Tuesday, May 17, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 275

"Nobody" Edition

John Hitchcock, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“And then there’s Sarah Palin. Members of the elite in the lamestream media call her an unserious candidate, while incessantly spreading lies about her and adding grist for the whack-jobs looking for someone to assassinate. Ruling Class Republicans are out to destroy her instead of attacking Obama... And what does Sarah do? She only shifts the national debate on ObamaCare, influences elections nationwide in 2010 and in Special Elections prior to 2010, makes fools of Leftists who mock her for her accurate date for the Boston Tea Party, draws huge crowds wherever she appears, affects the national debate on all manner of topics, and draws the ire of practically all Leftist organizations, Leftist press groups, Leftist blog outfits, Ruling Class Republicans and their outlets... They’re already claiming she’s a nobody whilst spending an inordinate amount of time trying to destroy the ‘nobody’. And she has a huge following who are ready, at a moment’s notice, to pump big money into her campaign and to get out on the streets and beat on doors for her... And her ground game has already devoured a large portion of the field even before opening up her air game.”
TWB, at The POH Diaries:
“The way I see it, we need to win or lose with our best. Sarah Palin is our best.”
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo/Associated Content:
“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has started a direct mail campaign to start filling up the coffers of SarahPAC, according to the Washington Post. This move has stoked speculation about Palin's 2012 plans... Indeed, recent developments would suggest that Palin's opportunities to run for president have widened. Both Mike Huckabee and Donald Trump have declined to run for president. Huckabee's refusal frees up a host of social conservative voters who will now be up for grabs. Trump's absence will mean that oxygen will not be sucked away from other candidates with a more serious approach to running for president. A hole has been wrought quite wide enough for Palin to enter the race and become a front runner, with some considerable effort and luck. Of course, having a PAC that can dispense cash along with endorsements could be very useful for someone running for president. During the primary season especially, a candidate can benefit from the support of local state officials, such as governors and senators, who have their own political machines at their beck and call. The support of local officials is often the difference between victory and a second place finish.”
David Brody, at CBN's The Brody File:
“With Huckabee out of the race, there is a treasure trove of votes out there in Iowa and South Carolina... And if Sarah Palin gets in… oy-gevalt. Buckle your seatbelts.”
Amy Sullivan, at TIME's Swampland blog admits:
“But now that Huckabee has broken the hearts of social conservatives who very nearly helped him knock off John McCain in 2008 and were prepared to win him the nomination in 2012, who among the remaining potential candidates has a chance of picking up the votes of social conservatives, who made up 60% of GOP caucus-goers in Iowa in 2008? A Barna poll from earlier this year showed Huckabee with near-universal support from evangelical Christians, earning a 88% favorable rating from that demographic. Sarah Palin was a close second, with a 79% approval rating, and Newt Gingrich and Mitt Romney lagged far behind (57% and 56%, respectively).”
Gary Marx, Romney's 2008 conservative outreach director, via CNN's Belief blog:
“With the exit of Mike Huckabee from the race, Sarah Palin must be sitting in Alaska examining the new opportunity to vacuum up evangelical and social conservative voters.”
Douglas V. Gibbs, at Political Pistachio:
“Sarah Palin was not a book burner, and she never said she could see Russia from her house. Conservatives don't want the homeless to freeze, the poor to go hungry, and granny to subsist on cat food or die from a lack of health care (we just don't think it is the role of the federal government to act as a charity). Republicans aren't racist... The Right doesn't hate the planet... Not all right wingers are gun owners; when liberals don't like guns they don't want anyone to have access to them, when conservatives don't like guns, they don't buy them. Not all Republicans are Bible toting religious folk... The Right supports women's rights, just not militant feminism. Otherwise, how would you explain the popularity of conservative women like Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachmann? Conservatives... believe in capitalism, the free market, and that wealth is created (rather than transferred) - meaning we desire that everyone prospers. The pie is big enough for everyone to grab a slice. We aren't homophobic, either. I really don't care what you do in your bedroom. I just don't want your beliefs regarding sexuality thrust upon me and my children through sinister tactics or by redefining language. You know, like liberals don't want to be forced to pray or read the Bible. We hate war (just see it as necessary if we are to defend ourselves against violent ideologies).”
Ronbo, at The Freedom Fighter's Journal:
“Sarah Palin will run for president in 2012...”
Palin Etc:
“It was good to hear Charles Krauthammer invoking Ronald Reagan's ‘11th Commandment’ today when speaking of Newt Gingrich's criticism of Paul Ryan's health care plan. Now, I wonder if Krauthammer will adhere to that commandment if Sarah Palin enters the race for president. Let's hold him to it if she does. And also George Will and the other members of the chattering class.”
Doug Ross, at Director Blue:
“Using far too many words, the president has -- at least verbally -- capitulated to the ‘Drill, Baby, Drill!’ exhortations of Sarah Palin.”
Adrienne Ross, at Motivation Truth:
“Governor Palin is the one who has adopted and cried out that steady refrain, advocating for years the domestic drilling that is not only possible in Alaska, but necessary for America. She is as tied to ‘Drill, baby, drill’ as Ronald Reagan is to ‘Tear down this wall!’ How is it, then, that her name is eerily absent from most of the news stories about President Obama’s sudden willingness to explore drilling? ... If President Obama does, in fact, tap into our resources and abandons his commitment to depending on foreign countries to supply what we have an abundance of ourselves, I'll be the first to say that my doubt in his follow-through abilities was wrong -- right after I say, ‘It's about time!’ In the meantime, while we wait, let us not forget that Governor Palin has led the debate, forced the issue, and cried out for energy independence all along.”
Rush Limbaugh:
“Obama is just in full-fledged campaign mode, and that means that he went to the closet, he dragged out his conservative mask, and, ‘Drill, baby, drill!’ and we're supposed to confuse him with Sarah Palin, right?”
Steve Flesher, at GayConservative.org:
“As Thatcher found out with public healthcare in 1979-1990, once public funds are set up they are very hard to get rid of. This is why we work with what we have while reforming the current tax code to provide for fairer rates, closing loopholes for large corporations and giant oil companies, and fighting proposed nightmares-in-progress like Obamacare before they take effect. You know, all the same policies Sarah Palin advocates. ;-) Common sense.”
Hal Gershowitz, at Big Government:
“As it came to pass with Medicare issued regulations no one in Congress anticipated, including what Sarah Palin referred to as the ‘death panels’ but with the more sanitized name of ‘end-of-life counseling’.”
Noel Sheppard, at NewsBusters:
“When MSNBC's Chris Matthews isn't calling a potential Republican presidential candidate racist, he's calling them idiots. On Tuesday's ‘Hardball,’ after one of his guests said, ‘We shouldn’t forget Sarah Palin’ as a possible candidate, the host arrogantly shot back, ‘I think she’s proven herself to be profoundly stupid’ ... I'm not sure which is more offensive: being called a racist or an idiot. Regardless, that a so-called news organization tolerates this from its political commentators is disgraceful - and we're still over seventeen months before Election Day. Heaven help us.”
- JP

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