Monday, May 23, 2011

Cheryl Chumley: Media takes Palin bias to new level

"The biased media guy says he’s not biased. Case closed."
In a Washington Examiner op-ed, Cheryl Chumley, online editor of Tea Party Review Magazine, calls the latest of HuffPo's many nefarious hit pieces on Gov. Palin "a trash fest":
It’s one thing to opine against former governor and potential presidential candidate Sarah Palin in the press. It’s another thing to attack her family and cheap shot her children. But this – this so-called “News Story” written by an official “News Reporter” -- just takes the cake.

Look at this headline, posted at Huffington Post on May: “Fox News Chief Roger Ailes Thinks Sarah Palin is ‘Stupid’: New York Magazine.”

Really? On surface, this appears a must-read, especially since Ailes presides over the cable station that hired Palin as a contributor.

But scroll down and it’s soon evident that A) Roger Ailes did not call Palin stupid and that B) nobody, in fact, was on record in this particular story as calling Palin stupid. So how did that headline find its way at the top of the story? Call it sheer reporter guesswork-slash-fabrication-slash-spin-slash-bias.


An unnamed source tells a New York magazine reporter that Ailes called Palin stupid – and suddenly, the Huffington Post is reporting it as fact. And not just any New York magazine reporter, at that. A New York magazine reporter who admittedly didn’t even interview Ailes for the article.

For someone the left insists has no chance of unseating Barrack Obama, they certainly don't spare the lies in their attempts to destroy Sarah Palin. Now what does that tell you about how much they fear that the Mama Grizzly might just make their Obamessiah a one-term president?

- JP

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