong in calling the budget deal a win. Mea culpa. I foolishly took Speaker Boehner (R-OH-08) at his word. I won’t make that mistake again... Oh, and Sarah Palin was one of the people that was right. I should know better than to trust my instincts vs. hers. Say what you will about the lady, but to deny her political savvy is to deny reality."
John Smithson at Meet Sarah Palin:
"Don't think Palin can beat Obama? Maybe you should read this..."
John Nolte at Big Journalism:
"It’s important to keep in mind that media bias is rarely rarely 'how' the media covers something and usually 'what' they choose to cover. And the corrupt MSM loves them some biased fact-checkers. If you want to know why, look no further than PolitiFact’s 'Lie of the Year.' It’s a two-fer for Leftists in that it trashes Sarah Palin and defends ObamaCare. Naturally this spread across the MSM like a pants-on-fire, except –- oh wait, maybe Palin didn’t lie. See what Politifact did there? And here’s the Wall Street Journal’s James Taranto, no Palin cheerleader, calling PolitiFact something romantically close to liars on this matter. Politifact took the Left’s side on this issue and intentionally turned opinion into fact so that it could be used as cover by the MSM to 'objectively' call Palin a liar and defend Obama’s government take over of healthcare. Whoops! Did I just say 'government takeover of healthcare'? Because that was another of PolitiFact’s 'Lies of the Year.' See what PolitiFact did there… again?"
- JP

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