Sunday, May 22, 2011

John Nolte: Sarah Palin takes it directly to David Gregory

So to quote the Governor again: “Why participate in their game?”
John Nolte talks about 2012 and electability:
When Democratic candidates boycott Fox News, do you want to know what that is? Smart. Real smart. Not to take anything away from Fox, who would obviously be much fairer to Democrats than the rest of the MSM is to Republicans, but those Democrats are trying to get elected and so it only makes sense that they play it as safe as possible. That’s not cowardice, it’s tactical competence. (Once elected, however, they have an obligation to do the rounds.)

Shouldn’t our candidates consider doing the same thing in 2012?

For example, NBC/MSNBC’s sins of bias are too many to count, but just for starters, why would any Republican do any kind of business with David Gregory after his racist race-baiting of Newt Gingrich this last Sunday? Furthermore, why would anyone on our side do any kind of business with that appalling ode to jour-o-lism we call Politico? Newsflash Republicans: In the age of New media, the road to the White House need not go through Chuck Todd’s goatee, Diane Sawyer’s plastic smile, Anderson Cooper’s hypnotically sexy blue eyes or Matt Lauer’s buzz cut.


There are exceptions: Jake Tapper, Bret Baier, John King, Chris Wallace, and others — journalists I’ve watched over the years and have come to respect for their professionalism and honesty. But for the most part, the MSM is our fiercest and most dishonest political enemy. They use objectivity as a weapon and are only interested in seeing their own misguided worldview validated though the re-election of a failed president. And as we’ve already seen with their reprehensible attacks on Palin, Bachmann, Trump, and Gingrich — in their attempts to Alinsky effective Obama critics with phony charges of racism and worse — the media will stop at nothing to re-elect Obama.

So to quote the Governor again: “Why participate in their game?”

- JP

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