Saturday, May 28, 2011

Dana Loesch: Frank Bailey Grinds An Axe with Palin Book

People worried about ethics aren’t silent for years and then suddenly try to cash in
Big Journalism Editor-in-Chief Dana Loesch interviewed disgruntled former Palin aide Frank Bailey (video here) and concludes:
I still question how one can be viewed as objective when your claims are easily disproved, when former associates allege that you are simply disgruntled, and your co-authors are known far-left bloggers who:

a) are married to and helped petition for Alaskans for Truth, the group which helped petition for ethical charges (repeatedly dismissed) and who are quite cozy with the elected official who brought the tossed charges in the beginning.

b) are tight with a known (Peter Rouse) top aide to President Obama, a figure that also reportedly conducted regular mind-meld calls with said co-authors.

Loesch wonders why anyone would waste good money on Bailey's bogus book, when the propaganda on its pages has already been published and is available for free on the blogs of Alaska's Palin-deranged Democrat operatives. The simple answer is that leftists aren't exactly paragons of common sense. They are willing to spend no small sums of money to feed the habitual and mentally debilitating sickness that is PDS.

Poor Bailey had that deer in the headlights look on his face when Hannity challenged him in another recent interview. It's apparent to all who bother to look beneath the surface here that Morris and Devon are pulling his strings, while far away in the White House, Pete Rouse is pulling theirs.

- JP

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