Saturday, May 28, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 286

"Hell Yeah" Edition

Tony Lee, at Human Events:
“Palin has also reiterated the insinuation that the last hurdle between her and a run for the presidency was how the process would impact her family. But could her family have already decided in the affirmative regarding a presidential run? When Palin stepped down as Alaska’s governor, Palin said she decided to resign after polling her children. Palin said she asked them if they wanted her ‘to make a positive difference and fight for ALL our children's future from OUTSIDE the Governor's office.’ Palin said the response was four ‘yes’s’ and one ‘hell yeah!’ The ‘hell yeah’” sealed it, Palin then said. Palin also said ‘someday I’ll talk about the details’ of the vote; this week’s announcements indicate Palin may soon reveal that the ‘hell yeah’ was in reference to a run for the presidency. With the historically themed bus tour it may not be too crazy to wonder if Palin will explain that her family said ‘hell yeah’ and gave her the green light to run for the presidency in an announcement on the fourth of July.”
Melissa Clouthier, at
“Sarah Palin is a savvy and flexible politician. Going her own way may scare some donors who are used to doing things the way they’ve always been done, but I would submit that the old ways haven’t worked so well.”
Terence Jeffrey, at
“Palin’s itinerary has not been released but her planned trajectory—north from Washington, D.C. toward New England—would suggest that possible stops might include Independence Hall where the Declaration of Independence was signed and the Constitution was crafted; Valley Forge, Pa., where George Washington wintered his army in 1777-1778; Washington Crossing, Pa., where Washington brought his army across the Delaware River on Christmas 1776; Wall Street, where Washington was inaugurated; the U.S. Military Academy at West Point; Quincy, Mass., the home of John Adams; Lexington and Concord, Mass., the sites of the first skirmishes of the Revolutionary War; Bunker Hill and Breed’s Hill, site of the Revolutionary War battle; Paul Revere’s house and the Old North Church in Boston. And, of course, Boston harbor -- scene of the original Tea Party.”
Rush Limbaugh, to Greta Van Susteren:
“If I were Obama, I would not want to run against Palin.”
bc3b, at Be John Galt:
“In her Tax Day speech in Madison, Sarah Palin called Obama out and told him ‘It starts here. It starts now. Game on!’ About a month ago the website underwent a total upgrade. Sarah has a new foreign policy advisor. She bought a home in Scottsdale. There’s a million dollar Sarah Palin documentary about to be released. Palin’s Facebook follower count surpassed the 3-million mark. She has been to Hong Kong, India and Israel. She is dominating the news like no one other than the President can. Now she’s planning to tour the country in a campaign bus. What could all this mean? ‘I’m not doing this for my health,’ Sarah Palin, circa. 2010.
Taegan Goddard, at Political Wire:
“According to the Daily Beast, the final part of the upcoming movie about Sarah Palin's tenure as Alaska governor is introduced with a caption that reads, ‘From here, I can see November.’”
Dan Riehl, at Riehl World View:
“Whether she runs or not, Sarah Palin has already changed GOP politics with her confrontational approach, along with the way the base has previously responded to it. What remains to be seen is if Pawlenty and Romney have the genuine fire in the belly it takes to do such things and mean them when it counts, or if they simply hired some new advisers who told them it might be smart to do as a tactic. Still, there should be no confusion as to who led the way nationally in challenging Obama, even when it, perhaps, was not fashionable to do so. Just as with Stephen K. Bannon's soon to be released Palin-based movie, The Undefeated, which came from an idea of Sarah Palin's, she is contemporary, innovative and changing GOP communications single-handedly, whether the establishment will want to admit it, or not. That, my friends, is leadership.”
Jim Geraghty, at NRO's Campaign Spot:
“We know what’s going to happen, right? Palin will attract huge crowds. She almost always attracts huge crowds: 8,000 on Super Bowl Sunday in Cypress, Texas; 6,000 to 9,000 at a Tea Party rally in Madison, Wisconsin, big crowds in Searchlight, Nevada; Columbia, South Carolina; Vienna, Virginia, etc.”
Jamie Dupree, at The AJC:
“When the news reached the Press Gallery in the Capitol that Sarah Palin was going to be starting a bus tour in Washington, D.C. on Sunday - maybe an indication that she was about to get into the Presidential hunt - you could feel a bit more excitement creeping into the 2012 race for the White House... Whether you like or hate Palin, she moves with a wide berth through Republican circles, and cannot be ignored if she gets into this race. ‘Our nation is at a critical turning point,’ it said on Palin's web site. We'll see what happens in coming days.”
The Right Scoop:
“First a movie and now an exploratory bus tour that starts in DC and heads north up the east coast? Oh yeah, I think it’s on...”
John Nolte, at Big Hollywood:
“One of the most impressive parts of Palin’s record is her willingness to fight oil companies who had previously enjoyed a much too cozy relationship with the Republican establishment in Alaska — what she calls the ‘good ole boys’ network. One can only imagine how much differently a President Palin would’ve handled the BP Oil Spill. Barack Obama was the number one beneficiary of BP campaign contributions and anyone who thinks that didn’t add to our corporatist president’s dithering over that disaster isn’t paying attention.”
Andrew Breitbart, via Shushannah Walshe:
“It goes to incredible lengths to point to how everybody, including the Democratic Party, accepted the fact that she was fiercely independent and went against not just the Republican establishment, but went against ExxonMobil and in heroic fashion.”
Matt Lewis, at The Daily Caller:
