Sunday, May 29, 2011

Video: Sarah Palin Joins Rolling Thunder (Updated)

Love the smell of Harleys in the morning. Smells like... victory!



From AP's report:
Wearing black from head to toe, the Republicans' 2008 vice presidential nominee stopped at a thousands-strong motorcycle ride from the Pentagon to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Palin, who is mulling a White House run, was joined by her family.
And this photo posted at CNN's Political Ticker blog.

NY Time political blog The Caucus reports:
Ms. Palin got off the bike to sign autographs and talk with the crowd. At one point she could be heard discussing “the missing,” a reference to the soldiers still missing in action — a key part of the Rolling Thunder cause.


Ms. Palin rode on the back as another woman drove her motorcycle. Todd Palin drove another motorcycle, with Piper on the back, and Bristol rode on a third with another driver.
Here's some raw video from NBC Washington:

Via Fox News:
In recent polling, Palin scores at or near the top of GOP 2012 presidential hopefuls -- all without stating her plans. The Rolling Thunder parade attracts about 500,000 participants each year, and is a great place to go trolling for votes if she were setting up a bid.

"I'm glad she's here and she can ride on the back of my bike if she wants," one young rider told Fox News.

"I think her coming out shows a great support for the veterans which we haven't seen so far, either," a female biker said. "I think this will make a big difference in the minds of the veterans because there's a lot of us, you know, and it's important that we never forget them."
Photo of Todd (with Piper on the back) and Sarah at Rolling Thunder:

Todd Bike

SarahPAC has put the first pin in the map here.

More video:

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