Sunday, May 22, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 280

"Legs" Edition

Tom Jefferson, at
“Far be it from me to quote the great former mayor of San Francisco Willie Brown, but today he made a good point on Hardball. He said no other official or potential GOP presidential candidate has the legs, as he called it, to survive the kind of snowstorm of media scrutiny and close personal attention the way Sarah Palin has ever since she introduced herself to the national audience three years ago. I doubt that was an endorsement by Mr. Brown, but his point about Palin’s uncanny ability to withstand so much attention and so much pressure from her foes in both the political establishment as well as the media establishment without really veering off her own message or getting her own message out to her supporters makes her the only candidate, according to Mr. Brown, that has the tools to be an overwhelming favorite should she choose to get in the race.”
Shane Vander Hart, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“It would seem that the race is pretty wide open for a certain somebody to jump in with Daniels, Mike Huckabee, and Donald Trump not running and with Newt Gingrich having a horrible first week.”
Jazz Shaw, at Hot Air:
“It may go down as one of the more ironic turns on the 2012 campaign trail. The one man who seemed to have the world beating a path to his door, offering to largely pay his tab for fundraising, some essentially begging him to toss his hat in the ring, was the one guy who honestly didn’t want to do it and had good reasons to decline. Mitch Daniels issues his ‘no thank you’ for a presidential run... The exit question, just as it was with the last several high profile departures, is who does this benefit? ... Call me crazy, but I really don’t think an exit by Daniels shakes up the early stages of the race all that much... Of course, the field could change. Sarah Palin could enter it, which seems more likely than not, and she already has an energized base.”
J, at Conservative Samizdat:
“All eyes will be on Sarah Palin.”
Saul Relative, at Yahoo's Associated Content:
“Sarah Palin, is now within the margin of error of the lead in many polls, indicating she very well could be the preferred 2012 presidential candidate of the Republican Party... According to a Gallup poll released on May 17, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney led all potential Republican presidential nominees with 20 percent... Palin was only two points behind. Given the statistical margin of error for the poll (+/- 3 percent), there is a statistical possibility Palin just might be the most preferred of all the candidates. It appears Palin had a little help from her Republican colleagues and potential competitors... Within the space of about 48 hours, Palin had become the second-most preferred Republican who might run for president. And that was before the fallout Gingrich received from his comments... to NBC's ‘Meet The Press’ on May 15.”
Joe, at Defend Us In Battle:
“Palin... holds the pendulum... what she does (or doesn't do) will have a huge [effect] on almost everyone else.”
M. Joseph Sheppard, at Point of View:
“With the field of potential candidates narrowing further Palin has had her path smoothed,should she choose to run, as her potential opposition self-destructs or gives up the fray without her doing anything. She has risen to about even with Romney as the preferred candidate and has a 72% approval rating with Gallup. The choice for the GOP voters is becoming ever clearer-a traditional candidate of the Dole/McCain style or a genuine conservative in the Reagan/Palin style. Oh, and George Will's prediction that ‘Pawlenty or Daniels will be sworn in as president’ is looking shaky, eh?”
Jennifer, at Cubachi:
“I consider this... a clue that Palin is heading in the direction of a run. She is a force in the Republican party unlike many.”
“With the GOP 2012 pack losing several big names following no-go announcements for Mitch Daniels, Donald Trump and Mike Huckabee, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin took a bold step toward a possible presidential bid this week... A new Suffolk University poll conducted after Trump and Huckabee withdrew indicates Palin would be a strong contender if she decides to run. Romney was the No. 1 choice of Republican primary voters, with 20 percent. But Palin placed second at 12 percent. That compares to just 4 percent each for Rep. Michele Bachman and talk host and businessman Herman Cain.”
Ben Shapiro, via Twitter:
“I am beginning to think that is the best shot for Republicans in 2012.
Say It Ain’t So, at the New Normal:
“Sarah Palin, in an extended interview with Fox News’s Justice Jeanine Pirro, had some choice words for Obama and his reckless Middle East policy... especially as it applies to Israel. The Left despises and demagogues Sarah Palin, but the truth is she has a far better grasp of all the issues than Obama ever will. Sarah Palin is a staunch, unapologetic supporter of Israel and one of the few Republicans who isn’t afraid to go out on a limb... and say that the Jewish country should build wherever it wants and that Judea and Samaria belong to Israel.”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“Netanyahu wasn’t the only one offering history lessons… Sarah Palin was on with Justice Jeanine Pirro last night to discuss Obama’s lethal plans to destroy the Holy Land.”
Devonia Smith, at
“Palin supported Prime Minister Netanyahu's outright and much publicized rejection of President Obama's call for Israel to move its borders back to pre-1967, pointing out the audacity of President Obama lecturing Prime Minister Netanyahu on peace - at the same time he's urging him to ‘negotiate with terrorists.’ In Palin's opinion, any grasp of the Old Testament, of history and/or of geography should readily clarify the reality that ‘Israel, now, is surrounded by enemies at all times,’ and that America should be loyal [and] steadfast in defense and support of its longtime Mideast ally, Israel.”
William Jacobson, at Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion:
“While Stuef certainly was responsible for what he wrote, the real blame belonged to Ken Layne, the owner and chief editor of Wonkette who has fostered a culture at Wonkette in which mocking Trig Palin was a central theme.”
Dana Loesch, at Big Journalism:
“Jack Stuef, the Wonkette writer behind the ‘Trig is retarded’ piece which ended up costing Wonkette the entirety of its advertisers (Blogads remains because they have to: they co-own the turkey but can only get the Clintonista astroturf ads nowadays) is out... We’re redemptive people and Steuf likely won’t pick on kids again, more so I hope, because the prospect of a child reading that about himself and internalizing it tugs at Steuf’s soul more than the thought of the child’s defenders yelling at him on Twitter. Wonkette, on the other hand, is a lost cause, a website past its time.”
- JP

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