Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Gov. Palin rehires event planners Recher & McMarlin

She is expected to resume a schedule of public appearances soon
From the New York Times comes word that Gov. Palin, in anticipation of a possible likely run for the White House, is continuing to build up her staff. A couple of familiar faces -- Jason Recher and Doug McMarlin -- have returned to handle event planning for the governor:
Sarah Palin is fortifying her small staff of advisers, buying a house in Arizona — where associates have said she could base a national campaign — and reviving her schedule of public appearances. The moves are the most concrete signals yet that Ms. Palin, the former governor of Alaska, is seriously weighing a Republican presidential bid.


Ms. Palin has reshuffled her staff, rehiring two aides who have helped plan her political events. And she is expected to resume a schedule of public appearances soon — perhaps as early as this weekend — to raise her profile at a moment when the Republican presidential field appears to be taking final form.

The drumbeat intensified on Tuesday night when the conservative filmmaker Stephen K. Bannon was quoted on RealClearPolitics, a political news site, as saying that he was releasing a feature film he made with Ms. Palin’s acquiescence about her tenure as governor of Alaska. The film is to be shown next month in Iowa, whose caucuses open the nominating contest.

Taken together, the moves are at odds with conventional wisdom — if not wishful thinking — among establishment Republicans in Washington that Ms. Palin has decided not to run.


“All indications are that she will be in — her supporters have an intuition about it,” said Jeff Jorgensen, chairman of the Republican Party of Pottawattamie County, Iowa, where Ms. Palin came in second in a straw poll last week. “People are looking for somebody, a Ronald Reagan reincarnate, who does not seem to be out there yet.”

If she were to enter the race, Ms. Palin would draw significant attention in a field that now features three other former governors — Mitt Romney of Massachusetts, Jon M. Huntsman Jr. of Utah, and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota — and a smattering of other hopefuls, including Representative Michele Bachmann of Minnesota.

None of the likely and declared candidates have fully galvanized the Tea Party activists who form the core of Ms. Palin’s support.

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  1. I think she's getting in... I was on the fence about it before, but I'm pretty confident now.

    I wouldn't say 100% certain, but confident.

  2. In spite of all this information, Dick Morris was able to keep a straight face when he declared authoratively that Palin was not going to run. Even funnier, he said that Bachmann, Pawlenty and Caine, all of whom were in single digits in his own poll, were set to battle Gingrich for a distant 2nd place behind Mitt who is running away with the nomination.

    He really should see if he can get a gig on Comedy Central, since his political analysis is almost always wrong.