Thursday, May 26, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 284

Special "Magic Bus" Edition

David Brody, at CBN's The Brody File:
“Sarah Palin is back in the game. She’s going on a bus tour across America. Watch out folks. Is there a better chance now that she’ll run for president? You betcha... Let’s cut to the chase. Palin sees an opening. Now that Huckabee is out as well as Mitch Daniels, the road to the nomination becomes more doable... So we’ll see what Palin does, but a bus tour across America that takes her through all the early primary states smells like a presidential run.”
Andrew Malcolm, at Top of the Ticket:
“The tour obviously has two purposes: One, to get her name and image back on the scene as grumbling grows about the bland Republican field of candidates for 2012. And two, to provide a kind of unofficial exploratory tour, instead of exploratory committee, for a possible candidacy.”
Andy Barr, at Politico:
“The first stop will be at the annual Rolling Thunder motorcycle rally. Palin will then travel up the East Coast in a trip that will include her first stop in New Hampshire since running as the GOP’s vice presidential nominee in 2008. Palin will also be stopping at other spots of symbolic national significance on the East Coast, including the Civil War battlefields at Gettysburg and Antietam, and the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia.”
Whitney Pitcher, via Twitter:
“I'm so confused. Oprah never had a bus tour of the country.”
Steven Ertelt, at Life
“Former vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin has been seen for months as potentially unlikely to run for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination to face pro-abortion President Barack Obama. Today, speculation is running rampant that she will run... But nothing is stoking speculation more than news unveiled today that she will embark on a bus tour that will take her across the country and have Palin in New Hampshire, home of the first presidential primary election... Some political observers thought the field may be set, with the exception of Palin. But her entry into the race could shake up the Republican primary as she would bring with her a core group of supporters and voters eager to see her run for president...”
Susan Duclos, at Wake up America:
“Sarah Palin is having another good news day...”
Terence Jeffrey, at NewsBusters:
“Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R.) announced today that she will be taking a bus tour that tellingly will begin with a visit to the U.S. Constitution at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. and then head north through historical sites associated with the nation’s founding, heading in the general direction of … New Hampshire... Palin will visit the U.S. Constitution and Declaration of Independence which are on display in the National Archives building, which sits on Constitution Avenue directly across the street from the Mall.”
Rob Port, at
“This will be a success, drawing huge crowds, because that’s what Palin is best at... If Palin hasn’t made up her mind to run yet, this tour may be about gauging public interest in a run. If she likes what she sees, she takes the momentum from the tour and throws it into her campaign.”
Bryan Wilson, at The PJ Tatler:
“Between this and the feature-length film that’s coming out next month, it’s beyond fair to say that Palin is getting her game on, and that she aims to re-cast the image that many hold of her thanks to media portrayals, Tina Fey etc. The question is, can she win? And that’s actually two different questions. Can she win the primary? And, can she win the general election? The polls at this point say no, but what else would you expect from polls that consistently oversample Democrats?”
Jonathan Weisman, at the Wall Street Journal Online:
“Republican organizers say her re-emergence would siphon support from other tea party favorites, such as Rep. Michele Bachmann and Mr. Cain. But it could acutely damage Mr. Pawlenty, said Kevin Smith, the politically influential director of Cornerstone Action, a socially conservative think tank in New Hampshire.”
Jay Newton-Small, at TIME's Swampland blog:
“The tour, combined with a forthcoming independently produced film about her tenure as Alaska’s governor, is sure to drum up speculation that Palin is planning to run for President, something that would radically shakeup the current field of Republican contenders. She has always said that she would be an unconventional candidate and the newly announced tour is certainly unconventional. One can only imagine the mob scene when the bus, emblazoned with ‘Join the Fundamental Restoration of America,’ pulls up to Gettysburg with hundreds of reporters in tow.”
Michelle Malkin:
“What a great combination: Sarah Palin and Rolling Thunder. Memorial Day in Washington, D.C. sounds like it will be a blast... Roll on!”
Matt Lewis, at The Daily Caller:
“If there weren’t already enough speculation about a possible Palin presidential campaign, this would have done the trick... The timing of this is interesting. The Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza just noted, ‘there remains no evidence in any early voting primary or caucus state that she or her political team are doing anything to lay the groundwork for a 2012 bid.’ Could it be that Palin is rapidly moving to make up for lost time?”
California4Palin, via Twitter:
“Just like Harry Truman's Whistle Stop Tour!”
John Hayward , at Human Events:
“The conventional wisdom on the Republican primary season thus far is that it’s a snoozefest full of uninspiring candidates. It has been richly seasoned with pinches of trump and gingrich, yet the taste is still bland... Of course it’s exciting, and not just to her supporters, judging by how many liberals claim they can’t wait to run Obama against her. ‘Maybe’ has a powerful allure, which can be tricky to preserve when it evolves into ‘yes.’ Only one person gets to be last season’s lightning-rod vice-presidential nominee, so comparisons between the Palin maybe-campaign and others are difficult to draw... Palin has just announced a ‘One Nation Tour,’ in which she will visit ‘historical sites that were key to the formation, survival, and growth of the United States of America’ in a snappy bus that has a giant map of all fifty states painted on the back. I can't help but see this as significant, but maybe I'm reading too much into it.”
- JP

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