Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sarah Palin granted new restraining order against stalker

She's seeking to have it made permanent
According to celebrity website TMZ, an Anchorage judge last week issued a new temporary restraining order against a 19-year old with a history of stalking Gov. Palin. The former Alaska governor and 2008 Republican vice presidential candidate will be back in court later this month to request that the restraining order against Shawn Christy be made permanent, arguing that the Pennsylvania teen threatened to rape one of her daughters:
It's unclear which daughter Sarah was referring to in the legal docs -- but she later mentions that the stalker targeted Willow in his threats and it "bothered [her] tremendously."

It doesn't end there either -- according to the docs, Shawn phoned Sarah's house calling her a "slut or whore" ... and Sarah's dad claims the family was so spooked they "made sure we armed ourselves."
Gov. Palin was first granted a 20-day restraining order against Christy last September, and a judge later extended it for six months.

Christy made what The Frontiersman characterized as an "uneventful" weekend trip to Alaska, paying $350 each way for airfare to and from Anchorage. Stories in the British Press that the troubled teenager was arrested or detained by the FBI at the time turned out to be false.

Gov. Palin and her friend Kristan Cole have said that Christy has been stalking them since 2009 and that he had sent them copies of a ticket indicating he was coming to Alaska and a receipt for a the purchase of a gun. That's when they initially filed for orders of protection.

According to the latest documents obtained by TMZ, Gov. Palin says Christy is still threatening her family, this time suggesting he would harm them and rape her daughter. The documents further claim that Christy phoned Palin's house and called her a "slut or whore."

Christy admitted to making threats against Palin Cole last year:
"I wish, honestly, I could go back and it didn't happen," he told the Scranton Times-Tribune, adding that the threats were not "the brightest idea."

In February, however, he told the Frontiersman newspaper that if Palin or Cole tried to get another restraining order, he would fight to "get it thrown out."

Now 19, Christy has a history of making threats against public officials. His father, Craig, told the Frontiersman in September his son is well known by the Secret Service and has made dozens of threats against President Obama, as well as Palin's former running mate, Ariz. Sen. John McCain.
Though he recognized that his stalking was not the smart thing to do, Christy apparently can't stop himself from doing it. That makes his threatening behavior appear to be compulsive, which is disturbing at least and dangerous at worst.

h/t: Andrew Malcolm

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