Monday, May 30, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 289

"She can't do that!" Edition

Bill Roberts, at DailyBrisk:
“Sarah Palin's charm consists in part, I think, of her ability to draw from liberals, time after time, the outraged complaint: She can't do that! But she does, with a smile that drives a stake through their hearts... She, her husband Todd and two of their daughters greeted fans and rode motorcycles. The press, naturally, couldn't resist: this was the beginning of Palin's bus tour of the northeastern states, which may or may not be the beginning of her presidential campaign. In principle, other politicians could do the same thing. Maybe some have. What is different about Sarah Palin and her family is that they look natural on motorcycles. Imagine Barack Obama--or, to be bipartisan, Mitt Romney--trying to mingle with the bikers and look at home on a Harley. Heck, if one of the motorcycles broke down, Todd undoubtedly could fix it. And when Sarah greeted the crowd before the ride began, the affection from her fans didn't need to be feigned or bused in.”
Clifton B, at Another Black Conservative:
“Not bad for someone who was declared politically dead after the media's attempt to blood libel her a few months ago.”
SJ Reidhead, at The Pink Flamingo:
“What you need to know is that the person who did the most complaining at Rolling Thunder, Ted Shpak is a big Democrat. Very few people have bothered mentioning this. Of course Allen West had to pander to the Dem instead of sticking up for someone who is responsible for him getting where he is today... Sarah Palin did a tremendous amount to help Allen West. Forget that. Once again he proves that men of the tea party are nothing but he-man, woman-using jerks. Palin was far more gracious than West...”
The Right Guy:
“While the ersatz reporter Andrea Mitchell says Sarah wasn't invited, It seems the riders at the rally didn't mind at all. I surely didn't... Ride on pretty mama grizzly, right on to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.”
Rachel Weiner at the Washington Post:
“Many Rolling Thunder attendees said they were happy to have Palin there as long as she didn’t distract the focus from the veterans’ cause... Onlookers expressed concern for Palin’s safety. ‘The girl needs a bodyguard,’ one woman said. But Palin stood in the middle of it all, signing books and leather jackets... After the ride, Palin kept a low profile. She did not speak at the rally that followed the ride; she ate lunch with wounded veterans from Walter Reed Army Medical Center in a tent blocked off from the crowd.”
Freedom Fighter, at Joshuapundit:
“If anyone was hijacking the Rolling Thunder ride for partisan political purposes, it was Andrea Mitchell and the crowd at MSNBC.”
Wild Thing, at PC Free Zone:
“I love Rolling Thunder and Sarah too and I think this was a great thing today. There are still people that have had no clue about Rolling Thunder and what they do. By Sarah being there she brought attention to Rolling Thunder and she did it in a class act way. It was very clear she did not want to make it about her and to forcus on Memorial Day and what it means. I am saying that because there were some jerks that compalined about her even being there. Those that did that would not like anything she did imo and just used this day and event to once again bash Sarah. Thank you Rolling Thunder and thank you Sarah Palin for all you do.”
Rick Moran, at American Thinker Blog:
“To make Rolling Thunder the first stop on her bus tour demonstrates a pitch perfect sense of her base of support.”
ShaddapPlease, at Conservative Blogs Central:
“You can criticise Palin, but you can never question her patriotism, her love for America, her support for all men and women in uniform serving the United States of America, past and present. The presence of Palin at the Rolling Thunder rally brought a lot of attention to the organizations' cause, which the organization needs.”
Don Surber at the Charleston Daily Mail :
“Sarah Palin takes a little motorcycle ride in Washington and suddenly politics is fun again.”
Samuel Gonzalez, at The Last Tradition:
“How [George] Will feels about Palin has more to do with the so-called conservative intelligentsia like Will, David Brooks and others wanting to keep their ‘intelligentsia card’ by trashing Palin. The media has set the template that one cannot be a member of the intelligentsia and like Sarah Palin at the same time. Thus anything these guys have to say about Palin has no value to the general public. They’ve become a bunch of ‘me too’ sounding boards for the media and The Left. I’ve seen this kind of thing before because the conservative intelligentsia also hated Ronald Reagan. That puts Sarah Palin in very good standing indeed!”
Scott Conroy, via Twitter:
“I predict if Palin announces her candidacy, there will still be people on TV giving reasons why she won't run.”
Frank Miele, at the Daily Inter Lake of NW Montana:
“[Dorothy] Thompson and Palin are women of different eras, who made different choices, and are by no means exact parallels, but they are both fearless conservatives who put their principles ahead of their popularity. It should also be noted that Palin, in addition to her political career, is herself an on-air commentator and a hugely popular author... What really cements the case for me is reading Thompson’s conservative analysis of national and world politics. Time after time, she boldly defends the Constitution, common decency and common sense against the platitudes of politicians and the perennial assault of assumed progress. She was certainly akin to Sarah Palin as a defender of Western civilization, and if she had lived today she would have been mocked just as mercilessly.”
Larry Kudlow, via Barbaric Thoughts:
“I Want Sarah Palin to Teach Mitt Romney Economics...”
Jamie Jeffords, at Eye of Polyphemus:
“This week's poll has closed. In spite of a surge in her favor over the last couple days, Michele Bachmann ultimately got trounced by Sarah Palin as your favorite potential 2012 GOP nominee: Michele Bachmann 40%, Sarah Palin 60%... Considering Palin's bus tour and new documentary set to premiere in Iowa, it is safe to say she is running in spite of insider commentary to the contrary. Bachmann is having a tough time gaining any traction to the point; if she is wise, will drop the whole idea of a 2012 bid. She may be in better shape to run later, but I do not believe it is her turn right now.”
- JP

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