Friday, May 27, 2011

Datechguy: What a tangled web the Journos weave (Updated)

As soon as polls indicated that Palin might be running, Weigel began boosting Cain
Datechguy has been closely observing the Journo's spinning and taking notes as they play Sarah Palin and Hermann Cain off of one another:
It is axiomatic that the old Journolist crowd hates Sarah Palin and will whenever possible knock her for a loop. I’ve already stated the MSM and the Democratic party (talk about redundancy) actually fear a Palin candidacy and will do their best to derail one.

Does Weigel do this, Why yes! While Praising Herman Cain he damns Sarah Palin in the guise of critiquing Byron York for missing the primary story:


Dave somehow doesn’t take into consideration in his critique relentless attacks from a media that never mentions her successes while always attempting to belittle her.


It seemed interesting to me the very day polls indicate that Palin might be running, Weigel’s first post is: “Gosh that Herman Cain looks pretty impressive doesn’t he?”

Well of course that’s just Dave. It doesn’t mean the old Journolist crew is back in business deciding to suddenly notice Herman Cain . I mean you’d need something like a pollster from Daily Kos writing for the NYT saying the same thing for that to be true wouldn’t you?


Well what do you know Nate Silver in the NYT is impressed by Herman Cain too! What an amazing coincidence!

Now I’ve already said I like Herman Cain, but mark my words, the “Journo-listic” MSM will suddenly find him a lot more interesting and worthy of coverage for as long as they think he will take votes away from Palin.

Read all of Brother Ingemi's post. He's figured out their strategy. If it looks like Gov. Palin will run, watch them boost Cain. If it appears that she will not run, they will ignore him or try to paint him as the Black Hitler or something. She must be kept out, and Cain must be kept down. These Journ-O-Lefts are busy little spiders aren't they? But beware their neurotoxic, venomous bites.

Update: Watch the Obamunist media do the same thing with Michelle Bachmann. Though they've been mocking and dissing the congresswoman for years, watch the Journos boost Bachmann when it looks like Gov. Palin is going to run. If they think the guv will not run, they'll go right back to bashing Bachmann again.

- JP

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