Thursday, May 19, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 277

"Captured for the queen to use" Edition

Mark Whittington, at Yahoo/Associated Content:
“A Palin 2012 campaign would essentially ignore what she called the "lamestream media" in favor of the new media of talk radio, Fox News, and the Internet. There will be no repeat of the unfortunate interview with Katie Couric. We will be more likely to hear Palin as a presidential candidate on Rush Limbaugh (who makes an exception of his no guests rule for someone like Palin) than on ‘Meet the Press.’ Some of the more prominent righty/libertarian blogger/journalists may have better access to Palin than -- say -- Brian Williams or Matt Lauer. Mind, she will not likely escape the traditional media entirely. They may resemble dinosaurs floundering in the marsh while the asteroid looms in the sky, but the ‘lamestream meda’ is still big enough to strike at the Queen. But will they kill her? One bets likely not. They have not managed it thus far, despite their best efforts.”
Lori Brenneman, at Twitter:
“Saw @SarahPalinUSA on Hannity & Eric Bolling. That was no cheerleader. That was a point guard. #gameon #fightlikeagirl”
David Riddick, at The Aged P:
“In her icy lair she waits while perplexed scribblers try to convince themselves that beside a distant northern lake there is no shadow roaming free beyond the parameters of their prescribed calculus and ingrained ritualistic incantations... With all the other candidates and pseudo candidates there is blather about exploratory committees, raising money, hiring consultants and strategists, testing the waters in Iowa, fluttering their eyelids at an assortment of governors, politicians and celebrities and, above all, dancing to the musical pipes of the self proclaimed kings and queens of the media. The result? Allahpundit goes orgasmic. But, if she chooses to enter the GOP race, it is possible that Sarah Palin could decide to dance to her own tune. Exploratory committee? A prayer, chat with Todd and the family and a couple of spiders who live in the Palin garage = job done!”
Christopher Bastedo, at Biblical Conservatism:
“I believe the Left has shown us just how much they fear Sarah Palin. They've spent close to three years now trying to tear her down. It's not working.”
Dante Chinni, at PBS NewsHour:
“The 2012 election cometh, and as of right now the Republican field of candidates seems unsettled at best. Before it has even formed, the herd has been thinned... a Patchwork Nation analysis of a recent Pew Research Center poll shows just how complicated the terrain is for the GOP as the clock ticks down to primary season... Sarah Palin... has yet to even announce she is running, but with Huckabee out of the race, Palin's appeal to cultural conservatives may help her immensely. Even with Huckabee in, Palin was the leader in the Evangelical Epicenters and in the Service Worker Centers. But she now may also rise to a ‘front-runner’ position in the Emptying Nests, where there is a strong vein of cultural conservatism. If she decides to run, that combination of factors could make her a formidable candidate in the early nominating contests of 2012.”
Maatthew Archbold, at Creative Minority Report:
“This is why we love Sarah Palin...”
Daria, at The Conservative Diva:
“Palin speaks out on Pelosi-Obamacare Waivermania... Because they passed it and didn’t like what was in it, privileged members of Nancy Pelosi’s district — much like Congress and other politically expedient groups — have been granted a special waiver to opt out of Obamacare. Sarah Palin as always called it out in stark, accurate terms...”
John Scotus, at The Tree of Mamre:
“While Powerful Men Fiddle and Preen...”
Mornin' Mojo:
“It is without apology that we consider Sarah Palin the GOP’s best hope for the White House in 2012, and not due to any lack of recognition on our part as to her shortcomings... But once Palin begins to make policy statements on energy, immigration and national security the mainstream of her party and independents will storm the gates to join her. She is knockout good looking, her public speeches are riveting and she can more than hold her own in a debate. Palin will drill (pun intended) in on Obama’s record like a west Texas gusher. In other words, what Charles Krauthammer and Tucker Carlson think doesn’t matter a wit. The GOP needs a rock star in 2012 and Palin is the only rock star in the party, much less the field.”
Pelinore, at The Knights of Palin:
“Again the Governor tops this poll with 32% of the vote. Herman Cain was second with 21% and the rest in the 11% category and below... Is there really any question about who speaks to the hearts of Conservatives the loudest and strongest?”
Jonathan Adler, at The Volokh Conspiracy:
“Earlier [Wednesday] the White House announced that President Obama has nominated Alaska Supreme Court Justice Morgan Christen to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Of note, Justice Christen was appointed to the Alaska Supreme Court by then-Governor Sarah Palin. In Alaska, a judicial council recommends potential judicial appointees for selection by the Governor, and Christen was one of two potential justice picks forwarded to then-Governor Palin in 2009.”
Kent Bush, at the Arkadelphia Siftings Herald:
“Mitt Romney has to feel like the last kid picked in PE. He is doing all he can to keep Sarah Palin out of the race.”
Mark Whittington, at Yahoo/Associated Content:
“While former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is back tracking, qualifying, and clarifying his assault on Paul Ryan's Medicare reform plan, former Gov. Sarah Palin is unabashedly supporting the Ryan budget... ‘I love [Congressman] Paul Ryan's plan, this Path to Prosperity because it's the opposite of the Obama plan. It gets us at least on the road towards where we need to be to be fiscally solvent whereas Obama's plan is just going to bankrupt this country. So, yes, I appreciate his plan.’ Palin went on to suggest that the main imperative going forward was to reassure seniors that current recipients would not have their benefits affected and that the changes were necessary to keep the system from going bankrupt.”
Daniel Morgan, via Twitter:
“Comparison: Rick Perry with Palin drew 5000, Rick Perry without Palin drew 500 #justsayin...”
John Nolte, at Big Journalism:
In an argument (usually a political debate), a concern troll is someone who is on one side of the discussion, but pretends to be a supporter of the other side with ‘concerns’. The idea behind this is that your opponents will take your arguments more seriously if they think you’re an ally. – Urban Dictionary... Before she’s even announced her decision as to whether or not to run for president, according to a new Gallup poll, Governor Sarah Palin currently sits in second place among 11 announced and/or potential GOP candidates. Gee, how did that happen? After all, the MSM told me Palin was irrelevant (usually in 1200 word articles obsessing over one of her tweets or the tweets of one of her staffers)... Ezra Klein’s sinister Journolist might be dismantled (though I suspect it lives on elsewhere), but ‘journ-o-lism’ has always been alive and well and lately, when it comes to their unrelenting and somewhat perverse need to demolish a mother of five... The journ-o-listic result of the Atlantic’s concern trolling? Boom. Very effective stuff. Except… Whoops. Time to rewrite the narrative. Or rerun the ‘Palin Can’t Beat Our Failed President’ stories from the week before.
- JP

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