Monday, May 23, 2011

Herman Cain to Palin Camp: Let's talk

Birds of a feather...
Here's an intriguing tweet from NRO's Robert Costa:
Herman Cain tells me that he is contacting Sarah Palin's camp. "We are reaching out," he says.
Now what could the Herminator and The Cuda possibly have to talk about? Plenty of things, most likely. Gov. Palin had words of praise for Cain in her interview (at about the 7:35 mark) with Judge Jeanine Pirro over the weekend. Cain was appreciative in February when the governor linked to one of his op-eds.

The two share very similar political views, and both have felt the sting of the Gotcha Obamunist Media. But if Mr. Cain is seeking the governor's endorsement, it's probably much too early for that, and besides, Sarah Palin may have some political plans of her own for 2012. But birds of a feather must stick together, especially when both have targets pinned on them by the corrupt media.

- JP

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