“A lot of political insiders and campaign experts I talk to are convinced Palin is just in this for the attention — that she won’t run because running and losing would destroy her ‘brand.’ ... But their conventional wisdom falls flat when it comes to Palin, [who] is anything but a conventional politician. The fact that she’s not building a traditional campaign organization implies nothing. Should she run, Palin will be unconventional — like a guerrilla insurgent fighting against the Redcoats. The experts can point to the number of soldiers against her, the training and weapons they have at their disposal, their nice uniforms, etc. — but the problem is they all march in a line. They are fighting an old-style fight. Palin believes the world has changed — that the old rules no longer matter. She may be right or wrong, but either way, the fact that she’s not checking off the traditional boxes shouldn’t be cited as evidence that she isn’t running.”
Steven Nelson, at The Daily Caller:
“Sarah Palin savors an opportunity to ridicule the ‘lamestream media.’ Recent coverage of a possible Palin candidacy presents an opening...”
The Editors of The New York Sun:
“The growing signs that Sarah Palin may enter the race for president are igniting warnings that she takes inspiration from Esther... Andrew Sullivan... writes ‘I, for one, feel nothing but a chill go up my spine.’ And then: ‘Queen Esther is coming. Look busy.’ ... What’s with this angst over Esther? She is, after all, one of the great heroes in the Jewish story... So what about it could possibly cause a chill in a sage of the left? Maybe they fear that by expressing admiration for Esther Mrs. Palin is suggesting that the leftist leaders might be comparable to Haman. We don’t believe that is what Mrs. Palin is suggesting. But surely the story of Esther will give her comprehension the current tyranny at Iran is comparable to the tyranny from which Esther delivered the Jews. So her admiration for Esther does not send a chill down our spine. It engenders in us a sense of encouragement that here is a leader who understands the long history and the current emergency.”
Bernie Quigley, at The Hill's Pundits Blog:
“Palin understands that we are not the world. But we are Israel.”
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo/Associated Content:
“Material that is sometimes written about Sarah Palin is often so at variance to reality that it is the cause of laughter to sensible people... Which brings us to a new ‘tell all’ book called ‘Blind Allegiance,’ penned by a disgruntled former Palin staffer named Frank Bailey with the help of two anti-Palin bloggers. What sort of revelations does this book have? The folks at Powerline have read the book so no one else has to. Apparently the big reveal is that at one time then-candidate for Gov. Palin allowed herself to be filmed inside an Anchorage hotel and this, in some way, violated campaign finance laws. As political scandals go, it certainly does not measure up to Watergate in seriousness or even to Monicagate in frivolity. The takeaway from these... rhetorical assaults on the Lady from Wasilla is that those making the assaults are running out of ammunition. It also denotes a form of desperation...”
Aaron Worthing, at Patterico's Pontifications:
“I Don’t Want to Hear Anything More About How Stupid Sarah Palin or Michele Bachmann or Any Other Republican Woman Is… At least those women know what year it is...”
Ben Johnson, at Floyd Reports:
“If Dan Quayle, Sarah Palin, or George W. Bush had so flubbed royal protocol that the Queen of England politely ignored them, every major network would have played the clip on continuous loop and the late night comedians would belittle the rustic rubes for days. Did you know Barack Obama did this very thing during his state dinner with Queen Elizabeth II, sovereign of Great Britain — that The One screwed up his toast to QE2? Thought not.”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“Joy Behar Says Sarah Palin Is a Bad Christian… Because when one looks for spiritual guidance, Joy Behar is the first name that comes to mind.”
Adrienne Ross at Motivation Truth:
“Tara Jollie, a former member of Governor Palin's staff, has provided me with the inside scoop on Frank Bailey--who he is, what made him tick as a member of the Governor's staff, and what is most likely driving his current actions. She also shared with me who Governor Palin really is, discussed her own relationship with her, and described how the Governor conducted herself professionally.”
Alex Pappas at The Daily Caller:
“It appears that Fox is waiting for more concrete signs from Palin that she’s actually preparing for a campaign before suspending her contract. She does not have any campaign infrastructure or staff in place in the early primary states.”
Dana Loesch at Big Journalism:
“Wait, you mean a guy who makes his living via the sexploitation of females with grandpa porn has a low opinion of a female whose ideology is one he cannot either make vulnerable or exploit? Shocking! ... Yes, Flynt still made money off of Palin. In terms Flynt can understand, a strong conservative woman put food on the table of a progressive man. Emasculation. Rather awkward, yes? ... I bet if I asked my family members who have Down Syndrome if they would rather be alive or nonexistent, I’m guessing that they would choose ‘alive.’ Interesting how a progressive’s idea of ‘compassion’ is to end someone’s life and how quality of life is subjective to their experiences... The Palins have been insulted by better.”
Dewaine Shoulders at Palin Promotions:
“If you happen to see this bus rolling down a highway near you, follow it. Inside, a leader is preparing to make history.”
“Be careful what you wish for progressive communists! Snotty Andrea Mitchell got another thrill up her leg because she got to interview Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett. You might have already read about Sarah Palin’s “national bus tour” which some claim will lead in to her announcing her run for the Presidency. Far left hacks like Mitchell are giddy about the idea so they can bash her, her clothes, her hair, her children, and her family... Valerie Jarrett, who herself is a big snob, didn’t exactly take the bait of Mitchell’s question and basically dodged it.”
- JP

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