Friday, April 15, 2011

Lori Calabrese: Youth for Palin a conservative force gaining strength

"A ready army of young and loyal followers"
Youth for Palin is one of the grassroots movements which are coalescing across the country in support of Governor Palin. Formed just last month, the group is not directly affiliated with any official Palin organization, but its members are 'preparing for an announcement by the former Governor.' Examiner Lori Calabrese recently talked with Youth for Palin administrator Elizabeth Hawkes. Here are a few excerpts from Lori's blog:
Their founder, retired businessman and entrepreneur, Rollan Ross, has a heart for organizing and mentoring young people and is an outspoken conservative supporter in his own right. In March of 2011, he started an enthusiastic Facebook group comprised mostly of motivated youths and a handful of adults giving guidance and support. His dream of bringing youths together with one voice has been realized in Youth for Palin.


Fifteen year old high school student, Madeleine McAulay, the group's Chief Moderator on Facebook and young conservative, has spear-headed a number of successful drives to increase membership and promote the groups sole purpose of helping elect Sarah Palin and educating young conservatives.


In fact, when Youth for Palin members go out into their local communities to post flyers they carry with them voter registration forms to encourage those who are not registered to get out and vote and make a difference. From the very beginning, Madeleine showed great leadership skills. Almost immediately after joining the administration staff of the group's Facebook page, Madeleine produced a "Youth for Palin" promo video encouraging kids to join the group. She is also involved in starting Palin groups in each state to ensure that if Sarah Palin runs, she will be fully supported.

The Youth for Palin Facebook page is here.

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  1. This sounds like an awesome group... Exactly what I've been looking for. Adult groups are great, but they don't cater for me :)