Monday, May 30, 2011

GretaWire: Governor Sarah Palin ... today (Updated)

"She is not obliged to tell me or my crew where she is going."
According to GretaWire, Greta Van Susteren will interview Gov. Palin for Fox News' "On The Record" today. That interview will take place on the One Nation Tour bus as it heads to...
Where is her bus tour going ? You got me. My producer who talked to someone who works with her in order to set up the interview told me last night that he would not tell her. We were told to check their website for any information they are releasing. He said they don’t want the media following them and that includes us. Well…with the intense interest in her by everyone (almost everyone) in the media, that is, I suspect, going to happen. The media will probably be in hot pursuit. I do know where she is this morning since I am meeting up with the bus with our crew. She is not obliged to tell me or my crew where she is going. I guess that is like my contract – I am not obliged to tell Fox where I vacation.

Stay tuned…

Update: Shushannah Walshe via Twitter:
. arrives at the Natl Archives to see the const w parents the Heaths, Piper, Willow, Bristol
- JP

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