Monday, May 30, 2011

The Palins and Heaths are in Gettysburg

Resting after a busy day...
Fox 43 (WPMT-TV) in York, Pennsylvania reports that Gov. Palin, family, some staffers and a press horde are in Gettsyburg, as the One Nation Tour bus gets a rest for the night:
Her patriotic themed bus is parked outside the Gettysburg Courtyard hotel arriving late Monday afternoon. Palin is not releasing a public schedule, but a crowd is gathering at the battlefield in anticipation she'll make a public appearance Monday evening. Palin is traveling with her husband and daughter on a "One Nation" tour which she began in Washington, D.C.

Monday morning Palin visited the National Archives in Washington,D.C., before stopping in Mt. Vernon, then Fort McHenry.
The NY Times Caucus blog reports that Gov. Palin fielded a few questions from the press outside of her Gettysburg hotel and has this video clip posted:

Finally, The Times of London Washington correspondent Matt Spence uploaded this photo of the Palins taking an ice cream break in G-burg.

- JP

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