Friday, April 15, 2011

Media/left insanity ahead of Gov. Palin's WI appearance (Updated)

Juvenile nonsense alert!
Sarah Palin hasn't even hit the ground in Wisconsin (she's in Oklahoma City for an event tonight) for her appearance at the TEA Party rally in Madison, and already the media and their leftist fellow travelers are spreading wild rumors lies.

One of the lies is that she will be paid for her Madison appearance, knocked down by Tammy Bruce and others via Twitter:
"Thanks Tammy! @ MT Beltway operatives are spreading the false rumor that Palin is being paid to speak in Madison. She's not."
Another lie, one being spread by the local firefighters union is that the same Gov. Palin who fought the oil companies and their stooges in Alaska is somehow a "corporate puppet." This one is so absurd that it prompted Rick Moore to quip:
"I hope they know which end of the hose the water comes out."
Finally, this tweet from Jedediah Bila:
"To all spreading fiction,@ is from a union family & has never voiced an anti-union message.Do your research: "
Expect more moonbat madness from the di... cheesehead left before it's all said and done Saturday in the People's Republic of Madison.

Update: Dana Loesch, at Big Journalism comments:
"Wonkette, the website that popularized and repackaged JV-grade sarcasm as 'snark' published a piece wherein the author crosses his fingers for violence when Sarah Palin speaks in Madison on Saturday..."
- JP

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