Friday, May 20, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 278

"Fire in the belly" Edition

Tina Korbe, at Hot Air:
“By now you’ve heard it: Sarah Palin yesterday told Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren she has ‘a fire in [her] belly about 2012.’ ... ‘I want to make sure America is put back on the right track and we will do that by defeating Obama in 2012. I have that fire in my belly.’ She’s not the only one to have that particular fire in her belly. Here’s hoping that’s where the focus of the 2012 GOP primary season remains … on the ‘good, traditional things about America and our free enterprise system.’ It’s encouraging to know Palin will lend her considerable voice, charm and cheerfulness to the cause of the GOP regardless of whether she throws her hat in the ring as a candidate. And if all the GOP candidates shared the graciousness Palin displayed when she said last night, ‘We all stumble; we all make mistakes,’ the Republican nominee — whoever it might be — would be in great shape. That kind of politeness could only make it easier for the base to coalesce around one candidate later.”
Brian, at Freedom's Lighthouse:
“She is sounding more and more like a candidate.”
Shane Vander Hart, at Caffeinated Thoughts:
“Well if former Governor Sarah Palin (R-AK) decides to run for President it won’t be because her heart isn’t in it... This interview was probably the most frank discussion she has had on the matter of a potential 2012 run. It’s apparent that she hasn’t ruled running out, and this indicates for me that there is a desire there. Perhaps there will be a decision soon.”
ZIP, at Weasel Zippers:
“MSDNC meltdown watch now in effect.”
Todd, at Blue Collar Philosophy:
“It seems a critical aspect to figuring out if someone is going to run for President of the United States is that they have a serious desire to do so. It is analogous to having a ‘fire in the belly’ and this is exactly what Sarah Palin claims to have... I would like to see her become President just so the American people could watch the head of Chris Matthews explode on election night.”
Jim Geraghty, at NRO's Campaign Spot:
“Sarah Palin... said she has ‘fire in her belly’ when it comes to a presidential bid, but Andrew Sullivan won’t believe it until he sees her medical documents.”
Adrienne Ross, at Motivation Truth:
“In reference to Governor Palin answering in the affirmative when Greta Van Susteren asked her if she had the fire in her belly to run for President in 2012, Good offers the Governor a Tums. After reading this piece, I think I need the Tums... Isn't it telling that as the 2012 GOP field shapes up, people are becoming more and more desperate to make up our minds for us -- and in such insulting ways -- with no facts, no substance, no common sense? Americans are smart enough, however, to filter through the nonsense of the lamestream media, the GOP elite, Anna Good, and yes, even Fox News, which is behaving more and more strangely every day in their ignore-her-one-day-dismiss-her-the-next approach to Governor Palin.”
Rick Moore, at
“Well, I'm sure she's looking at the current field and seeing a collection of dwarfs that she could probably swat away once she got in the race. Could happen...”
John Hayward, at Human Events:
“An incandescent belly can prove useful in many ways for someone who wants to influence the race without declaring a candidacy, but it’s absolutely vital for anyone who wants to throw their hat into the ring... Palin sees the Republican Party’s principles as ‘sound,’ but the ‘idio… syncracies of some of the characters within the party… well, they are what they are.’ I just know she was about to say something other than ‘idiosyncracies’ there.”
Aliyah Shahid, at the NY Daily News:
“Watch out, President Obama: The Mama Grizzly's got the fire in her belly.”
Jack, at
“God Bless her, Sarah Palin did something unique. She not only pointed out that David Gregory is your typical bigoted Limousine Liberal, a veritable Ethanol Ethnocentrist. She suggests a solution for the problem that the David Gregorys who infest the so-called journalistic profession present... This is why Palin is like kryptonite to these people. This interview alone is worth three columns of unsolicited gynecological theorizing from the detestable Andrew Sullivan. Tina Fey’s pager is going off as we speak. Governor Palin just can’t be allowed to say such heretical things. It’s as bad as Copernicus claiming the Earth went around the Sun... Sarah Palin was correct to recommend we avoid this type of Journalist the way hotel staff should avoid high-ranking officials with the IMF.”
Mark Levin, via Twitter:
“Sarah Palin is right, don't take these attacks from lib media
Austin Cassidy, at Uncovered Politics:
“The only potential Republican candidate for President with more than 1 million ‘Likes’ on their primary Facebook page is Sarah Palin, who is actually nearing the 3 million mark. Actual candidate Mitt Romney is a distance second with over 900,000 and is followed by Ron Paul. Some surprises — the far lesser known Gary Johnson has over 100,000 likes while Mitch Daniels, who everyone seems to be begging to run, has only about 50,000. Also, long-shot Herman Cain is now more ‘liked’ than Tim Pawlenty and the much-hyped Jon Huntsman barely has any presence on the social network.”
Roger Ailes, via TV Newser:
“People tell me all the time it was truly pathetic that I was the one who gave Chris Matthews his start on television.”
Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter:
“Well, now that Obama has made his major Mid East Speech, it is obvious that Obama learned a major lesson from Sarah Palin: You can do anything to the Jews except say the words ‘Blood Libel.’ We know this is true because poor foolish Sarah Palin used those words in a speech back in January 2011 and was savaged by liberal newspapers, liberal talking heads, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and other leftist pundits for a combination of Anti-Semitism ala Insensitivity with a dollop of Stupidity on top... But Obama learned from this horrific episode. Today, Obama called for the carving up of Israel for its enemies, seeking a return to the 1967 borders... Yet, Obama has yet to reap the whirlwind that Sarah Palin did. Because it is arguably far more Anti-Semitic to render up Israel the same way Neville Chamberlain rendered up Czechoslovakia for Hitler. How did Obama accomplish this feat? Easy. He stayed away from the term ‘Blood Libel.’ Plus, it probably helps a little bit when the MSM (Main Stream Media) has a slobbering love affair with you.”
- JP

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