Friday, April 15, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention, Part 252

"Mothers and Sons" Edition

Sam Foster at Left Coast Rebel:
"You really have to hand it to liberal bloggers in Alaska. Despite their abysmal record with respect to factual scandals; I mean there was the Todd Palin sex scandal that police said didn’t have 'one scintilla' of evidence, 19 bogus ethics complaints and Sarah Palin the book banner. Yet, the one most persistent scandal from Alaska liberal bloggers is that Bristol Palin, not Sarah Palin is Trig’s mother. Liberals would [be] wise not to trust Alaska bloggers based on their record, as conservatives ought to be wary about scandals started by the Hillary Clinton campaign. The whole linchpin to Trig Trutherism depends on one’s ability to look at photos and determine whether someone is pregnant, a dangerous expedition for any male. But while it sounds plausible, the thought that someone could make a proof-positive diagnosis of pregnancy based on look is a little more than silly given the fact that there are TV shows documenting instances where 'showing' was not a pregnancy indicator..."
John at Verum Serum:
"You really couldn’t make this stuff up if you tried. It’s such a pathetic stretch in every imaginable way that it’s difficult to believe this man has a job, much less a doctorate."
Alan Moore at Moore Common Sense:
"No serious academic journal or department would take this seriously... If you can’t properly source your work, then it is nothing more than a fabrication or shoddy work undeserving of peer review (or, in this case both). He even uses off-hand remarks in blog posts as 'academic' sources. Surprisingly, it hasn’t been accepted by an academic journal... On page 23 he attempts to use a poll he conducted of HIS UNDERGRADUATE CLASS on the matter... So a bunch of ill-informed college students who probably know more about Snooki than Sarah Palin are the basis for his 'AH HA! moment? There are many other holes in his research, far too many to mention here... If the left wants to be taken seriously, they need to distance themselves from this type of disgusting rhetoric. It is completely beyond the pale and far worse than anything the Right has ever attempted."
Julia O'Malley, longtime Palin critic, at The Anchorage Daily News:
"I read Scharlott's piece. It contains lots of innuendo and some widely-circulated Photoshopped pictures. What is missing from his investigation: facts."
Justin Elliott at left wing Salon's War Room blog:
"A journalism professor at Northern Kentucky University is trying to revive the conspiracy theory that Sarah Palin is not the biological mother of Trig Palin... The fact that a journalism professor produced this article is frankly embarrassing for Northern Kentucky University... I won't spend much time in the rabbit hole of Trig Birtherism, but it is worth reading this Dave Weigel post noting the lack of affirmative evidence that Palin's pregnancy was a hoax. Atrios also makes a solid point on the whole matter here."
Mark Krikorian at NRO's The Corner:
"I don’t care about the details of this sort of lunacy, but what struck me is how trivial it all is."
The Week:
"Sorry, but tacking a professor's name onto this nutty theory doesn't remove 'the stench of crack-pottery that emanates foully off of it,' says New York's Metro. Scharlott's best evidence seems to be a couple of photos, but 'this is the internet,' where doctored images abound. Beyond that, 'the rumor seems to be nothing but a whole bunch of hot air.'"
Stacy McCain via Twitter:
"How long would it take Todd to book a flight to Kentucky, find Brad Scharlott and whup his a__? Just askin'..."
Daria at The Conservative Diva:
"As I’ve asked before, where was Trump in the run-up to the 2010 midterms? While devoted patriots like Sarah Palin and Michele Bachmann were putting the GOP boys to shame by fighting the good fight with courage and grace, Trump was donating to progressives like Harry Reid. Even if he didn’t like Sharron Angle, did he have to donate money to Reid? How exactly is that a business move? And why are conservatives so quick to brush every eyebrow-raising fact about Trump aside? Unlike many others here in South Florida, I don’t think Allen West appearing with Donald Trump tomorrow is a wise move. All things considered, I’d much rather be in Wisconsin, where a woman who has been at the forefront of the Tea Party push-back for nearly three years will be speaking to a welcoming crowd. They deserve it after all they’ve been through."
John Nolte at Big Government:
"Because Palin just happens to be 'dumb' enough to be right about everything, I have no doubt she knows what’s going on in Wisconsin at the hands of these despicable pro-union thugs. But she’s absolutely right to go there. This is the United States. Mobs don’t rule here, law and order does, and the brave confront the bullies, they don’t run from them."
John Nolte at Big Hollywood:
"E! is giving the former Governor of Alaska the 'True Hollywood Story' treatment a week from today. The network’s just released a few details that offer a surface glimpse of what to expect. I’ve highlighted what I found interesting, especially a quote from Lyda Green, one of those GOP-types who aided and abetted Barack Obama during the ‘08 campaign through the undermining of Palin in the heat of the battle... Obviously, Green is attempting to paint Palin as erratic, the kind of person who would make the momentous decision of resigning her governorship without talking to her family, specifically her husband Todd. The charge is ludicrous on its face and Palin’s recent autobiography goes into great detail about the process she went through in making that decision, which naturally included her family. Unfortunately, Ms. Green is unable to get her smears straight... She conspired with Rachel Maddow to help paint some sinister picture of a Todd Palin with too much access to the Governor’s office. Now, less than two years later, Ms. Green wants us to believe that same Governor and that same Todd Palin never discussed the decision to resign."
The blogprof:
"Robert Redford On Sarah Palin: ‘Part Of Her Strength Is How Limited She Is’... Want to see a limited person? Go see an actor... They have no desire for education and know less than the average teenager. But somehow such shallow people see fit to project their limitations onto far better people that truly have served the citizenry rather than themselves..."
Alex Alvarez at Mediaite:
"It’s just not all that funny to watch a grown man with a fairly serious job mock a woman for her appearance (or a man for his). But, more significantly, it makes Uygur look petty, unintelligent and lazy. My respect for and interest in any actually valid points he has to make about Bachmann wane in light of his impression, and it makes it seem like what he has to say about Bachmann is personal and emotional rather than thoughtful or intellectual. And, you know, I just don’t want to see someone go off on someone they personally hate, because it undermines their point. If I wanted to listen to gossip or the personal opinions of people who aren’t particularly qualified to weigh in on political matters, I’d watch The View. (Nothing personal, of course.) Plus, yeah, we get it: Michele Bachmann has wide eyes. John Boehner is very tan. Sarah Palin has a distinctive accent. I’m sure everyone has something about them others will find amusing or awkward. What does any of this have to do with that person’s ability – or inability – to be a thoughtful, productive lawmaker?"
Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit:
"The far left cranks at Media Matters just last month reported that Christy was not a stalker. Guess they were wrong about that, too."
Henry D'Andrea at USA Today:
"Sarah Palin and her daughter, Bristol, are a step closer to legally protecting their names. Trademark applications for the 2008 GOP vice presidential nominee and her 20-year-old daughter... are entering the final stages in the federal government's bureaucratic maze. 'Our understanding is everything is proceeding along towards approval,' John Tiemessen, an attorney for the Palins, told USA Today... Jay Dougherty, a law professor at Loyola Law School-Los Angeles, explains why celebrities trademark their names. 'A person's name is just descriptive of who they are,' he said, 'but when a name is used to identify the source of services or goods, it can be used as a trademark.' ... The news that the Palins applied for trademarks was first reported in February by AOL's Politics Daily."
- JP

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