Wednesday, May 25, 2011

More Quote of the Day Honorable Mention Part 283

"Uncommon Knowledge" Edition

Anna, at Mark Levin Fan:
“A film about Sarah Palin... will be released next month ahead of the Iowa caucus... Mark Levin, who knows a thing or two about great conservative leaders, is one of the people offering commentary on Sarah Palin. And, if history is any indication of the present and the future, I’m certain Levin points out Palin’s ‘it’ factor -- she has ‘it’, much like Reagan had ‘it’-- and this rubs the Republican elite the wrong way and drives the left utterly crazy. He has discussed as much on his radio program for the last 3 years... This is shaping up to be a must-have video for those that are looking to relight the fire we all felt in 2008 or for those who have fallen off the Palin bandwagon since the last election due to the influence of state run media. The spark is still there...”
Jim Hoft, at Gateway Pundit:
“Just when they thought they had destroyed her for good comes this…”
Bob Belvedere, at The Camp Of The Saints:
“A lot of us are wondering whether Mrs. Palin will jump in the race and if we should support her if she does. After reading Scott Conroy’s article from today over at Real Clear Politics... I’d say, at the very least, she’s leaning heavily towards entering with guns a-blazing... Will this tactic work? It’s never been done before. Despite having watched politics for nearly forty years, I don’t have a clue. What I do know is that I’m tempted to want her to succeed because I think 2012 is the year we have to... make the election a major offensive in the war to restore our freedoms and liberties. The greatest Marine, Chesty Puller once said: ‘We’re surrounded. That simplifies the problem’... If we think that 2012 is that kind of year, then Sarah Palin is the best person we can choose to lead us into such a tough battle.”
Right Wingnut, at Right Speak:
“Scott Conroy from Real Clear Politics just dropped a bombshell that's certain to turn the race for the GOP presidential nomination on its head.”
Michael J. Maxim, at The American Patriot Blog:
“With possible GOP presidential candidates dropping like winter temperatures in Antarctica, could this be the perfect political landscape for Sarah Palin to announce her presidential run? If you consider she’s set to debut a documentary about her life in June and in the important caucus state of Iowa, you might say yes.”
bc3b, at Be John Galt:
“Palin has... promised that if she decides to run, she will conduct a totally unconventional campaign. Things could get interesting very quickly.”
Moneyrunner, at The Virginian:
“Sarah Palin has always been unconventional. A classic outside-the-box thinker who eschews conventional wisdom. Someone who has made a career out of bucking the establishment, Democrat and Republican... So far all the media concern about the weakness of the Republican field and the fact that the only real fighter who made a brief foray into the campaign was Donald Trump (who was actually not a Republican) has many Republicans searching for a real leader. If Palin decides to run, she will become the Republican standard bearer.”
Claudia, at
“This will not only put a spin on the other Republican candidates... but watch the progressive machine explode! Forget any serious news for the next 17 months; it will be ‘destroy Palin at all costs’.”
Cyrus, at Conservative Views for the Grassroots:
“Rumors in Washington D.C. are at full throttle. Sarah Palin will be announcing her political aspirations to the country in June. Whether she decides to run for Senator or as a presidential candidate, every aspired candidate will be at the edge of their seats. In fact, the Republican establishment are adamant that she won't run. The reintroduction of the former Alaskan Governor will dismiss all the doubt and ignorance that swept throughout this land. The media and the Hollywood elitists were successful to portray Sarah Palin negatively. As soon as the Sarah Palin movie is shown in Iowa next month, everybody can be excited once more.”
Jedediah Bila, via
“Frank Bailey's book is an absolute joke. Hey Frank, when you finish trying to cash in using the Palin name, look up the word integrity.”
Adrienne Ross, at Motivation Truth:
“Frank Bailey has himself been chastised for a lack of ethical behavior, yet he wants us to see Governor Palin as unethical. She, of course, was cleared again and again of bogus ethics complaints. His track record is not so stellar... Frank Bailey simply isn't believable. His actions don't add up. No one with an ounce of integrity would believe him, especially since no one with an ounce of integrity would do what he's doing, the way he's doing it... Bailey professes to be a Christian, yet he says he hasn't spoken to Gov. Palin since 2009. What happened to the Scripture that says if one has a problem with a brother or sister, he should go to that person to discuss it? I obviously missed the verse about securing a book deal and embarking on the media circuit.”
Debi Drecksler, at
“Books like this repulse me. I read that Frank Bailey wrote the book to heal. What is he healing, his bank account?”
Matt Schneider, at Mediaite:
“Shame on anyone who doesn’t recognize this for what it truly is: a petulant former staffer angry that Palin’s rocket to worldwide notoriety didn’t bring him along for the ride... Bailey argues it’s not his goal to destroy Palin, but instead wants everyone to ‘hold our leaders accountable’ and that Palin is someone who doesn’t tell the truth. Given the fact brought up by Elisabeth Hasselbeck that Bailey himself has been charged with ethical violations and is alleged to have used stolen emails in the book, why exactly should anyone trust him as a credible source?”
Ken Shepherd, at NewsBusters:
“AP Churns Out 24-Graf Story Promoting Tell-all Book by Bitter Ex-Palin Staffer...”
Jerry Fuhrman, at From On High:
“One would think, when a guy writes a tell-all book about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, there'd be some there there. Especially when he's quoted as saying, ‘I am convinced that her priorities and per­son­al­ity are not only ill suited to head a political party or occupy national office, but would lead to a disaster of, well, biblical proportions.’ A disaster of Biblical proportions? Gosh. So what is it that this ex-director of boards and commissions under Palin (a critical post one can only imagine) has on the Sarahcuda? Did she snort cocaine in high school (as our president freely admits that he did)? Did she rape someone (as a former president is accused of having done)? Did she withhold evidence from a grand jury probe (as the wife of the alleged rapist and former presidential candidate in her own right was accused of having done)? No. Something far worse... Sarah Palin set up a lemonade stand... It's Biblical! You hear me? We are not going to allow it! These people crack me up.”
- JP

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